Impressions of a test ride on the new Mercedes AMG G63 (W464).



The other day, when I go home to my husband's home as a family, in the parking lotNew AMG G63 (W464)Was stopped. A little while ago, it was purchased by my brother-in-law. My younger brother told me, "If I try to ride from the ground," I decided to have my husband ride with me after I finished my family's business.

This G class isComplete model change after 39 yearsIt has attracted a great deal of attention because it was done, and it is so popular that it is not readily available in Japan today.

AMG G63 Specifications

In this AMG G63,4 liter V8 twin turbo engineIs mounted. Produces 585ps and 850Nm, 9-speed transmission.We heard that it was the first 9 steps AT w The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 4.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is 220 km / h(240km / h for vehicles equipped with AMG driver's package)It seems.

Weight of the car is 2560 kg, total length: 4873 mm, total width: 1984 mm, total height: 1966 mm. No, it's a huge car.

By the way, point of specification of younger brother's G63Double specification genuine muffler of Europe specification"Or(I was surprised that the muffler was out sideways instead of behind),

"Genuine 22 inch wheel of European specification(It seems to be over 1 million yen lightly combined tire and wheel (; Д Д)))",

Also,"Spare wheel cover AMG decal(One off production)"It was also a very unusual design.

So, first of all, let me get on the passenger seat. At first, I do not know how to open the door, and after a while finallyPress the keyhole of the door and open the doorIt turned out ".

In addition, because it is a car with a high height, I got a little tired while riding. "I don't know where to put my feet, where to put my hands, support and ride," he said.I still understand wIt was said.

The G63 comes with an AMG exclusive package, and the interior is more luxurious. The sheet is thick, and there is a sense of hold, and I feel relaxed, but my brother says, "The sheet is smaller than the S63 AMG. I get tired when I ride for a long time"That's it.

When I actually started running, I was surprised at how high my eyes were. The eyes are much higher than the impression seen from the outside, so it is very easy to drive according to the width of the vehicle.

Also the ride was at my home beforeS63 AMG Coupe's relaxed feelingI felt like it was very similar.

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I was surprised thatThe large number of insects that hit the windshield on the highway.The insect always collides with "Pichipchipichi" and sounds like it is crushed, and it gets dirty as the windshield gets through ... (-_-) Brother says,

"There is no choice because the windshield is standing. But if you run the freeway at night you will get more trouble. Only one run on the freeway and you have to wash right away.There is a slope owner"

And. A certain thing ... w

After my husband drove all the way, next I would be allowed to drive. While your eyes are high and easy to drive,The handling at the time of curve was difficult.Even if I turn the steering wheel in the sense of Panamerera I do not turn as you think(Panamera of my house is extra because it has a rear axle steering wheel), It has become a roundabout many times.

In the case of off-road vehicles that are expected to run on rough roads or on unpainted roads,It's dangerous if there is too much play on the steering wheelIt seems to be designed like this.

Well, even with the same car, sports cars and off-road cars are completely different.

I was allowed to drive for about 10 minutes "No way I can drive the slope!The excitement that came out too much came in front, and I did not remember much about the essential riding taste etc., and the information I wrote was all(Content thin). So I would like to introduce my husband's feelings this time.

AMG G63 husband's review

Door / interior

Press the keyhole on the doorknobThe door opens with a click.This feel is similar to an air-cooled Porsche. Unlike the specification of a modern car, the door catch is an old-fashioned method. The door closes with a metallic noise, but it has high sealing performance.Be careful because the door is likely to be a half door when the window is closedIt is. This point is also similar to the air-cooled Porsche.

The smell in the car is similar to the AMG S63 coupe, and the luxurious interior is spread. The car is an off-white leather with an IWC watch under the center console.

Engine / ride

When you start the engine, along with the brave V8 soundEngine that squeezes 585ps of M117 typeWakes up. It was a fairly loud sound, clearly bigger than the S63 coupe.

When you step on the accelerator, it starts to move andRunning out does not feel the dust of 2.5 tons of car weight.Feeling of rolling at low speed, smoothness falls into a fairly good category.

Because the steering gear ratio is low,If you do not turn the handle overturn into. When changing from a sports car etc., be careful at first.Tires are 22-inch Continental Sports Contacts 5. I am completely wearing it. In the comfort mode, you don't feel any push-up or weight around the foot.

In a city with lots of stop and go,A very gentle ride, as long as a gentle axel work is kept in mindIt is. On the other hand, if you open and close access to rough, there is a scene that is somewhat daunting because of the power of the G63. However, this seems to be because it does not match the learning contents of AT because the owner's way and my way are different.


Exit the city and enter the highway. If you step deeply into the accelerator from the toll station,Light and powerful acceleration is instantly availableBut here too, I do not feel the weight of the car at all. Rather, I felt as if I was riding a light car about 1600 kg.

The catalog value says "585ps, 0-100km / h4.4 seconds".Due to the height of the vehicle, the actual feeling of acceleration is not as imagined from the figures.But, though, it is almost invincible level on Japanese highways. Even if you were on a sports car,Even if you make a mistake, it is better not to put an acceleration game on G63right.

The exhaust noise is a V8 muddy, somewhat dry sound.It sounds more dry than the S63 coupe.When the exhaust valve is opened with a button, the engine volume becomes quite large, so it is fun to run.

With regard to comparison with the old model, I have never tried the old model properly, so I can not compare the riding taste in detail,Certainly, it was not a ride like a full-fledged offloader of a ladder frame.Very close to ordinary SUV(But only to the "close" level)

In a straight driving scene or traveling around the city, the feeling of a passenger car is strong, but in curves and high-speed corners etc., it feels like Yuyuyasa a little. With Mercedes-Benz GLS, I used to ride even beforeI feel that my feet have reached the ground a little moreBut in the G class there was a little difference.

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Mode / transmission

Comfort mode is ideal for cruising highways at a constant speedIt is. It's a fairly damp Sittori ride that doesn't feel any unpleasant vibrations or bumps.

next,In the sport mode with the switch at hand, your feet become slightly stiffer,I felt a solid sense of ground even when I was driving at a pace following a fast car in the overtaking lane of the vacated China Expressway.

Then, if you try sports plus, your feet will be stiffer and you will feel more stable. However,Because the squeezing feeling and vibration increase, personally I like sports mode with the best balance.It is.

Next, try shifting using the paddle in manual mode. The special shift is not early, but it is not late.Comfortable transmission with no shift shockImpression that. I felt it was possible to run sports at the same time.

Brake etc

I was not dissatisfied with the brakes and I felt that it was necessary and sufficient braking power. Good controllability,Good balance of treading force and stroke like MercedesSo, if you step on it, only the amount you step on will work.

Next, I brought my car on a mountain path. It's not a car that talks about cornering, so the roll and eye movement are large, but it works hard, so I don't feel anxious and unreliable like a typical family car. Rather,A type of car that you want to drive slowly without flyingIt is.

General review

Although it is an AMG car,Its powerful power is not used for skipping, but is used only as "margin"I felt it was a car. Even if the road is vacant, it doesn't feel like flying, but rather cruising gently. It is completely different from Porsche's Makan and Cayenne.

For those who like sports cars, they feel lackingIt may be, but because it is a car with a good view, easy to drive and comfortable,Good for people who like G-class design and want to sweep the city or for a long cruising with family and friendsI think.

If there is a chance, next time I will drive through the snowy road and try out the off-road performance.

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