Buy your first car in your life! Until you meet and order BMW 3 Series (MT).


For purchasing MT car

At the beginning of last month "Buy a MT car by yourself this yearI decided. And just two weeks later, I was not dreaming that it would be to write an article "Well, BMW320i (MT) will come to my home!"

Wow, BMW 320i (MT) comes to my home!

Of course, there is no intention to buy so early in the original plan "Even if you buy it, it's summer. Realistically speaking, it is a replacement with golf that will have a car inspection in AugustI was thinking that it took me a long time to look for it.

Despite that ... life is a series of "nothing" I think that w


The other day, when I went to a Volkswagen dealer to make an assessment of Golf 7, "Whether there are MT cars available for purchase now"I asked a moment,"Only up! GTI can be purchased hereIt was a reply.

Image Source:WebCG Volkswagen up! GTI (FF / 6 MT) [overseas test drive]

I see ... "up!" May be good, but it's a bit too compact. Considering it being replaced with golf,I want at least the size of golfHaving said that, the talk ended there, and I decided to leave the dealer much earlier than I expected.

In the car of the returnI thought I could get a test drive because I went there, but I didn't have anything and it was a bit indigestible. I do not know if I would like to sell or not. .From the story

Well then, let's take a look at the used BMW 320i (MT) we found on the net before. The place of the shop is also quite near from here.

As soon as I confirmed it on the phone, it was said that 320i was still left, so I decided to go to see it lightly.

BMW MT car

BMW used car dealers who arrivedThere are about 100 exhibition cars at all timesIt was a big shop. Immediately after being guided to the store and completing the questionnaire, a salesman who felt the stability of the veteran asked me such a question at the beginning.

Today is MT. ... but just to be sure, it's OK to use MT instead of AT, right?

When. My husband is "Yes, I'm fine because I came to search for MTIf you answer "", the person in charge continues.

I understand. Hmmm ... I hear that you like, but your husband said that MT is good,Is your wife really good at a MT car?

When. When I answered, "I'm fine because I came to see I want an MT car," I said,

Eh (゚ д))! ! I have a business history as such, but there is no such rare case.

I was surprised. It seems sober.

Originally I wasn't interested in cars originally, but I was released from my husband's recommendation,Three years after that, I regret that I can not drive the MT car yet, I want to be able to drive by buying the MT car this time"I thought,"

No way to say it is bad, but my husband, I was brainwashed with good wife.

I was laughing.

That's it. When I think carefully, I was completely brainwashed by my husband (-_-) w

After that, the person in charge taught me various things about BMW's MT car. BMW(Not only)The number of good MT cars in the state is low even when viewed nationwide. In fact, I searched for the BMW 3 Series MT on the net, but I could not find it easily.

The store we visited this time is large scale,"MT car" "left steering wheel" "car model with a large amount of displacement"It is said that customers can come from all over the country because they have relatively rare items. Of course, good things will sell soon. However, once MT vehicles are owned, MT demand will never disappear even though the price drops, so it seems to stop falling at a certain line.

I thought this wasn't a business talk, and that's really it.

On the other hand, in Germany,40% still choose MT in 7 seriesso. Germany is amazing. If you think so, Japan would not really have a demand for MT.

Meeting BMW 320i

After passing through the story, I was asked to show a real car.

This time we went to see,

2014 model BMW320i (MT), body color is Glacier Silver, certified used car, FR, mileage 42,000 km, although there are small scratches, but good without repair history and remodeling, car sensor rating is 4.5 individual

It is. When I actually saw it, it was cool than I thought.

Although it is a 2014 model, it is not visible in old and there is a newness,The first impression is quite goodI thought. However, I do not understand unless I actually ride a car.

I was allowed to sit in the driver's seat immediately, and I stepped on the weird clutch ...

Clutch is light ((д ゚)!

It is not a bad meaning that the clutch is light and skaska, it is light in a good sense. In the case of I"The comparison target of the weight of the clutch becomes BoxsterSo it was so light, shallow and easy to step on. In addition, the shift lever was crispy and fitted well in the hand.

This seems quite easy to do MT operation!

long"It is impossible for me to have an MT carThis was an unprecedented feeling for me, who could only have a sense. When I got on this 320i,For the first time I can realistically imagine myself driving an MT carThe excitement stopped working.(Conversely, there is no island that can be attached if this is impossible)

To the husband who was out of my mind I was excited,

The clutch is very light and shallow, and the shift lever is easy to handle! I feel I can drive this!

He shouted at a big fight. After that, my husband was sitting in the driver's seat and running the engine, but during that time I threw all the stupid questions to the person in charge all the time ...

Me: Will this be an auto hold when starting on a slope?
Beard: ... No, it's a handbrake, so it has no basic features. Most of all, MT cars do not have such a function.

Me: If you're stalling, you have to run the engine once more. If you're in Boxster, the engine will start automatically when you step on the clutch, but there is no such function.
Beard: ... Well, there is no such feature ...

Me: At the time of delivery, I will come to the store and go home by myself.
Beard: In that case, I will deliver to your home, so it's okay!

And so on ... graduallyI've been disgusted at myself asking questions like this over this periodSo I stopped asking questions. Then my husband,

Is this still a tire groove? What kind of scratches are there small scratches? May I open the bonnet and see? How many inches is the wheel? It's not a modern model, but it's a completely original model, right?

And so on, I asked a lot of questions to ask. Although such things were originally what I had to ask, I could only ask questions that I could not help altogether. Remorse ....

BMW 320i, order!

After that, I returned to the store and asked me to calculate options and estimates. Since this car had already been inspected, the final cost was about 2.5 million yen, including the inspection cost.

As we usually look at estimates of GT3 touring and Panamera Turbo,It's amazing how much you can buy at a price below the Porsche option!"I thought for a moment, but immediately"Calm me, I'll buy it myself ... (-_-)It's not cheap at all.

However, I liked it very much, and because it is hard to come out with good things in MT cars, my husband,

How do I really want this, but I have only seen one more ... let's decide how easy it is to decide my first car in my life ...

And when you listen while listening to

Mina will decide whether to buy or buy. When buying a car, it's not a reason,The sense of whether it came or not is importantYou can buy it if you don't like it, or stop it if you don't.

It was said. In that sense, I came in quite a bit ... but I did not feel like buying it at all just a few hours ago.It may not have been completely rounded up to the talk of the veteran salesman ..."I doubt that ... ... about 5 minutes to struggle in such a way.

decided! I will buy it!

... Finally, I answered this. Looking at the watch, it was only two hours since I arrived at the dealer. Only honmadon prompt decision Yanen.

Proceeding with the procedure is crispy and pays a deposit of 10,000 yen so that you do not give a clue that you think, "Well, it's really good ..."(Just just 10,000 yen in the wallet), The order is complete.

It is said that delivery will be in the middle of May.

Until the day when I will ride the MT Porsche

My husband is

Speaking of which, when the F30 was just out, I was asked to put it on the 2014 BMW320i (M Sport) that my friend bought, but it was really good. Even though there was a 19-inch wheel, it was worn properly, and it had a nice, comfortable ride and improved texture.Is this 5 series?"I thought I was about it." The car this time is 17 inches on the wheel and the foot is light, so maybe I think driving is fun. ... or more than that, can you drive really?

It was said that BMW would replace it with existing golf, and it would not be possible to go back once it got here,I won't run away or hide, I just do my best to ride this 320iIt is.

However, I have no feeling yet, and I think that if I get on every day after being delivered, I will not be able to do anything but impossible.A cool woman who can drive a Porsche MT car"I will do my best to achieve the goal, so I hope you will watch over with warm eyes by all means.

... Oh, beginner mark buying to w


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Ishi

    Congratulations on the delivery of MT.

    The back seat is also large enough to hold your child safely. And cool. This 320i is likely to be a long relationship because I think that if you buy it for the purpose of MT, you won't feel cheating even if there is a successor model with a higher spec in the future.

    Inspired by Mina's article and searching for a right-hand drive MT used car, I found a 991.1 Carrera 4 MT. I want it, but if I buy it again, I will be angry because my wife and children will get angry.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you very much!

      > This 320i is likely to be a long relationship because I think that if you buy it for the purpose of MT, you won't feel cheating even if there is a successor model with a higher spec in the future.
      I see, that's true. In this 320i, I would like to get rid of at least 100,000 kilometers.
      I feel that it is likely to become a car with a longer relationship than ever before.
      More and more, the BMW 3 Series MT cars will be rare and it seems that good things will not be available.

      > When I searched for a second-hand drive MT second-hand car inspired by Mina's article, I found a 991.1 Carrera 4 MT. I want it, but if I buy it again, I will be angry because my wife and children will get angry.
      That's right (laughs)! ! !
      Certainly, it seems to be sloppy in the home (laughs)
      I will do my best to get the Porsche MT car ready as Ishi, and I would be glad if I could continue to teach you various things.
      Thank you!

  2. spark

    When I went to a Porsche-related blog to purchase the 718 Cayman GTS, I arrived at this blog.

    Yeah! Mr. Mina is the best. If you love cars, you may be the best wife. My Cayman is also ordering at MT. Let's enjoy the future MT life with each other.

    Mina's sentences are too fun and I look forward to reading.
    I would like to come back again.

    By the way, my favorite corner is ...
    I love my husband's test drive impressions.

    • MinaMina


      > When I went to a Porsche-related blog for purchasing the 718 Cayman GTS, I arrived at this blog.
      Chopsticks! That's right! Thank you for coming to this blog!

      > No! Mr. Mina is the best. If you love cars, you may be the best wife.
      Thank you for saying such a way!
      When I met my husband, I wasn't interested in cars at all, so I think my husband has been brainwashed for about 10 years, so I think I'm doing my best as a husband (laughs)

      The blog is updated daily, so it would be nice if you could visit it again.

      > By the way, the favorite corner is ...
      > I love the test drive impressions of my husband.
      Chopsticks! Thank you! My husband is also happy. Once BMW is delivered, I will give another impression of my husband, so I'm glad to see it.

      And I will do my best to be able to perform basic operations to enjoy MT life.
      I am glad if you can tell me variously again ^ ^

  3. Sakon

    congratulations! F30 is a good car.
    My castor is F31 diesel.
    I thought that iDrive was the third generation because it was a 14 year model, but the fourth generation after the model change. It is nice.
    The operability has been improved compared to the old iDrive.
    After that, it will be quite easy if you follow the ACC, but what about that? I can not see well behind the numbers, but it is a guy without ACC.
    If it is 250 in 14 years, it seems to be a pretty good individual, and I am looking forward to it ^ ^
    I also expect impressions.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      I thought that iDrive is the third generation because it was a 14-year model, but the fourth generation after a model change. It is nice.
      That's right! I don't understand the details at all, and I think I was lucky because I was able to meet with a good individual by chance.
      And the current castor is F31 diesel very nice!

      > After that, it will be quite easy if you follow the ACC, but what about that? I can not see well behind the numbers, but it is a guy without ACC.
      It is convenient to have an ACC attached! But this was not about you.
      It is likely to be a good practice in the sense that you have to clutch only even when traffic jams on highways ^ ^;

      It will be delivered soon, so we will post an impression again!
      Continue to thank you.