The ride quality of a car depends on air pressure, wheels, and tires.

Panamera turbo

Panamera ride comfort

The other day I rode Panamera at my home after a long absence. Just before that, I had a Panamera GTS test drive, so compared to that,Panamera GTS is more comfortable to ride than Panamera TurboI felt

The Panamera GTS's riding comfort was similar to the smoothness of the current Cayenne ...It seems to be the same V8, it moves smoothly and smoothly,I felt the Panamera Turbo was heavier and rugged.

When I was talking about such a thing, my husband,

The ride quality of a car is difficult because it's difficult to compare the different car models.The size of the wheel,
The air pressure, the difference in the worn tires, and other factors will changeI don't know.

I said. So that's it…. continue,

I had a test drive last timeThe Panamera GTS had a 20-inch wheel, and the air pressure was around 2.6 to 2.8.Is that right? The Panamera of my house is 21 inches, the wheels are large, and the specified air pressure (standard pressure) is 3.1 at the front, so I think that it feels like a hard ride with an extra rugged feeling.


I said, "If you do that,Should Panamera in my house also reduce the air pressure?Then the ride will be softer and smoother? The husband said,

Well, I don't know ... Panamera at my house has a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), so if you lower it properly a warning will come out. By the wayAir pressure is set to "standard pressure"Nya. If you set this to "Comfort Pressure" and change the air pressure, it will give you a smoother ride.The comfort pressure of the Japanese specification model is set so that a warning is issued when the speed exceeds 160km / h.
Well, I don't think I'll be releasing more than 160km / h on Japanese roads, but I don't like Japan's unique specifications, so I use standard pressure. Therefore, I think it will result in a hard ride.
By the way, the comfort pressure of the German specification and the setting that can output up to 270km / h. As expected, it's a country of autobahn.

When. Certainly, I used to have my husband tell me about this ...

Anyway, the air pressure of the 971 Panamera currently riding at my house isChoose from two types of "standard pressure" and "comfort pressure"Right. When the car purchase, so that the remains that have been set in either in advance by the dealer side, but that is a good idea to vary according to taste.

By the way, in the case of 971 Panamera,The setting can be changed by "Vehicle → Control vehicle → Tire pressure monitor link" on the touch panel.

With thatPorsche with TPMS,Look at the screen of the vehicle and see how much more air to add / If you put it in the air meter, the temperature will not be taken into consideration and the air pressure will be completely different.Surprisingly few people know this. There are many people who do not know even Porsche lovers.

And husband. When I said, "I mean, I know all the details."

Of course, I don't realize I don't know 100% of the tools I use (laughs) No matter what I buy, I'll look up to death in advance w

Said her husband laughing.

Depth of ride comfort

Panamera in our house,Although it is firm, it never feels uncomfortable, rather smoothI think that. I think Boxster also became supple and smooth, but when I switched to Panamera immediately afterwards, ``Even with the same Porsche, does the riding comfort differ between sports model and luxury model?Is thought to be.

The wheels are 21 inches, and the air pressure is so comfortable even with standard pressureSo, if the wheels were a little smaller and comfort pressure was applied, it would mean that the Panamera in my house would have a smoother ride.

It also depends on the brand of tire you are wearing ... No, it's deep.

Although I also have the opportunity to test drive various vehicles,It's hard to say that the ride quality of this car is ...I thought it was.

Ideally, even if it is the same model, it would be good to make a comprehensive judgment by changing the air pressure or riding on something with different wheel sizes, but I can not try that far with a test drive. ..

If you think so, when writing in the article,We will tell you after clearing the preconditions such as what specifications, options and wheels are worn by the car we tested this timeI thought again that this is really important.

No, no ... the more you know, the deeper the car is.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Kazugane Hills

    I'm a return rider and a biker,

    We know that tire pressure can severely affect ride comfort and grip.

    If the front tires of your bike slip, you may fall and get injured.
    Therefore, I have to be severe in grip feeling,
    The way the tires warm up varies depending on the temperature and the road surface temperature, and depending on the tire, there are large and small temperature dependences.
    We are aware of the air pressure according to the nature of the tire, weight, weight, running style, season, temperature and road surface temperature.

    It's an old book, but it's my bible.
    If your husband is interested, please recommend it.

    "Why a car bends? -Dynamics of limit cornering", 2001
    Published "Research on automobile tires" 1995

    I don't know if I can get it (irresponsible Sumimasen), but the physical laws do not change
    It will also be a permanent preservation version. See you

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      That's right ...!
      Tires are amazing. .. Especially when it comes to motorcycles, it is more dangerous than life, as it is closer to life.
      Tires have to be even more severe, you have to understand and drive them ...

      It's amazing…

      Thank you for the book!
      I sold it on Amazon, I will tell my husband!

      If you want to understand the car, you'll have to dig into these areas ...
      (This is my weak area ^^;)
      I will continue to study various things.
      Continue to thank you.

  2. nashi6944

    If there is an experience that the ride quality changes depending on the tire brand, I also have it.
    From the tire size, all components (shock spring body reinforcement, etc.) are the same.
    The only difference is the tire brand.
    A grade that takes advantage of the characteristics of supple Michelin and a grade that emphasizes response of high grip tires (Bridgestone Potenza) with high rigidity and biting.
    I felt that the car's personality would change to this extent only with tires, and I once again knew the tremendous development power of the manufacturer who planned it as a product (Nissan Serena Autech and Serena Nismo).

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      It's very valuable to be able to compare the differences only with the brand of tires ... it's amazing.

      > I felt that the car's personality would change to this extent only with tires, and I once again knew the tremendous development power of the manufacturer who planned it as a product (Nissan Serena Autech and Serena Nismo).

      Really, the development capabilities of tire manufacturers are amazing ...
      Insanely excellent engineers and drivers were involved in the development,
      I thought again that it might be a continuous series of tests and work that was daunting.

      My 320i also wants to change tires and run.

  3. PorscheDreamer


    As I got on a Porsche, I could see the air pressure all the time, and I was amazed at how much it would change with temperature change.

    > And with Porsche with TPMS, look at the screen of the vehicle and see how much more air to add / reduce and do not add air.
    > If you put it in the meter of the air pump, the temperature will not be considered and the air pressure will be completely different

    Regarding daily driving, I feel that it is rather appropriate to calculate it unless it is constantly adjusted for daily driving.

    Since I put it in the inflator equipped with a gas station, read the value at the start of running, see how much the value increased when arriving at the station, set it to the value added and enter it The value is almost exactly what we aimed at when the vehicle started running. In winter, it will run for a while and then it will be 0.1-0.2kg when it arrives at the stand, 0.3-0.4 in summer. If the specified air pressure is 2.5, add this value and set it to 2.6 or 2.9. If the weather forecast shows that the temperature will rise, it will be slightly lower, and if it will fall, it will be slightly higher.

    In the case of 718 Cayman, it increased almost the same before and after, but in the case of 991.2 Carrera, it seems that the front part may rise and the back part may rise depending on the temperature and road surface temperature, so it is necessary to remember the numbers separately for front and rear. There is. In the case of 991.2, in addition to comfort, there are two specifications, full load and partial load. Since there is no detailed explanation in the manual, if the Porsche Center could be completed, it is said that partial loading is enough for a two-seater.

    It is a winter tire that is easy to understand due to the difference in tires. This is because the tread rubber is obviously soft, so it feels softer on bumps. It is strange that the air pressure specifications differ greatly even for the same size. Especially, the difference between front and rear is 0.4 for summer tires, but only 0.1 for winter tires. If you ride in a colder place, will only the rear wheels heat up and the air pressure will rise? I think that...

    • MinaMina

      The air pressure relationship is different between the 718 Cayman and 911.

      The car of my parents' house was an ordinary passenger car,
      I never thought that I had to ride while paying attention to various things such as oil temperature, water temperature, air pressure, etc.,
      After I learned about Porsche, I realized that it was a very deep world.

      That's right for winter tires.
      At my house, I have never worn winter tires at Porsche (should), so
      I will ask my husband again.

      Thank you very much!