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Oil change for Porsche GT3

The other day, a reader asked a question like this on a blog.

I changed from 718 Cayman to 718 Spider.One year inspection at Porsche 911 GT3 dealer | What is the cost? PCCB decrease?In the article, it seems that it was not in the 1-year inspection details, but was the mission oil changed during the first inspection? If you would like, I would like to refer to it if you can tell me your thoughts on maintenance around the oil.

718 Spider, I haven't seen it in the city yet, but the delivery has already begun ... Wow, I definitely want to see it!

By the way, I asked my husband about this oil change, so I decided to write an article.

In conclusion,My husband did not change the oil in the mission during the one-year inspection of GT3That's it. When I asked why,

I am not limited to GT3, but for all Porsche models,Try to follow the instruction manual and the dealer's instructions as much as possible.Maintenance regulationsAccording to them, the transmission oil was changed every 180,000km or every 12 years, so I should not change it.

Certainly not limited to GT3,Caring for the Boxster hoodAndPanamera's break-in drivingRegarding that, my husband said that he was doing it while checking the instruction manual every time. Such a husband often says like this.

Especially for sports car makers like Porsche, engineers and employees have thought through, tested and improved even so, and they are sold in the best condition.
Then, in the instruction manual,Recommend this methodI thought it would be best for the driver to run along with it and maintain the car.


Running-in, engine oil

I knew about changing the mission oil, so when I asked about changing the engine oil,

I went according to the instruction manual for break-in driving,For GT3, I changed the oil and filter once after the 1500km break-in.Wow. After that, I changed it for a year's inspection, but I basically try to keep it around 7,000km and shorten it a little if there is a lot of circuit and traffic, and extend it a little longer when the distance is long.
As for maintenance rules, GT3 is 10,000km (15,000km for normal model) and 5,000km for circuit driving, but the roads in Japan are hot and humid and the distance is short, so it's a bit short.

And that.

GT3 Instruction Manual | Maintenance rules for circuit driving

Maintenance rules for 911 GT3, 911 GT3 RS, Cayman GT4

When it comes to exchanging engine oil, Porsche in my home feels like a lot of cars can be run, so I change it when I've finished the break-in. I think it's good.

Continuing her husband,

Looking at the 2019 GT3 instruction manual, the running-in is ``Both GT3 and GT3RS should not exceed 7,000 rpm at 1500 km", And even the dealer was instructed to do so at the time of delivery.
However, if you look at the manual of the English version of GT3 in 2018, it says "3000 km, 4000 rpm",It may be that the specification of the engine has changed from my GT3 (MY2019), or the policy of the break-in method has changed.Maybe.
Since there are such minor changes, I try to read the instruction manual as much as possible and follow it.

I see.

GT3 Operation Manual | About running-in

I think there are various opinions, but if you are in doubt, you should first read the instruction manual.

I'll buy my own Porsche and do my best so that I can think about maintenance and other things!

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  1. Amano Kohei

    I enjoy the beautiful pictures every time. I myself have a Porsche GT3 and 981 Boxster!
    I was riding until April! Porsche these days isn't too interesting and exciting. Is it different?
    It's an exciting car from this month.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for reading our blog.
      People who know old Porsche often hear that recent Porsche is unsatisfactory ^^;

      Ebora is really cool!