Experience riding in the world limited 1948 911 Speed Star (991)

Test drive report for each car

Hmm, the other day my husband saidI got it on a friend's 911 SpeedsterSo, he wrote that impression in the article. I'm jealous. Please see if you like.

Limited to 1948 units, 911 Speed Star

Some time ago, from an acquaintance911 Speedster deliveredI was told, but I hadn't had a chance to see the actual thing, and it had been a while.

World limited 1948 special model speed star.Follow your ancestors to the Porsche 356 Speedster. After that, Speedster was produced in the 930, 964, 997 era,A special model released at the end of each model as a compilation of 911 of that era.

Approximately 10 years after the appearance of the 997 type speed star, this speed star was released as a model that decorates the end of the 991 type 911.

Features include a front window that was laid down lower than the regular 911, a lightweight semi-automatic hood opening and closing system, and a "double bubble" carbon fiber rear cover. The feature is "cobb".

The basic components are diverted from GT3, and the maximum output of the 4-liter NA 6-cylinder horizontally opposed engine is 510ps / 8400rpm and the maximum torque is 47.9kgm / 6250rpm. this isIt is about 10 PS better than GT3, and this is operated with a manual transmission.

A lightweight carbon fiber composite material is used for the front fender, front hood, and rear cover, and the exhaust system is also made of titanium, making it a car with more equipment than GT3.

I was allowed to sit in the passenger seat this time, so I would like to report on the owner's impressions and differences with GT3.

911 Speedster, riding together

When you start the engine,I hear a very nice and elegant exhaust note.I feel that the volume itself is a bit lower than that of "Phone, Phone!" And GT3, but I think it should be a clear sound with no clutter.

There are different materials for the muffler, and when I looked closely later, the shape was a little different, soLike a muffler that is completely different from GT3It is.

Needless to say, the rotational feel of the engine when running empty is good for transcendence.When you start running, the sound is even more pleasant.What I feel here isThe type of gear noise and mechanical noise that I always feel with GT3 is quite small, and the proportion of exhaust noise is very large.Thing.

Perhaps the amount and location of sound insulation around the engine and transmission are different. It is a tone that clearly emphasizes exhaust sound. I'm listening to this and it feels very good,It provides a "sound that can be heard" even in the extremely low to medium speed range.This makes it a car that can be enjoyed in town.

Regarding the riding comfort, it is quite different from GT3,Good ride comfort even at low speeds.If anything, it is clear that the street-oriented setting is more comfortable than the GT series, with a riding comfort closer to that of the normal 911 model.

However, it's not just about softness or such a level,Anyway supple underbodyThe impression is. So much comfort in the passenger seat would be even more so in the driver's seat.

Even if the engine speed increases, the sound does not change dramatically from around 4000 rpm like GT3, but it is a type that increases with the same tone from low speed to high speed. I personally like it because it has a refined and sporty sound. The owner tooIt's a little quieter than GT3, but it sounds good", But I agree exactly.

Speedster is open, and the front window is sleeping more than the regular model, soI was wondering if there is a lot of wind involved, but this is surprisingly few at all.It's Although it is not as comfortable as raising a window deflector with a normal 911 cabriolet,At least less wind engulfed than the 981 and 718 Boxster.(Or rather, there is too much involvement of Boxster's wind)

In fact, there is some comfort at high speeds, and cruising on the highway shouldn't be too much trouble.

Regarding the feeling of power, the owner said,I feel that the torque is lower in the low speed range than GT3I was saying. Actually, I tried to step in with intermediate acceleration from low speed in 3rd speed, but I felt that the torque was thin for a 510PS engine, but this may also have a problem with the gear ratio.

Regarding handling, I can not say that it was clear because it was an experience with riding this time, but I feel that it is a little milder than GT3. even if you say so,The cornering is more stable and the ground feeling is higher than that of the normal 911 model, and there was a great sense of security in the passengerI will add that.

After ridingI watched the car carefully, but it was still very beautiful.The beauty of the side view is especially noteworthy due to the sleeping front window. Isn't it the most beautiful Porsche at the moment?

If you look inside, the place where the back seats are supposed to be is like a cave, and the owner saysConvenient for storing luggageIt seems.

There is a hood behind it, and the lock is released by the switch on the center console, and the opening and closing work is done manually. I actually got it done,Almost same as Boxster Spider, it's very easy and takes less than a minuteI think.

911 Speed Star, again

This car isCars that are made with the street in mind more than I expectedI felt it. It may be more suitable for touring than GT3 touring. It can be said that this is a model that adds GT3 flavor that is so comfortable to GT3. If you express it with Porsche's car name, so to speakGT3 Convertible Touring Package]?

I felt like that personality.

Since it is a world-only 1948 unit, I don't think so, and I would like to thank the owner who gave me the opportunity to experience a famous car that I may not be able to meet if I am not good at it.Needless to say, a great carI think.

It may be difficult to ride the distance, but please find an occasion and ride as much as possible.

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  1. Ishi

    Mina's Hello

    911speedster is a very ideal car. I thought that it was the GT3 Cabriolet version, but it seems that the engine seasoning is also quite different.

    911 speedster comes out with the car sensor. The price is regular "negotiable".
    I was wondering if it could be sold soon, but it seems that the new corona has not closed the deal because the wealthy people's purse strings have been tied up.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Hello. 911speedster is a completely unknown car, but I was surprised to hear that my husband's impression is that it is so easy to ride.
      And I was surprised to hear the price again (laugh)

      It's appearing in the car sensor right away! Moreover, it is not selling yet ...
      The automobile industry also has a big impact on corona.

      The times will never come back before Corona,
      I hope that things will gradually recover in the future. ..

  2. Shuhei


    I also saw this speed star in Ashi the other day, so maybe it was going at the same timing as my husband lol

    Only this car was different, so I was fascinated with it.

    I couldn't take a picture because I didn't know who the owner was. .. ..

    I'm looking forward to updating again! !

    • MinaMina

      Hello. Thank you for your comment.

      > I also saw this speed star in Ashi the other day, so it may have been done at the same timing as my husband lol
      That's right! If you see me again, I would be very happy if you could speak to me!
      (It seems that you always do it with air cooling, Boxster, GT3)

      It seems that Ashi had a great number of cars on that day as well.
      A jet-black speed star, I wanted to worship with my own eyes. .. ..

      Continue to thank you.

  3. GT3 touring package with almost the same specifications

    As much as a valuable experience, I really envy. At the beginning of May, when a year-long point was detected for more than 10,000 km, a slight oil leak was found and he is currently hospitalized. I will be discharged from hospital in July, but I can't wait to resume driving. The owner's vehicle seems to be trouble-free, and as long as I envy.

    • MinaMina

      GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

      > In the beginning of May, when I detected more than 10,000 km for 1 year, a minor oil leak was found and I am currently in the hospital.
      That's right...! I'm lonely that I can't ride for a while...
      By the time the rainy season is over, I feel like I can run as hard as I can with the GT3 that I just finished checking.

      After all, when you get on, some minor troubles and breakdowns will appear...
      I wonder if GT3 of my house will come out soon...
      I would be happy if you could teach me a lot.