Car seats are important not only for comfort but also for safety

Panamera turbo

Panamera sheet

The other day, when I was riding Panamera, my husband,

Panamera, it's really a car, butI just do not like this 14-way electric seat with memory functionI don't know...

I said.

My husband has been riding Panamera for a long time.Sheets don't fitI often say that. Until now IEh, right? It’s normal and comfortable", but the other day,I had the Panamera GTS of the 18way electric adaptive sports seat driveAt times, the seats were thick and wrapping so it was very comfortable...

When I tasted it, I thought that the Panamera sheet in my home would feel a little thin and stiff.

My husband,

When driving a car,The seat is an important elementI don't think so. In particular, I often drive a long distance on touring, so it affects the fatigue level of my body.
The Panamera in my house was a standard 14-way seat for the turbo without thinking too deeply at that time, but now I regret that it would have been nice to use an 18-way seat.
The 14-way seat has a thinner seat surface than the 18-way seat, and it feels that the back does not fit well no matter how you tryI will. That's why I'm tired because I don't feel sick. Well, I think this depends on your body type.

When. So that's it…

"Ah, how about the GT3 seat?"When asked,

I used adaptive sports seat plus (electric 18way) as the GT3 seat at my house,I really wanted to choose a full carbon bucket seatNya. It's insanely cool, and it's a precious sheet that can only be selected as a model with a role. However,If you use a carbon full bucket seat, the seat is standing and you can not recline at allSo, even if I go to long touring, I can't take a rest by resting my back.
Thinking about that, I didn't choose it.



I also thought that a standard sports seat plus would be fine,I wanted the interior stitch to be the same crayon as the exterior color.For that, I have to choose a leather package and adaptive sports seat plus as a set.
If you have to choose a leather package, you will not be able to choose the color of the interior stitching.


The Porsche option is really complicated.

By the way,Function to move the passenger seat from the driver's seat with PanameraRegarding, Panamera, Panamera 4, Panamera 4S, Panamera 4 Executive, Panamera 4S Executive standard sheet is not supported,You have to choose more than 14way electric seat (front seat) option with memory function.

No, it’s confusing w

Seats and tires are very important for cars

Regarding the importance of car seats, my husband said

The most important thing for a car is the tires and seatsI think Tires are the only part of the car that makes contact with the ground. Many people don't care about air pressure or tire brand, although it directly affects ride quality and handling.
The seat is the part where the human touches the car.I think it is very important in terms of safety and comfort. It is easy to get tired if it is fluffy and it does not fit your body, and it is dangerous if you can not hold your body properly in case of emergency avoidance.
Recently, the number of things that are considerably better is increasing, but if it is a flat sheet that is fluffy like a bench of a light car a long time ago, even if I tried to avoid something suddenly, my body was carried by the lateral G and as I thought, It is difficult to operate the steering wheel.
It's good to worry about safety devices when choosing a car,Before that, I have to look at the performance of the seat properlyI think. It is directly connected to safety and comfort.

He said.

I see.

Nissan Note NISMO S standard sheet

Nissan Note NISMO S standard sheet. It is quite thick and holds well.

When choosing a car, not only the design, but also the body color, engine, engine sound, and various other factors are involved, but I think that the seat is also important... When I think about this, I get lost, It is extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one.

It's about these days today when I feel that choosing a car is deep inside.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. ds124

    Mr. Mina, Hiro-san, Hello.
    I envy the 991 Speed Star the other day!
    The other day, I passed another vehicle near my house, but it had a different presence...
    After that, it seems surprisingly quiet as there are restrictions.
    Now, choosing a seat is very difficult.
    The 981 Spider's sports bucket is hard to get on and off, and it's too stiff for city rides, but it's extremely comfortable on a road with continuous curves, with the best hold.
    The French car ds7 on my feet, which is soft and comfortable, makes the body go from side to side on curves. The feeling of the CL class of Mercedes was also close. (Of course I think that the suspension is also involved)
    Good or bad will change depending on what kind of scene you use often, but it is difficult to make an almighty seat with a high total score (T_T)
    It's hard to judge by the market level, but the GT Ferrari seems to have had a good total balance...
    I'm really worried when the number of families increases...

    • MinaMina


      >The other day, I passed another vehicle near my house, but it had a different presence...
      Thank you very much ...!
      Even a rare car is driving in the city!
      I haven't actually seen it with my own eyes, so I want to see it quickly.

      When I was never interested in cars (when I didn't drive),
      There was an arbitrary image that the softer seat seems to be more comfortable to ride,
      I don't think it can be said unequivocally.

      As you say, when you bend a curve, you can really see the difference.
      It would be nice if only I could ride, but I have to think about various things when my family also rides...

      > It seems that GT series Ferrari had good total balance.
      I definitely want to ride it! !
      I've only been in the passenger seat about twice so far, so I'd like to drive once... (No, but I'm scared if it hits me w) I think ^ ^

  2. Nak

    Hello Mina,

    How do you feel after that?

    German cars have different standard physiques, so I don't think there are any parts that are not suitable for Japanese people.
    But in the case of Porsche, it depends on the option.

    I think BMW has a little room for the M3 seat and the ordinary 3 series.
    I think that there was no option up to 18way because the adjustment function was guided electric.
    I haven't been interested in it since I became a turbo, so I don't know what it is lately...

    I really wanted to add a roll gauge to the GT4, but for some reason I had to give up because it was set with a carbon bucket.
    Personally, I have been using RECARO for a long time, and I don't think there is a merit due to this price difference.
    The only Porsche carbon bucket I've actually sat in is the 997 GT3RS, but it didn't fit me that much.

    Is 911 Speedster proud of my sales representative? I was wondering how many are in Japan.

    I only bought Cayman because there was only Porsche NA that I could buy with a new car (but RR was 930 and trauma)
    To be honest, I only had the consciousness of a limited-edition car, so I didn't think there were so few.

    But if it is so rare, I would like to see it once.

    • MinaMina


      Certainly, I think it's great that the physique is different in the first place.
      Carbon bucket seats seem to have their pros and cons...

      I haven't even sat down yet,
      I wonder if it's a woman and it's hard to see because it's so depressed. .. I imagine.

      > Do you boast that 911 Speed Star was assigned by my sales representative? I was wondering how many are in Japan.
      It's amazing! ! !
      Since there are only 1948 units in the world, is Japan's allocation of dozens?!
      When you think so, it's very rare.

      I haven't even seen it myself, so I would love to see it!

  3. 991-2 GT3 MT

    I'm always looking forward to updates. My GT3 also rides every day, so I think the bucket seat is painful and it is a sports seat plus. There is no problem in sitting comfort, but I am running from about 10,000 km I feel like a cheap sofa and it feels like a cheap sofa and when I put a force on my spine such as disengaging the clutch, a sound is made in the poppy and the lower part of the back I heard that there was a precedent for the crackling sound after a year's inspection. When running at a low speed in early spring, there was a strange noise, probably because the pad interfered with the left front wheel. The temperature went up and I wasn't worried about it, but there is also some strange noise around the shift lever when I turn it around 7,000 rpm. I'm not familiar with machines, but I don't know anything, but I often hear annoying sounds. Is your husband's touring unusual and is there anything you care about yet? I'm sorry for always asking questions. If you have any abnormal noises, thank you.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT
      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      When I asked my husband about the abnormal noise of GT3,

      "There is no abnormal noise from the seat, but when you drive, you will normally hear various noises. There is no sound insulation, and there is noise from around the shift lever.
      I wonder if the car called GT3 is like that.

  4. Manma

    Hello Mina,

    It is until the middle.
    As long as you read the blog, it looks fine and I'm relieved.

    By the way, I would like you to repeatedly touch on the "function to move the passenger seat from the driver's seat with Panamera".
    Thank you!
    In the case of Panamera, I want the passenger seat to move from the driver's seat and the steering adjustment to be electric.
    With Panamera 4S's standard 8way, you can not move the passenger seat from the driver's seat and then manually adjust the steering, resulting in easy entry
    It doesn't work at all... If you are considering Panamera, I would like you to know it.

    It's such a "seat", but I think I haven't really considered the seat itself so far.
    After all, I was in a state of unthinking about the significance of the cost of seats,
    I want to think hard from now on!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama

      Thank you very much.
      Thanks to you, I am well and in good health.

      > With Panamera 4S's standard 8way, the driver's seat does not move the passenger seat, and the steering adjustment is done manually, resulting in easy entry.
      >It doesn't work...I would like you to know if you are considering Panamera.

      Certainly, from the Panamera's personality and atmosphere, things that are normally equipped as standard are natural,
      Not really...^^;
      A two-seater sports car may seem convincing, but it's a luxurious Panamera, so it feels uncomfortable.

      What happens when Panamera's second half is released,
      I'll see you again ^^