Hand wash your Porsche Panamera at a gas station | How much does it cost and how often does it wash?

Panamera turbo

Panamera stains

When I drive on a highway with Panamera, I am always impressed with various parts such as comfort and stability of the behavior of the car, but onlyI hate...I think.

After running on the highway,After the insects are crushed around the front of the car, the car sticks and the car becomes very dirty.It is. In particular, if you drive on a highway at night, it will be a bad thing every time.

Well, this is not limited to Panamera, but it can be said for all cars.

The other day, when I ran on the highway with Panamera for the first time in a while, the car was still terribly dirty.

(Actually, it looks more dirty, but when I take a picture, it looks beautiful...)

That's why I decided to go to the nearby gas station to wash my car.

I've been taking care of my car when I wash my car by hand. In addition to being very close to home,The staff's response is pleasant, and I will wait on the sofa in the room with Wifi while washing the carbe able to. Moreover, while waiting, one drink service will come.

Of course, I think the cost effectiveness of car washing is good.

By the way,Panamera has not been coated since it was coated by the dealer at the time of delivery.Every few months, my husband does it by himself, or I bring it to the gas station for hand-washing.

I have run about 30,000 km on various roads so far, but I have been able to maintain a beautiful condition without any noticeable scratches. My husband

I don't think the coating that the dealer gave me was a particularly good one. The body color is dark blue, so it's easy to understand that the car has become beautiful after washing.

He said.

Also, I have never washed Panamera in an automatic car wash. "No brush car washI've seen it on the internet, but... I'm scared, so I've never tried it (-_-)

Panamera, car wash

On that day, my daughters' elementary school and kindergarten had finally begun, and I had a free appointment in the morning, so I made a reservation in advance. According to the records of the gas station, in April of this year, Panamera was washed, and at that time,Water repellency and luster at the time of coating are restoredI was asking for the top car wash course.

From the staff,This effect lasts well for 3 months, so I think there is no problem with an ordinary car wash todayI was told,In addition to regular car washing with water, a course to clean dirt on wheels and small parts and to vacuum the driver's seat and passenger seatI chose.

The car wash time was 40-45 minutes.

While I was waiting, I checked my emails, wrote a blog, received a free drink at Cafe au lait...(I'm a pregnant woman, but I tried drinking),

While doing so, "Car wash completedSaid the staff.

It's been 40 minutes in a blink of an eye. "Eh, already! ? It may take a little longer, though (laughs)I was about to say "w"

When I went outside and checked the Panamera, it looked as if it was a new car.

Wow... Thank you! However, where the sticking of insects was terrible,After leaving it for a while, that part got sunburned and discolored slightly, so it is difficult to remove it with a normal car washI was told. Certainly, when you look closely, there is a little dirt left.

Although it is a level that you can not understand unless you look closely at it, it is still not good if you put time in it... Reflection.

By the way, it's a car wash fee, butPanamera costs L size, so 5832 yen(tax included)was.Well, it costs money, but I have my car clean so much, I can have coffee while waiting and I can work alone without anyone disturbing me, so I think that it is good to think so ..

After all, once the car became clean, it felt refreshed and made me feel better.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. To be sunny

    I basically plunge everything into a no-brush car wash machine.
    If it gets very dirty, I wash my hands by myself, but if you think about it, I think that all 8 cars are rushing into a no-brush car wash once a week w It has a good coating, it can be removed only with water, and a no-brush car wash machine I am quite impressed with the power of the dryer that blows away water every time. I'm blowing up myself and I'm just checking the condition w
    Then, sometimes I bring it to this stand, like Mina, on a daily basis. You might meet up someday!

    Ferrari too? I was asked,
    Well, only Japanese people are worried about that much, and I usually stick car wash machines overseas. I don't care about that. As expected, I do not use brushes, but as for the latest car wash machines at specific stands near Sannomiya, there are some soft brushes, so I sometimes thrust them in.
    Porsche is okay, but Ferrari sometimes gets water drops through the window gap w


  2. Messed up


    Good evening ^ ^

    At the nearby Eneos, we will make a hand-washed car wash L size for 2,000 yen (tax included) shiny up to the wheel (wheel coating at the time of purchase) ^ ^

    Cayenne is LL size 3,000 yen, so I feel like I got it ^ ^

    Although it is a permeation type coating, water drops remain and it becomes dirt.
    I wonder if the water-repellent type does not have such a thing ('Д`)

    Every time I pass by Crayon's GT3 or notebook's Nismo, I feel like "No way" It is around this time ^ ^

    • MinaMina

      Oh Eneos is like that!
      I'll see it next time!

      Car wash services may vary depending on the gas station.
      Personally, I'm glad that the waiting space is substantial (I'll be caught in such a situation soon).

      > Every time I pass by Crayon's GT3 or notebook's Nismo, I feel like "No way" It is around this time ^ ^
      Nismo, which is the same as my house, is running a lot, so I will just watch it (laughs)

  3. Buzzer beater!

    It's amazing that you can wait for you on the sofa in the room with Wi-Fi while washing the car at the gas station, and there is also a one drink service! I often wash cars at gas stations, but I've never heard of a gas station that offers such a wonderful service, so I'll try to find myself in the neighborhood. In my case, it seems that Lexus dealers will be banned from saying this, but if you want to have tea and sweets at the owner's salon while waiting for car washing, it will be a little more expensive than a gas station, but car washing at a Lexus dealer I sometimes do... (sweat)

    • MinaMina

      Buzzer beater! San
      There aren't any gas stations with plenty of waiting space.
      I happened to be in the neighborhood, but I just followed it.

      > It's a little more expensive than a gas station, but you may have to wash your car at a Lexus dealer... (sweat)
      Oh, it's okay to wait while having tea and sweets! ! !
      It will be used (laugh)