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How to put in tire inflation pressure

This time"How to put in correct pneumatic pressure of Porsche"I wrote it. However,How to enter the tire pressure of the type that the tire pressure monitoring system (hereinafter TPM) is equipped with.

TPM is a function that is equipped in the model of Porsche 997 and beyond,The meter shows the tire pressure of each front wheel and rear wheel.It is equipped to detect safety and to warn by detecting natural decay that causes air pressure drop and a slow decline in pneumatic pressure, such as when a foreign object sticks to the tire, and is equipped with safety.(No sudden drop in air pressure, such as tire puncture due to sudden external factors, can not be detected and no warning is given)

So, I would like to write based on our 971 Panamera.

Is it comfort or standard pressure?

First of all, there are things you need to check before entering the tire pressure. that is,Which mode you would like to set the air pressure of the currently riding Porsche to "standard pressure" or "comfort pressure"It is. When the car purchase, or "standard pressure or Comfort pressure" in dealer side, because the thing is often likely that remain, which is set in advance to either, I think a good idea to change the settings to suit your preferences. Incidentally, there are the following differences.

■ Standard Pressure: Air pressure of ordinary Porsche ride. It is set a little hardened
■ Comfort Pressure: In order to improve ride comfort, it becomes a slightly softened setting with reduced pressure

From the touch panel, proceed with "vehicle → control vehicle → tire pressure monitoring", check with Comfort Pressure to Comfort Pressure, remove check to become standard pressure.

It is important to note here that,Since comfort pressure is applied only to the speed of 160 km / h in Japan, warning is issued when it exceeds 160 km / hI'm saying that.(270 km / h in Germany, 270 km / h in Japan if it is Boxster)There may not be more than 160 km / h on Japanese roads,People who think that it is unlikely that warnings will be issued every time, it is better to keep the standard pressureI think. Our house likes a solid ride, so I use standard pressure.

Points to note when placing tire pressure

When pneumatic pressure of the tire is put in, it is based on the indication of "tire pressure" displayed on the meter, but there are points to be noted here.Do not adjust the air pressure based on "display of current air pressure"I'm saying that. For example, "I want to change to 3.5 bar, but the present indication is 3.2 bar, then 0.3 bar more" You must not be in the way.

Because the temperature of the tire is not taken into account in the numerical value of "current air pressure"It is.(The prescribed value of the tire air pressure is based on 20 ° C when the tire is cold)Normally, I think that it runs to the gas station and enters the air often, but in that case the temperature of the tire will rise while driving and the air pressure will rise. Even if you put air in that state, it will cause insufficient air pressure when the temperature of the tire drops this time.

This is also written in Panamera's manual.

Please use air pressure indication displayed in tire air pressure → current air pressure only as information. Tire pressure varies with temperature. In any case please do not adjust the tire pressure based on this display.

Then, what to do air pressure adjustment based on what,"Air pressure deviation" in "tire pressure"Numbers. In "air pressure deviation", the difference from the specified pressure of the corresponding wheel is displayed after considering the tire temperature.

In the above figure, "-0.1 bar" is displayed at the position of the right rear wheel. That is"Replenish 0.1 bar of air to the right rear tire"That. Adjust the air pressure of the tire based on this indication and OK if all four indications become "0.0 bar".

Even if you are being asked by a clerk at a gas station, you have to say "Please enter based on the numerical value of the air pressure deviation".

The driving feeling changes

And after driving the air pressure actually in this way,It is clear that the tires are light and the rolling resistance is obviously different.Where the road surface is rough, I feel a bit bouncing, but comfortably rolling like a sliding road where the road surface is flat. Also, when you turn a corner a little faster pace, you get a feeling that you are stiff with your feet and you do not feel stiff. My husband,

That said, Mr. H, who is in charge of dealership when delivering Boxter"When adjusting the air pressure, please be sure to look at the value of the vehicle, not the value of the meter of the air purge and adjust it."I said what did I do this thing! This is a serious problem!

He said.

Incidentally, the manual says "Please check the tire pressure at least once every two weeks, when the tire is cold". It is about once in a month in our house, but especially in the summer the air decreases well, so it seems to be good to check the air pressure frequently.

... Because I never put air pressure on myself as I wrote greatly(I'm only engaged in a husband at a gas station saying "I'm doing 0.1 more! Oh, it's going to be +0.1!") W)These days I think that I do not think I should stay by myself in future.

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