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Today, I'm talking about Porsche dealer's sales staff. A little while ago from the instagram follower"I bought a Porsche the other day, but I feel doubts about the responsiveness of the person in charge, so could you introduce Mina's dealer person?"I was informed.

Also, the other day in a mail from a blog reader "When I read Mina's blog, I heard from the dealer charge when the production frame after the delivery was decided, contact with the ship that I took the boat from Germany and contacted Japan Although it was written that there is,There was no such contact from the charge of our house until delivery, and there was not enough explanation at the time of purchaseIt was written.

As a salesperson of a Porsche dealer, only Mr. H who is in charge of our house knows, "I think that everyone seems to be like Mr. H", but the salesman is also a human being, and even though the personality does not match There will be .. there seems to be various.

H in charge of our home

The first time I met Mr. H in charge was after my husband purchased 981 Boxster GTS. It was when I visited dealers for the first time, saying "Let's go to Panamera's test drive."(I have never been to a dealer in case of purchasing a Boxster)At that time, Mr. H's first impression is "quiet and calm person."

Until then, there was only an image of "car salesman = Gangan Athletic Association System", but Mr. H was the opposite of that. About my husband Boxster"I think that it is better not to let go of the Boxster GTS that you have absolutely!"And I asked my husband "I do not want to sell a car for H" wonderfully.(I'm sorry for H)

However, her husband seems to trust H's thing from the beginning,

"Mr. H does not get a bit of trouble, but I like cars, because I do not care for cars among car salesmen, but Mr. H knows the car well and I can talk with him "

He said.

What is required of a salesperson

I was also a salesperson who entered a new graduate, so what I think as an end of sales"Is the salesman falling in love with their products?"That is very important.

People with a sense of saying "I earn salary and selling because I am at work" can sell to a certain extent, but by that alone, I can not go as far as grabbing the hearts of customers.

Customer"What kind of thoughts are you going to buy the product? "" What kind of place you feel uneasy? "" How secure can you relieve the anxiety by having only one contact? "It is important to imagine parts such as being able to respond sincerely to things that seemingly trivial looks,

for that purpose"I want to fall in love with my products and deliver that item to our customers in the best condition"I think that the mind of need is necessary.

Regarding dealers, I think that the influence of each company's policies and management system is also great, but it is still big whether sales people are liked cars, or they fall in love with their own cars.

Mr. H's worried wishes

In that respect, Mr. H who is in charge of our house responds sincerely.(Although it may be said that "My husband is a considerable car loyal customer"),

·"In the case of a Porsche car, how about equipment is not how fuel economy is, because it is a car of a trial ride!"And let me test - ride before the explanation,
· From order to delivery"The production frame has been decided at Mon!" "I got on the ship now!" "It will probably be delivered to the moon ◯!" "I sent you to the dealer!We contact you at key points and important points,
· When adjusting air pressure, please notify the value of the meter of the petri dish, please be sure to adjust the vehicle value please be sure "at the time of car delivery,
· "The test car was an air suspension, but the actual car is a springsus so please tell me that there might be a difference in ride quality ..."

I thought that "it is natural for you to provide such information", but I feel that it is a blessed thing when listening to the story of various people in charge.

Nonetheless, Mr. H is also a salesman, so one day suddenly a phone call comes in"How about replacing golf with maca !?"It was suggested, about 3 months after purchasing a new Panamera"Oh ... just bought this before ... how do you replace Panamera? (Laugh)"I also have contact with you (lol)

But since I was also operating, I can see that I have to call such a phone, there is no particular problem.

What I think is important is written honestly, but sincereness and sincerity. Especially in the case of a salesman of a car, I think that it is a part that I like cars or is falling in love with their products.

So if you are considering Porsche purchase by residents in the Keihanshin area, please do not hesitate to message me as we introduce Mr. H who is in charge of the dealer (lol)


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  1. How to support life

    Hello, it's been a long time.
    It is planned to deliver car at the end of November or early December after ordering to head of June
    Is the waiting period just over half, or half still ...?

    H, the dealer who is in charge of my life (happens to be the same initials)
    It is totally nice people. It is not like buying a number of Porsche like Mina's family
    Until now it was only with other manufacturers' cars, so to speak,
    Please do better from Hana. I was worried when I first called.
    I taught variously about the size of the parking lot carefully.

    Well, it suddenly became faster! Or, will not it be delivered soon?

    see you.

    • MinaMina

      The waiting period is just half ... It is true! It is good to get delivered quickly by getting on the faster shipping (laugh)

      > Mr. H (who happens to be the same initials) of a dealer who is responsible for my parents
      > It is totally nice person. It is not like buying a number of Porsche like Mina's family
      > Up to now it was only with cars from other manufacturers, so to speak as a matter of course,
      > Please do better from Hana. I was worried when I first called.
      > I taught variously about parking lot size carefully.

      Oh! That's right! If you deal with such politely,
      It is good to be able to purchase pleasantly ^ ^
      I wonder if there are many good people like H (lol)

      When Panamera is delivered by all means, please tell us various riding comfort etc ^ ^