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Volkswagen Golf

Pre-order POLO of the car

The other day, when Volkswagen Golf 7 was put out for dealer's 1 year inspection, the fifth generation 6R type POLO(1.4-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine)I was able to borrow a substitute car, so I tried back and forth in the neighborhood supermarket. That's why I would like to write comments on POLO's comfort and driving performance.(Here is an article on the contents of 1 year inspection of golf ↓ ↓)

→ 【Reference Article】 How much is maintenance cost for VW Golf 7? - The total cost of 1 year inspection is about 30,000 yen

This type of POLO was initially released "Safety exceeding the class, advanced engine variations, etc." was evaluated,At the same time as the European Car of the Year in 2010, the world · car · of · year · import car · of · the year of Japanese car · of · year · RJC car · of the year · Year.

Body size is"Overall length 3,995 mm × full width 1,685 mm × total height 1,475 mm". Because the body size of Golf 7 is "total length 4,265 mm × full width 1,800 mm × total height 1,460 mm", it is smaller than golf one size. Furthermore, compared with Panamera which is overwhelmingly close to 5 m in total length and 2 m in width, it can be seen again that it is a very compact size w

POLO is a very popular model all over the world, since the first POLO made its debut in 1975, world cumulative sales exceeded 14 million units. It is amazing. Chimimi,The price is about 2 million yen initially released.

POLO interior and interior

So, I would like to write comments by item.

① Interior is simple

Because the borrowed POLO is a model before the minor change,Interior feeling a little oldI did it. It may be because he is familiar with the interior of the current golf 7. Also, because it is not a high-grade model, the inside is very simple, it feels that you have only the necessary minimum switches and buttons.

② Manual brake is manual

I was curious about it,The parking brake is not electric, manual type (hand brake)That was. However, as the new POLO seems to be a manual hand play specification, this may be one of the features of POLO. Because I am accustomed to electricity, it was fresh in a sense w

③ There is no auto hold function

If it was a car at that time, it would be a function not equipped with auto hold, but I had to keep depressing the brake all the time when waiting for a signal. Well, originally the car will have to stepping on the brake when it stops.The golf 7 which is now on is equipped with an "auto hold function", and when stopping completely by depressing the brake, the car stops even if the foot is released from the brake pedalare doing.

That's why it's so easy to keep your foot off the pedal when waiting for a signal. ... but, until a couple of years ago I did not feel that way ... I'm scared of getting used to it.

④ The door has weight and is firm

In the case of a domestically produced car with the same car rating as POLO, the door is lighter and sometimes feels like it will be broken just by closing the door,POLO had a solid door.Also my husband was impressed"The door of the rear seat is also firmThat thing. "Domestic cars are costly to reduce costs, although the doors of the driver's and passenger's seats are solid, but the doors of the rear seats are often fluent,That point POLO is not stepping outIt was said.

⑤ It is solid as a car

"I am firm" ... I'm sorry for such a vague expression. The car body has moderate weight, there is no gap,Safety sense firmly made as a carwas there. Although I am not running on the highway this time, I thought that if I feel a firm feeling of this body, it seems that there is quite a high speed stability.

⑥ The lower torque feels a little weak

Since there is no lower torque than Golf 7,I did not accelerate smoothly unless I had to step on the accelerator at the start.I feel I pull it to about 3000 to 4000 revolutions. I never felt "There is no power at all!", But I am accustomed to Golf 7, so I was a little worried about the feeling of depressing the accelerator. Just my husband"It might be fun to drive a car that can run with that power pulling to a high rev range"He said.

⑦ There is no incompatibility in driving

I wrote that the torque feels a little weak at ⑥, but not at all in a driving that feels a sense of incongruity, but the handling is steady, the brakes are well heard, and there is no hindrance at all. Or, if you use it in everyday life, I thought it was about enough driving performance.

POLO's review

This time, we tried a round trip to the supermarket with a small parking lot, but since I can run a little swiftly,Very useful car for everyday useI felt that. The rear seats also have plenty of space, so they seem to be less tired when traveling a long distance on the back seat. It is amazing that the price is about 2 million yen.

However, as I am accustomed to the comfort and ride of the golf 7,Results that realize the wonderfulness of Golf 7 which can demonstrate such driving performance as it is only +1 million yen higher than POLOIt also became.

What is your husband's opinion?

So how is your husband's opinion? That is why I did not listen to the details, but my husband posted on SNS this way the other day.

I borrowed a pre-POLO car for checking golf. After all it is amazing. be surprised. Compared to the same generation of ichts of our generation, the moon and the turf, the heaven and the earth, no, the automobile and the bicycle. Ride feeling, engine torque feeling, rigid feeling, grounding feeling, controllability of the brake, accuracy of handling, no saying. Ah, what a wonderful car ... Domestic manufacturers, let's work harder.

Certainly ... I think that it is really a difference between the clouds compared to Citts (lol)

That was the impression of POLO.

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