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Porsche related events

Since I began to examine various information about Porsche, I learned that various fairs and events related to Porsche are being held throughout Japan.Not only the fair held in the dealer's shop but also Grand Ping experience, race, exhibition event etc.... There are quite a lot of opportunities to see Porsche up close.

So, in the summer of 2018 August / September(· · · · · Is autumn in September)I have summarized Porsche related fairs and events to be held in.

① Suzuka 10 hour endurance race

Three days from 8/24 (Friday) to 8/26 (Sunday)"Suzuka 10 Hour Endurance Race (SUZUKA 10 H)" is held at Suzuka Circuit. This "SUZUKA 10H" that Suzuka circuit starts a new start from this year instead of "Suzuka 1000km race" of "SUPER GT" which had been held until last year.

This "SUZUKA 10H" will be held in Japan as an international series "Intercontinental GT Challenge" international series such as Bathurst 12 hours (Australia), Spa Francorchamp 24 hours (Belgium), California 8 hours (USA) Audi, Bentley, Mercedes - AMG, Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Honda, Nissan vehicles will participate.
* Source: Suzuka Circuit "SUZUKA 10H"

By the way,Porsche Japan official websiteIt is introduced to this race as follows.

The Porsche GT 3 Cup Challenge Japan (GT 3 CC) is one of the Porsche Motorsports official races and is currently a Japan domestic series of GT 3 cup challenge being held in 10 countries around the world.

In Porsche momentum, it seems that Hong Kong's CRAFT BAMBOO RACING is drawing attention as one of the winning candidates.

* For details and ticket applicationHere

② Le Boran · Cars · Meat 2018 Kobe

At Kobe Harborland Meriken Park in Kobe City Chuo Ward,"Le Borankars Meet 2018 Kobe" will be held on Sep 9 (Sun). At the 5th event this year, you can see, touch, test drive to the latest high-tech cars and popular super cars. Time is free from 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock admission.

* Image Source: antenna 【Event】 Admission free! "Le Borancers Meat 2016 Kobe" starts at Harborland at last

This year,Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Alfa Romeo, Alpine, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Tesla, VolvoWill be exhibited.

By the way, I definitely went to Ruboran Cars Meat four years ago, but at that time I was not very interested in cars"I got a Mercedes key holder" "It was quite hot."I only remember that .... By the way I am looking forward to participate with my husband this year so I am looking forward to it.

*Detail isHere

③ Porsche joint certification second-hand car fair

Porsche Japan and Porsche dealers in Kansai will hold"Porsche jointed accredited used car fair". It seems it was held in Tokyo in May, is it the Osaka version?

Date: 8/25 (Sat) · 8/26 (Sunday)
Holding time: 8/25 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ 18: 00, 8/26 (Sunday) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
Venue: Intex Osaka Building No. 3 [Admission Free]

Approximately 70 units will be exhibited from the world standardized high quality Porsche certified secondhand car, sports car to SUV(Because it is a 70th anniversary commemoration?I can not go there because of errands, so I told my husband "Why do not you go?""If there is a good-looking air-cooled Porsche, I'm going to buy it on the spot and I should stop it from danger ..."It was about that (explosion)

*Detail isHere

④ Cineado "3.9 sec Experience" released

It is located in "TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills" in Tokyo Roppongi and "TOHO Cinemas Namba" in Osaka Namba with a limited release from 8/10 (Friday) to 8/23 (Thursday)In the MX4D theater, 45 seconds cinead(Advertisements to be screened before the main part in a movie theater)"3.9 sec Experience" is releasedIt is,Experience the sprint of the new Porsche "Cayenne"It seems to be able to do.

The new Cayenne will be available in Japan from late July this year,0 - 100 km / h is 3.9 seconds(Cayenne Turbo / Sports Chrono Package installed)Planning to experience the feeling of running felt in the MX4D theater in real timeIt seems. "3.9 sec Experience" is a story attraction CM that strikes the corner in 3.9 seconds while being chased by the time limit in the virtual world view that imaged the near future city.

The MX4D seems to be a facility that allows the seat to experience front and back, left and right, wind gusts, splashes, etc., according to the scene of the movie.

I am interested, but unfortunately I do not have a movie I want to go to see now. Because it is hard to secure my girls' deposit place for 45 seconds and go out to Osaka Namba, if you have a chance Let's see.

Source: New Cayenne rages in the cinema! What? ── Porsche Japan 's first cineads, acclaimed release!

⑤Discover Your Porsche Campaign

This is not an event or fair but a campaign of Porsche, but by saying that it is the 70th anniversary special memorial plan,When you win by electing from the site, you will experience a wonderful experience of "Makan" or "Cayman" giftsIt seems to be done.

Entry Period: 8/3 (Friday) ~ 9/17 (Monday · Holiday)
Application method: Access the application form on the site and apply
Contents of the prize
· Discover Cayman: Enjoy Cayman's Driving 1 night 2 days 1 pair 2 people
· Discover Macan: Enjoy an elegant time with Makan 1 night 2 days 1 pair 2 people
· Porsche Drivers Selection Men's Sunglasses for 5
· Porsche Drivers Selection Leisure Back Martini · Racing 5 people
· Porsche Drivers Selection Multipurpose case [Rimowa] 5 people

Previously I applied to see these campaigns, but my caring was terrible and bad, and the lottery of the daughter's toy at the festival stall of the last Bon Festival (250 yen per time), how a "big hit" I applied ...(I just hit a puzzle even if I say a big hit)Perhaps there is a feeling that we have run out of all my lucks this year, so ... There is absolutely no choice.

*Detail isHere

It is still hot as it is now, so if it gets cooler a little more, I also wish that children will also take an event etc.

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