Touring to the beautiful Fukui of Ichiji Sea, north of Hyogo with Porsche Boxster

981 Boxster GTS
Touring notes

Wind and Light, Boxster

For quite some time my husband is reading"Wata"Boxster touring blog whose direction is written. It seems to be a well-known blog among those who like Boxster and touring lovers.It is featured in blog posts and movies about how we went to the national touring in Japan.Tourist fever like touring "800 km in one day" "Mileage of 100,000 km in 3 and half years" is truly amazing as well as having a great sense of photos and videos.

→ "Wind and Light, Boxster."

I also have my husband tell me the existence of wata's blog, and when my movie is released, my husband and wife will be watching it on the TV screen and watching it, but always thinking while watching a movie"My husband's driving fever is also crazy, but wata is out of the set."That thing w. My husband is often murmuring as if he had hat off as "there is an upper on the top ~ wata is really amazing".

Early August like that. "Summer movie of Sadogashima Touring" was released on wata's blog, so when I wrote a comment after watching, I got this reply from wata.

Not limited to Sado Island, the Japan Sea in summer is really beautiful, is not it? If it is from Kobe, I think the Tango Peninsula and Wakasa Bay are very wonderful drive routes and there are lots of national highways and prefectural roads that seem to be fun even before I go to the Sea of ​​Japan in the first place, it is enviable (laugh).

My husband looked at this reply"Well, right? Hyogo is not like that, but it's not like I am, as far as eastern Japan is more envious than ever so many roads ... (haha) ...Even though it says that early in the morning a few days later.

"We will touring to the Sea of Japan according to the advice of wata!"

Well, I went out alone with Boxter w.

Touring from Nishinomiya to Fukui

It was a very fine weather on this day, it seems that we had a fun drive with a lot of kettles. And the next day from her husband"I tried the tooling process and contents summarized"And I got the mail(I wish I could make it w)I would like to introduce its contents today.

① R176-K68

First of all, R(National Highway)176 northward. On this day, I passed through Mita city with a lot of traffic, K(Prefectural road)37 through K68(Hokusan Kitayama Highway)What. K68 "Scenery is good, but traffic volume is high" scratches the ball. If lucky pole position can be taken, very funny wayIt is.

② K12 - R372

K12 has many straight lines extending from Ina River to the north and the second half is a recommended route that you can enjoy winding over the Pass. After that, R372(Commonly called Deccanshaw Road)To the east. This road is wide only in the national highway, and it can run at high speed in the country scenery.Personally I call it "Hyogo's romantic highway".

③ K54 - R162

Take Kitakami using K54 on the way and head to Sonobe.This K 54 is short distance, but often no one is running, and the road is also wonderful.All you can do is right. From Sonobe, we aim at the Hiyoshi Dam and from there we drive the car from K19 to R162. This neighborhood is called Miyama Highway, and it is known as a popular spot for motorbike touring.

Anyway, I can run comfortably on the pleasant road,Please be careful as it is also a point with a lot of enforcement.On this day as well, while listening to the GPS radar warning, when R162 was flowing slowly, the crown's covering turned red light, followed by full braking as it came behind. When I was running slowly at a speed of 45 km / h or so for a while, the masking surface gave up and I got a U turn.

While checking the situation with the rearview mirror, throw the gear into 2nd gear and turn on Sports Plus. It goes without saying that he flew away flying through the explosion.

④ Miyama contact place square - Angel line

On the way, Road Station"Miyama Fureai Plaza"Break on. Miyama Milk softly creams are chewed up, and breaks are delayed so far.

Run R162 as it is, go through the city of Obama, to the Angel line on the inner and outer sea peninsula. Fukui has come many times, but this is the first road. The influence of heavy rain / There are many pebbles and branches in the road, there are places for one-way traffic, so the sea occasionally showing the pace is beautiful although it can not raise much pace.

* By the way this is lunch for this day. Rice when my husband goes to the touring is generally a convenience box lunch (explosion)

The wide parking lot at the top is rattling. Moreover, there is not an extra guard rail, and there is also a location that is optimal for shooting cars with no obstruction to the ocean, so I took a photo of a chair over here.

⑤ R162 - Mikata Five Lake Rainbow Line

Leave the Angel line and run through the coastline of R162. The temperature is 25 to 26 degrees on the day. Humidity is low, sunshine is soft and the best open day.I feel more comfortable than any day I ran at openCalifornia went through the comfortable seaside line as much as I felt completely the other day.

Entering the Rainbow Line of Mikata Goryo Lake, arriving at the top, everything you see is blue. Both the color of the sea and the color of the sky, I think it is hard to see such a blue landscape.

⑥ Encounter with Boxster GTS

After taking a break and getting on the way back, I found a white 981 Boxster in front of R 162. If you look closely,Rubber top in white, rollover bar body same color, exactly the same exterior. And the same GTS! !Whether you noticed the other side, I ran a rendezvous together for a while. The other party is on his way to go to the Angel line and waits right.

As I passed by that side, my eyes met and waved my hand! I also waved my hand. That time may have been less than just one second. But,People who own the same car, feel like having had many conversations in just 1 secondwas. I felt pleasure in this wonderful encounter and arrived home on a return trip desiring the safety of the other 's way.

so"Mileage on this day is 433.8 km, traveling time is 9 hours and 7 minutes, fuel consumption is 10.8 km / l, average speed is 48 km / h"was.

This is the touring record of this time. By the way, I asked her husband who came home "How did Hyogo's way gone?"

"It was nice weather, but it was comfortable ... No, I guess the way Kanto's way is better"

He said.

I also want to run on Venus Line on a sunny day, Hakone Turnpike and Nishi Izu Skyline(As I go, it is always foggy)

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  1. wata

    It is safe to say that you are out of control and are crazy, that you have praised the Kansai people personally (sweat).
    Anyway, I saw a drive notes at Boxster, enjoyable.
    The road that I ran and the description just said that "Oh yeah, it was such a good way way ~" It nods alone.
    From the perspective of me living in the Kanto region, Hyogo prefecture and Kyoto prefecture inland areas and the Sea of ​​Japan side seem to be full of rocky roads.
    I am thinking seriously that I want to go to this area again to this area, including the adjacent Fukui, Tottori, Okayama (laugh).

    • MinaMina

      > Are you mad that you are out of the group, may you understand that you are praising Kansai people (sweat)?
      Of course it is! I'd be happy to receive the best compliments (laugh)
      My husband always wants to get bored at youtube's 30 and 40 minutes, and I want to experience wata once a day by getting it on the passenger seat and once more! I want to experience wata's way throughout the day !! I'd like to experience whether I'm running to "!" (Laugh)

      > I'm thinking seriously that I want to go to this area again in this area, including Fukui, Tottori and Okayama (laugh).
      Oh, I see. ! Please do not hesitate to voice when visiting the touring in the direction of Kansai ^ ^
      If the timing comes up, I hope my husband will definitely go to the touring together ^ ^

      Continue to look forward to my blog!
      Thank you in the future.