What is the maintenance cost of VW Golf 7? - The total cost of 1 year inspection is about 30,000 yen

Volkswagen Golf 7
Volkswagen Golf

1 year check of Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf 7 used for my husband's commuting and family cars(Model with a 1.2-liter turbo engine and a 7-speed DSG loaded with the final special specification car of limited 300 cars in the early term of Golf 7)Even after two years have passed since purchasing,The mileage has reached 22,751 km.

The performance of Volkswagen Golf is amazing - it may not need Panamera! What?

When I take a golf from about June every time I go to the meter"Please go out for inspection"While I was going out all the time saying "Let's go soon, let's go soon", it is time for me to travel to the U. ... I finally got it the other day.

In this inspection,My husband brought the golf to the dealer at 10 o'clock in the morning, and the substitute POLO(free)It was around 17 o'clock on the day that I got back home and all the checks were completed.I wonder if the inspection was pretty crowded.

My husband was extremely praising about POLO on behalf of the car. I tried riding to the supermarket near, but it was a solid car that I could not compare with the domestic car of the same car rating, so I would like to introduce it separately in the article.

VW Professional Care

When purchasing golf with a new car,"Volkswagen Professional Care"As the service of free comes along, three years after purchase"Inspection expenses for statutory 12-month periodic inspection and designated service of Volkswagen, fees for periodic replacement parts (excluding parts costs *) are free"become.

In addition to this, New Service PLUS(41,000 yen for golf), The parts cost and expendable item cost will also be free up to the prescribed number of times. When purchasing golf, our house also recommended New ServicePLUS from the dealer's staff, but my husband said "I do not need it" so I did not enter after all.

The first reason is"Since golf is a well-made car, it will not be that there will not be any parts broken or severely exhausted in 3 years after purchase"Therefore. In fact, in the last two years golf has never broken nor even supplemented with oil. The second reason is"In the case of Volkswagen, it is a stance that manufacturers are voluntarily voluntarily replacing the engine oil after break-in operation, so they are not included in prescribed inspections."From. So it turned out to be paying at actual expenses each time.

* Reference information: Volkswagen does not necessarily require oil change after run-in operation
By maximizing the engine performance of Volkswagen cars and maintaining extremely high basic performance for a long time, replacement of engine oil which had been said to be 3,000 to 5,000 km or 3 to 6 months up to 30,000 km or 2 years We have made it unnecessary. In addition, it reduces the labor and burden of oil change and reduces the amount of waste oil by exchanging, contributing to environmental conservation and effective use of resources.
* Source: Volkswagen engine oil

Check contents and amount here

Therefore, the contents of this check and the amount of money are below. My husband thought that it was charged that a considerably high amount of money was to be said that "I should do it!" About everything suggested from the other side this time ...

Amount of money
Engine oil (4.5 l) ¥ 11,763
oil filter ¥ 1,723
Drain plug ¥ 788
rolling ¥ 572
Engine shampoo ¥ 2,678
Polar filter ¥ 5,400
Aero wiper blade ¥ 7,020
Aero wiper blade ¥ 1,944
Button type battery ¥ 421
discount △ 3,487
total ¥ 31,378

It is amazing ... In the case of Panamera, because the oil cost is high and the capacity is large(9 L)Even just oil change and filter exchange is 50,000 yen weak, so it is cheaply cheap compared to it.

Are domestically produced cars the best in the world?

This time for golf inspection, put on a substitute POLO, the husband said this again.

Although there seems to be many people who still think that "foreign cars will break"Golf runs over 20,000 kilometers in the past 2 years but no repair is required and no problem rundo.One year inspection also asked all of the items recommended by the maker, but still a total of 30,000 yenAnd. Foreign cars are said to be broken and are said to be expensive, but not at all. It is not an age that "Domestic cars are the world's best" now.

When. surely…. By the way it is only in Japan that there is a way to call "domestic car".Overseas, it seems that they do not consider it as "domestic production" simply by calling each car maker like "Toyota" "Porsche". I guess that is because such island island is Japan.

The era has certainly changed and it is not Showa already, so it is these days that I think that it is important to expand the field of view and choose a car.

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  1. Neriten

    Our current golf 1.2 L is also in our house.
    For the wife for 2014 model.
    I am interested in what kind of running it will be at 1.2 L, I dared chose this.

    I think that the basic running is comparable to Panamera.
    Even though Panamera's price is about the option ...
    I am also looking forward to VW related information.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      > Panamera's option price is not enough.
      Certainly, it is a price level as high as the option ... With this, I think that basic performance is like Panamera, as you said, as you say, "How to embody this performance at this price" What a wonderful car think. To say that it is for his wife, he is also well-paced and he is not easy to make small turns, it is easy to use. We will also be able to write VW related information ^ ^!