The performance of Volkswagen Golf is amazing - it may not need Panamera! What?

Volkswagen Golf 7
Volkswagen Golf

To the grave of the month 1

Today I went to the grave of the two houses in the morning. I try to go always once a month since this year,My husband 's parents' house and my father 's parents' house are coincidentally located one after the other, how far they are together and the grave is nearbySo, as long as an hour it is enough to visit the graves of the two families.

It is the sixth time to visit the grave this year,Luck has come somehow recentlyI feel that.

The meaning that I am living here now

Separately, I am not going to visit the grave to raise luck, but once I buy flowers, clean the grave and pick up my hands in front of my ancestors, feelings It is also reset.
"I have myself now thanks to my grandparents, great-grandfather mothers, and their ancestors."It feels somewhat on my skin and now it is also time to ask myself what I was born in this era and what I live in this place.

And strangely enoughWhen arriving at the husband's grave, rain will rise enough to say. Today as well, heavy rain all rang thunder, but when I arrived at my husband's grave the rain started raining and I was able to visit without wearing an umbrella.

This, me who is not a stormy fogy mistress ... (゚ д ゚)! !

* I wrote about my fog for the first time in this article
After Panamera delivered, we went to Hakone Turnpike for the second time.

There is something strange in the world.

The magnitude of Volkswagen Golf.

Well, for now it's the main subject.I always try to go to this grave with Volkswagen Golf instead of Panamera.
Because the country is narrow, the road is narrow, there are also farm roads so you can not go by Panamera very much.

The golf of our house is the final special specification car of 300 golf 7 (previous term) limited only, it is a model that carries the 1.2-liter turbo engine and the seventh-speed DSG, but every time we drive on a grave visit to and from the grave"It's a pretty good car"I am deeply moved.

I wonder why 'I do not need panamera or something?'(If you are told that you really want to let go of Panamera, you can stop with full power but an explosion). I have also written about that in the previous article.

Should I buy Volkswagen Golf 1.2 or 1.4?

Golf is the best selling foreign trade in Japan.

Even if I do not say "I am a good car" again, it is already 100 familiar with the world that golf is a good car,It is on sale in Japan too.

According to the new car registration number ranking by foreign car manufacturer model announced by Japan Automobile Import Union in 2015,Volkswagen (VW) "Golf" adhered to the top with 22,535 units. At this point it sold the top sales unit for 28 consecutive yearsIt seems.(It seems that exhaust gas problem and now it is not first place but it seems that it is still sold out)

* Source:Foreign manufacturer car registration ranking, VW Golf keeps top for 28 consecutive years ... 2015

Not only me but also car husband 's husband is "a wonderful car" I'm praising it, but it is such a high satisfaction"What you want when our house buys a car"When"What Volkswagen Golf is Realizing"I think that it is because he is very close.

The most important thing that our home buys a car is,"The performance of the car itself is good"Is it(Naturally, everyone seems so (- _ -))In that sense, golf was a really good car. So, I summarize the points that our house places importance on when purchasing cars as follows.

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