I received the naming of Porsche's first electric car "Tycan" and looked at the origin of the name of a Porsche car.

Porsche Tycan

* Image Source: Presented at the 70th anniversary of sports car creation ── The name of the new sports EV is "Taikan"

Decided to "Taycan"!

In a bit ago news,The official name of Porsche's first electric vehicle "Mission E" was decided as "Taycan (Taikan)"It was covered by reports. For some time, there are voices like "Read with Taycan, Taikan and Read ..." but it seems to be decided by "Taikan".

Porsche's first EV is Tai Cang! Mission E's official name is determined

It seems that production will begin next year, but the maximum output exceeds 600 ps and the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 3.5 seconds or less. The cruise distance reaches 500 km.(But to charge at home, do not build a little)

The meaning is "youth full of animation"

"Taycan"It is based on the image of a splashing horse in the center of the Porsche emblem, "Youth full of animation". Porsche's marketing team took two years to check compatibility with existing lineups, linguistically semantic checks in each country, verification of trademarks, etc.

Great ... 2 years to decide the naming of one car (゚ д ゚)

I remembered it by checking linguistically in each country,Kinki of "Kinki district" is almost the same pronunciation as "Kinky" of English, and Kinky is "(sexually) transformation"It seems to be meaningful ...

In other words, since Kinki University translates into English as "unusual desires university", Komagai has seen the news that it is under consideration to change the name of English notation.

It would be tough if the name of a car in Porsche would be such a thing later ... This time the marketing team got all the power and did investigate every corner.

I tried organizing the car name of Porsche

But I thought that Porsche's car name was not so much unified, so I tried Porsche's car name as a table.(I, I like to wear a table w)

【Car lace system】
· Carrera →Carrera Panamericana Mexico (carrera Panamericana Mexico) car race using public roads conducted in Mexico from 1950 to 1954
· Panamera →Also, Carrera · Panamericana · Mexico
· Cayman →Cayman (crocodile) which is a reptilian of alligator genus
· Macan →"Indonesian" "tiger"
· Taycan →Young horse full of animation
【The structure of car】
· Boxster →Roadster with boxer engine
· Cayenne →Stimulation derived from red peppers (cayenne pepper)

Overall, I feel like I understand somehow, but why Cayenne is just red pepper ... (゚ д ゚)

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