I received the naming of Porsche's first electric car "Tycan" and looked at the origin of the name of a Porsche car.

Porsche Tycan

Why "horse"?

This time Taycan (Tycan)Based on the image of a bouncing horse in the center of Porsche's emblemThat is why, why did it ... I tried to guess.

Even if it becomes an electric car, Porsche will continue to be a sports car maker. In other words, since it was a car that I developed after strongly recognizing that it is the original Porsche, I turned back to the origin, so I named it from the Porsche Emblem's splashed horse.

I guess it is.(I guess it's only a mistake, so I guess it's wrong)

Also, Ferdinand · Porsche made the first electric car, so this year is the 70th anniversary, and I think that I wanted to be conscious of "origin" including all such meanings.

Unexpected commonalities between Ferrari and Porsche

Well, it seems that "motley" drawn on the Ferrari emblem and "bouncing horse" drawn on the Porsche emblem are based on the coat of arms of the city of Stuttgart, "same pulling horse" as a motif.

Source: Alfa Station Blog
It certainly looks alike.

I can see that Porsche uses a crested horse that is a coat of arms of Stuttgart, Germany with its head office. But why do Italian car makers Ferrari use emblem emblem of Stuttgart?

An unexpected past episode.

Looking at the net, it seems that the episode dating back to the First World War.

It is said that the symbol of Ferrari "bouncing horse" comes from the mark that Italian pilot Francesco Barracca who was a national hero got on his fighter plane.

During the Battle Pilot,As a proof that he himself was shot down, he said he was attaching the enemy's mark to his fighter plane.Likewise, the legendary Italian pilot, Francesco Barracca, who was referred to as "killing king", was attaching that mark to his fighter plane as a proof that he had shot down a fighter plane in Stuttgart, a nemesis German city.

In 1918 he will kill the battle,Then his parents were impressed by Mr. Enzo Ferrari's founder, Founder of Ferrari, and gave the emblem of a splashing horse that was a symbol of his son.

* Source:Porsche and Ferrari emblem 's horse is the same horse ...! There is a hidden story there.

I see…. Ferrari is drawn in the color scheme of the Italian flag, while Porsche is drawn in the color scheme of the German flag "bouncing horse", but in competition enemies, and now as a sound rival to send out a wonderful car to the world It is a kind of story that comes along somehow, carrying the same emblem on the back.

Knowing history and roots, the image and thoughts for itself will change. Let's investigate variously for a while.

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