I heard the correct pronunciation of "Porsche" Porsche uploaded to youtube!

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In keeping with US business trips

Next month, due to my husband's business trip, I and my daughters also went to America for about a week. So, at that time it was a big deal,Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles (PECLA)I am planning to go see.

How is Porsche pronounced correctly?

I was suddenly concerned. In Japan "Porsche" is clearly pronounced as "Porsche"How do you pronounce it in the United States?If there is opportunity to talk with local people,"Go to the Porsche effect!"When I want to make a conversation like something, what kind of pronunciation can you communicate?

By the way my daughter, 4 years old, can not be said to be Porsche clearly, saying "POSSI", but indeed it seems that it is not "POSSI" (- _ -) ...

My husband told me such a video.

that name as well"How to pronounce Porsche."

HowPorsche officially uploads correct pronunciation of "Porsche" on youtubeYou are doing.

In the explanation text of youtube, it is written like this.

Have you ever wondered about the right way to pronounce Porsche? Or do you know someone who pronounces it in a wrong way? Be sure to let them know about this video.

Have you ever wanted to know the correct way to pronounce Porsche? Or do you know someone who is pronouncing in the wrong way? If so, please be sure to tell this video to everyone who is making mistakes.

Feeling like that?

Actually, it seems that there are many erroneous pronunciations.

Will Porsche upload videos to youtube about the correct pronunciation is that there are many people who are mispronounced in the world? When examining variously,Porsche pronunciation of English speaking people seems to be different from the original onesoIs it like a TV program?After that, it seems that Porsche officially uploaded a video.

AndMore than 1.6 million times have been played! !
So, while I was a bit nervous, I immediately watched a movie.

Let's have a look at youtube.

Firstly, this screen appears.

Men twice as "Porsche" twice at normal speed.

Then it separates into "Por" part and "sche" and tweets twice.

Then, it ends.

…Huh! only this! What? This is the end (゚ д ゚)! What?

It is 15 seconds in time.

In conclusion, it sounds like "Pachet".It is like Parshe by the pronunciation between Pa and Po.Perhaps, it is pronounced not in Japanese.

But, as I listen again and again, it is getting harder and harder to understand what is really getting better and I am watching comments in English, because the word "Parshuh?" Is written, it seems like "Pasha" I wonder if the pronunciation is close.

So why do not you try trying to communicate when you go to the States with a feeling like "Persa" (¯ ー ¯)

I am not a returnee child and I can not explain German well and I can not explain it well, so please do check it with your own ears (explosion)

The movie is here.

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