Porsche · 981 Boxster GTS - It will not fade even after 2 years from delivery, its attraction.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
MT (manual) ride

981 Worked at Boxster GTS

My husband goes to work at 981 Boxster GTS (MT) about once a week. When I was freshly delivering Boxter, I went to work at Boxter every day, to get used to driving the manual and to break in. But,"Since the distance from home to the company is about 50 km round-trip, it is a waste that mileage extends only by commuting"And from a certain time I got used less to commute.

In addition, my husband does the delivery of my daughter's kindergarten every morning,"Would you like to go with Boxster today?"Even if my husband said the eldest daughter"I do not want it (-_-)"Because there are many things to say ... ..., there is also one pace a week.(The eldest daughter seems a bit embarrassed to go to kindergarten at Boxster w Because the roof opens or something)

And, such a husband's first voice after returning home on the day he went to work at Boxter was,

Yea ~ Boxster is really horrible car ya ~ (゚ ∀ ゚)

It is.

Every day impressed

As I went home the other day"Honma Boxster yeah car yawha"He said,

I am reserving for a Boxster spider now, but whatever it takes to win a lottery eh? More than enough in the current Boxster.

He said. I wonder if that is so good (lol)

A little after all,

The next Boxster spider"Load the engine of GT 3"There is a rumor that I want, but if I open the lid and do 4 cylinders I do not need it absolutely. Now that's Boxster.

It is saying.

Three years passed soon after the car delivery, every time"I got on Boxster for the first time today"I'm impressed with the tension (lol) ... I have not heard it altogether, but I summarized why my husband is talking a lot.

① Manual car

Husband Boxster is a manual transmission of the left handle. From before purchase"Make absolute left steering wheel MT"He said. After all the manual car seems quite interesting

"It's a pleasant feeling of running with a car, running with a car and a team. I feel like I have no escape place."

I often say. By the way, around the time I ran about 10,000 km, I was able to drive naturally and naturally as if I breathed in, and from around the area over 20 thousand kilometers I was told that I became familiar like my limbs.

② reasonably under power

This Boxster GTS,"330 ps / 6700 rpm" moderately under powerSo I can spin the engine and run at high speed.One Panamera turbo has a tremendous power with a 4 liter V8 engine, so the number of revolutions in normal driving is roughly 1000 revolutions. It rarely goes over 2000 turns.

Sometimes when you overtake on a highway, when you do a sports plus or push the boost button ... I definitely go up to around 4000 rpm but it is too dangerous to accelerate like a fighter and it is a suicidal act, so I rarely use it.
So always around 1000 revolutions"Panamera will not fall asleep anymore (- _ -)"I'm running quietly as I think.
If you think so, I think that Boxster will be very pleasant as it can be pulled up to the high revolution range as it is manual, because it is manual.

③ NA engine

My husband bought this type of Boxster GTS because it is the last NA 6 cylinder. "Anything, even if you slide, you buy this model!" Certainly NA acceleration is supple,The dry, high engine sound that makes it "pawn!" Is just a pleasant sound.Also, I also like the sound "bobbo boots" when I down shifted.(But I did not ring when I drove)
There are also youtube videos to compare with the engine sound of 718, but after all I think that 981 sounds more comfortable.

④ Roof gets free

Previously"An open car is a car on which a person who is stingying in a conspicuous shop is on board"I thought. Therefore, even if he says that his husband opens the roof, he refused to say "I do not like being where people are embarrassed" (Baku)

But once you say that feeling when you run Winding Road and Ashi Driveway open ... the feeling of running down the wind and running together with the wind is like a motorcycle(I have not driven a motorcycle, but)Exactly"Cho feel good!(old)"was.

I can not taste that feeling with normal sun roof, I think that it is the real pleasure of being an open car.

Compared to Panamera?

It is this kind of feeling that my husband often says, but suddenly I said such a thing.

"As I normally ride in Panamera,Once in a while I ride a Boxster and run on a highway, I feel a bit scared after allWhat. Even Boxter can speed up at all and it is stable, but it does not match the sense of stability of that Panamera. After all, because there is weight in the car body, I feel that the ground feeling of the ground increases and it will stabilize.


Well certainly Panamera's weight is 2 tons or so. Because there is a difference of more than 500 kg with Boxster, riding comfort and stability will be different.

While listening to various things"There is a Panamera person who has a better escape place than Boxster without escape place"I think again today (these days)

→ After that, I also wrote such an article.

981 Boxster GTS 3 years since purchase. I summarized the cost of vehicle inspection and the impression of ownership for 3 years.

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