Three points of how to run a tire last longer - In the case of a husband on a Boxster GTS ride

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
Maintenance cost · Fuel consumption

30,000 km after delivery of Boxter

My husband purchased 981 Boxster GTS in November 2015. Mileage is about 30000 km soon.(I bought it for a year or two in a pretty good way, but I have not been there until last winter.During this time

· Participate in the running meeting of Suzuka Circuit
· Drive at Fuji Speedway (2 times)
· Long distance touring of about 1500 km (7, 8 times)
· On the day off, I run ash with a driveway on Ashi
· Participated in the Porsche Driving School (3 times)

In the form,I think that it is a person who runs quite a bit rather than everyday use.

Nevertheless, only the number of times of tire change from car delivery until now is "rear wheel tire only once".

Moreover, the reason for tire change"A nail stuck and punctured"It is surprising because it is called.

Is there a difference in how you drive?

At the time of inspection of Boxster 2nd year, Mr. H who is in charge of dealer,"Since the number of grooves is also decreasing, it is better to change the tire soon?"I heard that,"It's okay because we still have more than 3 mm."I heard that they are not exchanged after all.

By the way this is a front wheel tire.

The rear wheel tire changed last year is like this.

In general,Once in 15000 ~ 20000 kmAlthough it seems that there are many people who exchange tires of Boxter at the pace as in the case of husbands,Even if I run 30,000 km, the front wheel tires are OK and whatever it is supposed to have more.

This is not limited to Boxter, but also during the year's inspection of Volkswagen Golf"There are many people who have more tire grooves after a year, but it has not decreased much."It is said that it was said.

Like that"How I drive is slightly different from normal"As my husband muttered occasionally, I thought that "I am a little worried! Let's dig a little deeper!" And asked the story.

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