Three points of how to run a tire last longer - In the case of a husband on a Boxster GTS ride

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
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Three points of how to run

Boxster is MR so we can relatively cut back tires, but for the previous tires"Sudden start, rapid acceleration, if you do not handle it steeply, there is nothing to cut so much."It seems. That's why the husband is aware of the following three points of driving.

① Carefully accelerate at the start

The tire"From the point of stoppage, it can be trimmed at the timing to move much more"So I will not start from 0 km / h. Accelerate at launch carefully"After the rolling speed of a tire comes out to some extent, it will accelerate in the middle"image.

② Handling at the corner is smooth

When turning the corner,"Do not cut the steering wheel after entering the corner, prepare it before entering the corner so that you can run as straight as possible"To keep in mind. Rather than being concerned about the tires and running,"If you run in a straight line, G does not hit, so you can run safely and smoothly so you're doing it."And that. It seems that this is a way of running that you got drawn by the warm-up of the Porsche driving school.

③ Do not brake suddenly

The sudden braking is not good for the tires, so I stepped down and made sure that I do not stepping on a lot.

Husband's Boxster's tire is Goodyear

By the way, there are Pirelli and Goodyear in the tires used for Boxster, probably depending on which timing the tires are wearing at the timing of factory production,My husband's Boxster GTS tires are Goodyear.My husband,

"Goodyear well, well, well, Michelin tires are the biggest, but there are no Porsche certified Boxster GTS sizes."

He said.

I see, there are lots of things. As one tire of Porsche is about 50,000 and it is high,It is important to make the tire last longer by keeping a smooth drivingIt might be a thing.

By the way, in the case of the new Panamera Turbo, because it is also powerful and heavy cars, the grooves are already sharply cleared already when running about 10000 km now. Since it is feeling that it does not have anything until 20000 km, it will change greatly depending on the type of car.

When I am going to Panamera from now on, I will try to be conscious of how to run.

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