What on earth should Porsche owners absolutely forget while driving?

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High performance of Porsche

The former racer who listened to the story the other day,"Porsche runs, turns, stops, but realized with high dimensions"I was saying. Certainly, I think so.
The high speed stability is also excellent, the curve turns a lot, the brake is too hard, it is not too soft, it is easier to step and it gets much better. Because even women are easy to drive,I remember the illusion that my driving was getting betterIt is about.

... That is why I think I should be careful.

What should I not forget?

The other day when I was driving a highway. As speed comes out in a blink of an eye, "There is no masking patrol car" or "There is no speed control cameras" I was driving while driving, suddenly the shadow of the masking patrol cars behind!

As soon as he noticed and stepped on the brake, he was OK but cold sweat came out for the moment.

But it is not such a thing as it gets caught on the masking surface or reacts to Orvis,

The most important thing in driving a car is safe driving.

Prior to enjoying running, it is the first thing to drive safely for myself driving and around.

If I was driving a highway on a domestic car previously, if I wanted to leave 100 km, the car seemed to be scattered all over again so it was so scary that I had to necessarily run slowly in the left lane.
In other words, the consciousness to drive safely worked properly because it feels fear.

On the other hand, in the case of Porsche, the high speed stability is also high, the car body does not lose even when changing the lane on the expressway, even if it is heavy rain, it will not slip at all unless it sticks to a large puddle. That's why I've put on speed or I am overconfident about my driving skills.

But that is a dangerous pitfall.

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