981 I calculated the annual maintenance cost of Boxster GTS - gasoline fee, oil change, car insurance, fuel consumption etc.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
Maintenance cost · Fuel consumption

981 What is the annual maintenance fee for Boxster GTS?

This time I decided to calculate the annual maintenance cost of 981 Boxster GTS which my husband possesses. The other day, I calculated the annual maintenance cost of the new Panamera Turbo quite accurately,

What is the result of calculating the actual annual maintenance cost of the new Porsche Panamera Turbo?

This time, parking lot age is not included(The parking lot is quite different depending on the area, so it changes depending on whether it is owned or rented), And other thought about such maintenance cost.

① gasoline fee

981 Boxster GTS delivered in November 2015. It will be about 3 years soon"Mileage is now about 29000 km". Regarding the total fuel consumption up to now, since the meter was reset once at 10,000 km, it seems that it is not finely known, but it is roughly 9 km / l.

(Consumpt is fuel consumption, by the way, it is European notation as to how many ls to use though it runs around 100 km)

According to her husband,Results of traveling without concern about fuel economy at allIt seems. In the city ride it was said that I could not stay up to 5th speed 6th gear, blowing off the driveway, running the circuit ... so it was said that thinking that if you ride with conscious fuel economy it will be a better figure.

By the way, Boxster's fuel tank is 64 liters. Panamera is 90 liters, so if you think so, the tank is small ... is Panamera being too big (-_-)

By calculation at 9 km / l,"I used 3222 l to run 29000 km"That means ... As for the price of gasoline,This siteAs a result of calculating and referring,

150 yen(Gasoline average price for 3 years)× 3222 = 483,300 yen

Became. Oh ~ ... (゚ д ゚) ...

② Oil change and inspection

Boxster's oil tank capacity is 7.5 liters. But if it's full, maybe it's over, so maybe it's just 6 liters for oil change? So, the record about the oil change and the inspection so far is as follows.

date Contents Amount of money
2015/11/18 Pre-delivery inspection
2015/12/3 Initial inspection + oil change 29,236
2016/5/20 Oil change + filter change 39,200
2016/10/17 1 year inspection + oil change 69,636
2017/5/29 Oil change + filter change 39,234
2017/11/25 2 year inspection + oil exchange + filter exchange + air conditioner filter exchange 90,500
total 267,806

In addition to this, I supposed to have supplemented oil once on my own. The oil used is "Mobil 1 5W - 50 Excellent Wear Protection" like Panamera's oil supplement.

You can buy it online, but Porsche Track Experience(Formerly: Porsche Driving School)If you participate in, you will get a 1L can.

By the way, it's time to change the oil soon, but it has only run 2000-3000km since the end of last year, and this year is the year of the car inspection, so I think it's going to be a matter of course.

③ Vehicle tax

As for automobile tax, Boxster is 3436 cc,Since it falls within "Total displacement of more than 3 liters and less than 3.5 liters", it is 58,000 yen per year.I see it as a small car when looking side by side with Panamera, but because the displacement is large, the automobile tax will be fine!

Source:Automobile tax .info

④ Tire change

About tire exchange, I also wrote this article,

Three points of how to run a tire last longer - In the case of a husband on a Boxster GTS ride

The number of tire change of my husband Boxter until now is only for the rear wheel tire. And the reason is punk(Lol, no, it is not a place to laugh)By the way, the replacement time is May 2017. Goodyear's"EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 2 265/35 ZR 20 95 Y N 0 (Porsche certified tire)", the size is 20 inchesIt is.

The price at that time seemed to be 49000 yen, but if I check the price of the same tire now at price .com, it was 64800 yen a piece. In addition to 49,000 yen × 2, in addition to asking "Nishinomiya base" of a tire bring-over exchange specialty store, the labor cost is 4800 yen.

So in total it is 102,800 yen.

⑤ vehicle inspection

As for the inspection, the new car is three years later and this year is a vehicle inspection, but depending on whether or not to change the parts, it is said that it is about 200,000 yen or so.

⑥ Auto insurance

Regarding car insurance, it seems that it was in Sony Sompo Insurance or mail-order type insurance when it was a previous car, but in the case of cars and luxury cars exceeding 10 million yen, can not you get vehicle insurance? And somehow, through the Porsche Dealer, he seems to be insured by Tokio Marine & Nichido now.

Insurance premiums,
· First year · · · 164,590 yen
· Second year · · · 160,120 yen
· 3rd year · · · 139,300 yen

Take it! ! ! ! ! ! It is very expensive! ! ! ((゚ Д ゚))

When it is too expensive and burrable,"No, I say that, but Panamera is about 300,000 yen a year."It was said, consciousness was about to fly (゚ д ゚) ....

I buy a car is not finished buying it, it costs the maintenance fee ... I guess I do not work hard I will not earn it.(For Panamera's insurance premiums, I will try to make another article later)

Total maintenance fee for 3 years?

So, when we look at the total maintenance fee for 3 years,

① gasoline fee 433,681
② Oil replacement and inspection + oil replenishment 274,806
③ Automobile tax (3 years) 174,000
④ Tire change 102,800
⑤ vehicle inspection (guess) 200,000
⑥ Auto insurance 464,010
total 1,698,916

Dividing this by 3 years yields 566,305 yen / year.

But this, the parking lot(It is said that it is not a rental house because we are parking in rent, so we do not need it?Also, I do not have told the highway toll etc .... If we consider that there are more times to exchange tires ... I wonder if it will cost 1 million yen per year.

What is your husband's opinion?

I say to my husband, "I am awesome, I do not have money to keep my car.

But with this performance, I think that it is reasonable or rather cheap if the maintenance fee of a little 500,000 a year is annoying with this pleasure of fun.

He said.

... No, not cheap if you think normally (-_-)

Husband comes out at a small restaurant, and can taste various kinds little by little for a Y2000 lunch.What this! 2000 yen is too expensive! My belly is swollen at a glance!"It's a person who shows dissatisfaction," Boxster's 500,000 yen feels cheap ... Car enthusiasts' views are really interesting nowadays.

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