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If you buy the Porsche 911 Carrera 4, is the option simple, it is profitable? - I thought about specifications in the configurator

Porsche 911
Porsche 911

Actually, recently ...

You may have noticed who has already seen this blog before. Recently I,To the fact that I am beginning to be interested in 911 ... (- _ -)

Panasona was the trigger that I became fond of Porsche.It might be a wicked way if it is from a person of a genuine Porsche fan to ride a panamera and like PorscheAnd maybe I will be dismissed as saying, "It can not be said that he knew the real Porsche."

But, including 911 and experiences on Boxster(I have never gotten into Cayman),Panamera's "luxury and sporty" "overwhelming performance and comfort" are impressed by the tremendous compatibility of conflicting things at high dimensionsAnd I was fascinated. Since then "to buy Panamera GTS" became my goal.

After that, my husband bought a Panamera edition for my family and replaced it with a new Panamera Turbo last year,"Sora, you buy a car you like with your own money!"So, the goal of buying Panamera by oneself was ongoing.

Edition → Turbo → GTS ...?

I started thinking like this for several months.

Is there any meaning to ride the Panamera Turbo (971) and still purchase the Panamera GTS yet, taking the Panamera edition (970)?

When…. If Panamera, which is now riding, I know that I will aim for Panamera GTS, I wonder if I am on a turbo .... Besides, about this Panamera Turbo"Let's ride this for a while for a while"It is said that it may not be necessary to stick to the goal of purchasing Panamera by oneself ....

Also, the other day when I went to Fuji Speedway and ran the circuit"After all it's 911 I guess it's more fun ~"I felt it, I saw 911 of various types I was visiting"911 is really cool!"It began to think.(Now w)It seems like they are excusing somehow something ...

Separately "If you are interested in 911" it is totally okay as it is private freedom, but from the day before I was staringly saying "Panamera! Panamera! 911 more definitely Panamera (゚ ∀ ゚)!" Or something It is also fact that there is a little backwards in myself(Thinking too much w)Because the story does not proceed even if saying it, in the car configurator to try"How do you feel if you buy 911?"I decided to simulate it.

Look at the model lineup of 911.

A little exciting. First of all,Porsche Japan's official websiteI went to see the 911 lineup as if I was surprised at all!

Heights (゚ д ゚)! !

No, I was looking at it from the front, but again when I see it well, it is high.Because the elementary Panamera is "11,620,000 yen", it is about 1 million yen higher than Panamera in its state of prime.As a result of seeing the "911 quick table" made by my husband the other day,

【Past article】 I tried to make "Porsche 911 lineup quick reference" - what is the best one for me?

"Perhaps I am quite familiar and it's enough even if it does not spoil it to that extent."I decided to select 911 Carrera 4 because I thought.

Finally to the screen of the car configurator.

First, choose the exterior color (exterior color).

"I do not see white often, black is not me like a yellow one, something is different.Other colors are also beautiful with silver, but it will be higher with options ... OK, let's make it red!"

By saying that,"Gers Red"choose.

Next is the wheel. The standard is a 19-inch Carrera wheel, but if it's up to 20 inches and it's cool that the leg length effect is better"20 inch Carrera S wheel"choose.

Next is the interior color & sheet. As for this, interior decoration was beige and beige at the time of Panamera edition, but dirt was conspicuous anyhow and it did not work well even if wiped, our home thought the risk that the child is still small and dirty,Select "black" safely.

→ 【Past article】 I tried making the dirt of Panamera's leather sheet as beautiful as possible 【With image】

So we skipped the seat relationship and went to optional equipment. The character behind it is "911 Carrera 4" if it is standard,I thought that I wanted to make it simple somewhat, I chose "911" only.

From there,

■ Exterior
· 911 logo
· LED head light
· Porsche Entry & Drive System
Park Assist (Front and Rear)
· Electric foldable door mirrors
· Privacy glass (rear glass only)
■ Transmission & Chassis
· Sports Chrono Package
· Sports exhaust system
■ Wheel
· 20 inch Carrera S wheel
■ Interior
Adaptive cruise control
·floor mat

choose. I mean,If manual operation can not be done, there is no choice but to select PDK inevitably, so automatically 650,000 yen will be added (((;; ゚ Д ゚))))(Although I can cancel the AT limitation, I can drive a manual car for the time being, but it is impossible)

And when you click "Show selection result" ...

Base price: 13,720,000 yen!
Price for equipment(option)3,182,000 yen!
Total selling price: 16,902,000 yen!

* By the wayThis link

It is expensive.

There should be good used cars!

When…"Would it be better if you bought a used magazine with a mileage with some options?"I thought, I decided to search with a car sensor or Goo.

But, Carrera 4 itself is not quite,Also, the body color that is listed is almost white, black, silver only. When it became red or orange, it was mostly GT3.

Well it's difficult ... (-_-)

That's why I emailed my husband.(Sorry during work)

"I thought about the specification of Carrera 4 in the car configurator, but I tried looking for a used car because I was over 3 million yen exclusively at the option fee so I did not have any red carrera 4 ..."When.

Then reply.

There is not much red. I think that if you go to GT 3 or so, it will be like fancy colors.

I see…"Well, after all it's better to think about buying yourself by your new car"And send this, reply.

Carrera 4 If you do, leave it as simple as possible and just get sports and sports chrono and get a simple one.Option fee is not taken into consideration when selling muchFrom there. Also, dealer people said that the options (wheels, sunroof etc.) that seemed to be apparent would be higher.

Well - I did not know (゚ ∀ ゚)

"Although it is said that Porsche Entry Drive system should be turned on, it is troublesome that it is not automatic automatically when opening the door."And,

I do not need 911 or Boxster for my entry drive system.Such a sports car wants to purposely do the ritual of inserting the key and turning it.

I see ... It's a ceremony. Certainly Porsche still plays the engine by turning the key but as for the dealer as well,

"Porsche is committed to saying that the engine start is still not a button push, and starting to start the engine by turning the ignition key!

I was saying that.

Consider specification again based on husband's advice.

So, once I tried the car configurator again, the option became as follows.

■ Exterior
· 911 logo
■ Transmission & Chassis
· Sports Chrono Package
· Sports exhaust system
■ Wheel
· 20 inch Carrera S wheel
■ Interior
·floor mat

It turned out as a result.

Base price: 13,720,000 yen
Price for equipment (option) 1,822,000 yen
Total selling price: 15,542,000 yen

Well, I scraped a lot, but I do not feel like being cheap (-_-) ... Well, if I buy it I found that I was at least this much.

Rear axle steering problem.

And on that day, when I told my husband who came home "I tried the specification of Carrera 4"

"But when I do 4, I have to turn on the rear axle steering and I can not turn on if it is over S. Is it okay?

When. Well ... I guess so ... but I am not such a sporty runner, so I feel like a treasure trouble in the place I put S on .... Then her husband continued

"But when that happens, in the end it's all over GTS, so it's okay, but that's why GTS and Turbo change their prices so much, I wonder if the turbo is OK, no more Turbo S っ っ こ っ! It's Madman, Porsche is good at that kind of thing.

He said. Well anyway, I understand how long it will take to purchase, and it will take up maintenance costs after that. Well, I was able to image it concretely, OK, I will do my best at work!

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