Impression that I tried using Porsche Panamera's full boost function "Sports Response Button"!

Porsche Panamera

Sports Chrono dial

Optional when purchasing Panamera"Sports chrono package"I turned on. When attaching the sports chrono, the dial is attached to the steering wheel, and when this dial is turned,Normal mode, Sports mode, Sports Plus mode, Individual modeThe mode can be instantly switched.

Porsche Panamera's handle

In addition, there is a switch called "sports / response button" at the center of this dial.

"Sports · Response · Button" is a further higher mode of sports plus mode.The mode is activated only for 20 seconds and the setting of the engine and the transmission shows the maximum performance. The timer in the display shows the number of seconds remaining in the mode and automatically returns to the mode selected before about 20 seconds elapse.(You can cancel by pushing the button again in the middle of mode activation)

In the case of Saiyan of Dragon Ball,

· Normal = Saiyan
· Sports = Super Saiyan · · · It gets mildly excited and becomes militant.
· Sports Plus = Super Saiyan 2 · · · The aura wearing on the body turns into a burning fire like a burner.
· Sports · Response · Button = Super Saiyan 3 · · · The muscles bulge, the hair stands like a needle. A form called so-called Mukinkus.

It is like a feeling. However, in the case of the Super Saiyan 3, although the power increases, but the speed becomes a large sacrifice,'Sports · Response · Button' has the power and speed the strongestSo it might be more amazing than Super Saiyan 3(What story or w)

A feeling of acceleration that feels horror

I pushed this switch after Panamera delivered only one or two times while traveling on an empty expressway,When it is pressed, the gear falls down to the 2nd or 3rd gear at a stretch, and it makes a tremendous acceleration as if it is being pushed with a strong force from behind.I felt the illusion that the accelerator became lighter and the body got lighter.

That acceleration was so terrible that I felt frightened and immediately switched off, so I think it probably only took about 2 seconds (explosion). Because it was accelerating enough to lightly fear, I can not spare enough to see the speedometer ... If I just stepped on as it is, I think it was over 200 km / h.

My husband also said that he tried to push this switch on the Hanshin Expressway Coastline the other day, but he was saying like this.

I have pushed this switch several times so far,Even though its power and acceleration has already been experienced, it is surprised every time it is pressed.Even in the normal mode of Panamera, if you stepped on the accelerator quickly, you kicked down instantly and accelerate a lot, but that is not the ratio. It is impossible to keep on stepping for 20 seconds and it will definitely die if I continue stepping on Japanese way for 20 seconds (; ゚ Д ゚)

Certainly ... haha.

Such a comment on the net

While studying various things on the net, there were some people who wrote impressions of pushing this switch(It is not Panamera but 911 and Boxster, because the year is also different, it may be slightly different sense)It was mostly written like this.

And by pressing the "sports response button" in the center of the mode switch equipped in the PDK specification car, it is possible to demonstrate the maximum acceleration for up to 20 seconds.If you push it quickly it will hurt! ! ! It was automatically shifted down as I felt and accelerated tremendously.Although it feels a little gimmick, it certainly seems that the effect is high.
* Source: Minkara Lucky 7 Page

As soon as you enter Sports Response mode, the engine and gearbox change to the sporty setting. This mode is valid for 20 seconds, and the meter displays a countdown.It is like overtaking buttons on racing cars but it is somewhat excessive production, but it was funIt is.
* Source: webCG Porsche Makan GTS / 718 Cayman GTS / 911 Carrera GTS [Test Driver]

The change is remarkable when the "over-suost button" is pushed,Because the boost also rises with the number of revolutions for 20 seconds, you can experience 'considerable' acceleration and response(There is no limit on the number of times this boost button is used, and you can press it again as soon as 20 seconds elapse).
* Source: LIFE IN THE FIRST LANE "Porsche 718 Boxster test drive. Engine characteristics and personality change dramatically by turbo formation"

And what's better was the mode change-over switch attached to the lower right of the steering wheel. I think that usability has improved dramatically. It is a sports response switch at the center. It is a popular overboost button,When pushing, the character of the car changes to an apology! Indeed Jekyll and Hyde, rushing hard with Wumpsi (lol)I will do unbelievable acceleration. This is also very fun (^ ^ ♪
* Source: So S っ ゅ う ゅ ~ う ん け ☆ 〃

It seems that 20 seconds boost has come from this time. This is hard time if you choose the place to try, it was awesome. (Doki Doki) ​​When you push the button, the number of seconds will come out to the meter 20 seconds Limited Full Boost 0 It is amazing to try on start. It is fast.Is the front wheel floating without the tire slipping at all? It accelerated with such momentum.This is an ECO on the tire and acceleration is good. fast.
* Source: 718 Boxster S test drive 2,500 CC 4 cylinder 20 seconds full boost

I had such feeling. There seems to be a lot of people who tried on an ordinary road instead of a highway, and it is really awesome!

What kind of scenes do you use?

I thought about this "sports response button", what kind of scene I use ... but I do not think there is any scene to use in Japanese public roads other than honest circuit. Because it is attached, I wonder if I try to use things for testing ~.Perhaps a straight long German autobahn and a long straight circuit such as Nurburgring linkWell, I wonder if I can use it effectively. Also, when it is necessary to have such a chicken race that comes out at wild speed ...(There is no such thing but lol)

Just by pressing this "sports / response button""A running tasting usually is only a few percent of the ability that Porsche originally has, it is only a tip of the iceberg"In terms of being able to notice, it may be a meaningful button.

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