Is rumor that "People on Porsche have good people" true?

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Porsche ride is a nice person?

When I went to an interview for this blog before. Those who interviewed me"There are many people who are good people on a Porsche ride,"I was saying. I think that my husband had been saying like that before, and I feel that there are many people who speak so saying. In fact, I also think of the face of people who are riding in Porsche surroundings and people who met in the Porsche Experience Day, I think that it is only good people indeed.

By the way, long ago, with the lyrics of Ayumi Hamasaki 's songIt seems like "I Will not You Tell" I'm Hit "Although it had contents of ...(Old w)People who like Porsche are never good people in that sense, I think that people are good, people are warm, and wonderful people.

Meanwhile, around meWho is riding a Ferrari or LamborghiniThough I thought that ... they are also good people (lol) I certainly think the type is slightly different from the people who like Porsche and the sense of car selection is different, but that is an individual preference issue There are many good people in the first place in the first place. I think that everyone is warm and full of hospitality.

Consideration of rumors that there are many good people for Porsche riding

So why the Porsche rider?"There are many good people on Porsche riding"As if by saying, "People who like cars from other manufacturers are not so, but people who like Porsche are good people" I guess with nuances like that. That's why I thought why.

① Because the person is a nice person, good people gather

Until now I imagined the face of a person who says "There are many good people like Porsche ..."They are also really good people (laugh)The kind often said to call friends, people of good personality gathered people who are good personality.

On the contrary, people who are always only bitches complaining or those who have a retarded way of thinking gather similar people. SoPeople who say "many people like Porsche likes good people", they are good people themselves in the first placeI do not think so.

② The common term of Porsche love gives a good impression

People have a common favor among people with similarities. For example, when you meet a person from the same school from an adult, the distance shrinks at a stretch only by that, and if a person of the Hanshin fans encounters a person of the Hanshin fans it will be able to solve immediately as "you are a nice guy!" ...(Conversely if he's a giant fan he is a bad guy with an enemy!

That's why the common point of "I like Porsche" is that it has the effect of shrinking the distance between each other and making a good impression.

Every myself, Madam living in the neighborhood in Panamera GTS lives and often passes by the neighbors supermarket and the way in front of the house,I never talked, I do not know the name, and I do not know what people are doing in the first place, I'm sure they are absolutely superb.I have done it (lol)

Also, the person who likes Porsche is more fancy about the appearance of the car, and from the surroundings than saying that he wanted to be told that "I have a great car!"Whatever other people think, I think that I am good, so I am on a Porsche"Because I think that there are many people, I think that if you understand such feelings, the talk will also be inspiring.

③ Many people have a margin in their hearts

Separately this is not limited to Porsche,To be able to buy a luxury car like Porsche, there are plenty of room for living and there are many people who can afford to spareI think so. Because my mind is tolerant, I wonder if I can become a profitable person, or will my mind be tolerant because I earn money ... I think both are, but I think that everyone is extraordinary.

Also, some people are buying Porsche for money as young as watching twitter,There are many people who usually have a connection with the older Porsche rider than me and go to toolingI feel like. I often see a post saying "I was given a rice dish!", But since I have touched those people from a young age, even though my age is young I think that there are many adults who view things.

In the end it was himself

Some people riding in Porsche think that there are also people who are bad in character and disliked from around, but that can be said of other cars as well. The important thing is"Myself always living in a straight forward faithfully positive"As long as I live like that, people around the world should have good Porsche rides.

On the contrary, if you think that disgusting people are around a lot recently, it is time to revisit your own way of thinking of myself, "Before you swing and look at others", you should review your behavior. Again these days I want to live straight and straight forward with my own feelings and intuition.

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