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Living with Porsche

Sharing the hobby of a car with a couple

I read a message on my blog and in a story with a car lover"I envy that my husband and wife can share the hobby of cars" "My wife is not interested in car at all"I often hear the voice.

What I hear most often"My wife does not oppose to buying a car, but what I buy is not very interesting"And"I know the existence of Porsche but I do not understand its attractiveness"I heard that voice. Even if you look around indeed, it seems that there are few families of couples and car lovers,It is quite unusual for a couple to have a common hobby other than carsIt may be.(I think that couples and travelers love it ~)

While talking about such a thing, before, I was not interested in car at all"A car is a useless shortwear that costs money."I thought. When I was still living in my parents house, I watched Subaru loving brother playing car car's legacy (MT car) on weekends and washing cars"What do you do every day under such a hot weather, I do not understand the meaning?"I thought.

"So why did I like Porsche?" Although I have written such an article in the past,

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To be honest, I think that my husband has done a lot with his hands w.

Things that are more important than telling the attraction of Porsche

When I was talking with someone who was before,

"When I was watching a car's blog and talking with excitement that the engine of this car was amazing, or horsepower was amazing, I was lightly treated as" I do not know even if such a difficult story is told "from my wife who was there. Oops"

I was saying something like that.

Certainly, blog articles on car specifications such as "engine, new car information, driving performance ..." and the car itself,It is useful information for car lovers, but unfortunately for wives who are not interested in cars, they are not very interesting.So I think that it is difficult to make your wife interested in Porsche when talking about the charm of Porsche in such a situation.

More than that "ownership of Porsche makes life more enriching" or "You can experience a non-routine experience that you can not usually taste""Taste the world one step higher than ever through Porsche"I think that it is better to take the experience as an opportunity.

Let's enjoy unexperienced experiences

Meanwhile,Recommended method as the first step for your wife to be interested in PorscheI would like to introduce this time,

"Try going to the Porsche fair to be held at a hotel etc."

"Porsche fair" where each dealer regularly holds at hotels and gorgeous venues. How often and at what kind of venue will be held will be different depending on the dealer and regionAt a dealer where our house is indebted, holding at a luxury hotel such as "Ritz-Carlton" or "Hilton".

Even if you do not own a Porsche owner, you go to the Porsche dealer for a test ride, or if there is something in relationship, an invitation will be sent.

I also participated with my husband at the Porsche Fair held at the hotel before our house purchased Panamera, but I was overwhelmed by the luxurious atmosphere of the venue and I felt the illusion that somehow made me super VIP (Lol)

The shining sparkling Porsche illuminated by the lighting is beautifully displayed in the hall, of course it is possible to sit and touch the driver 's seat. In addition, there is a rest space other than the exhibition section,There, the hotel staff can make delicious coffee, and you can also enjoy fancy sweets.

Even when we first went to a hotel fair, my husband was watching the car from the beginning to the end, I got tired of sitting and eating delicious coffee and sweets(And free and smile)But even so"People riding a Porsche taste such a world"I was able to know, and having experienced such extraordinary experiences remained a pretty good impression within me.

Please also make this blog a wife ...

Actually, after starting this blog, I got this advice from a car blogger who is familiar with car lovers.

I think that "women's viewpoint" is a considerable strength (many women's car journalists also do not have men in their own perspective), and if they can see something invisible to men's bloggers , I believe.

When. Therefore, it is a strength that women's line of sight to operate a car blog is a strength, and I thought again that the needs are still a few viewpoints in the world.

So my blog is "I would definitely like to read the wife of a husband who likes Porsche ...!" ... Actually90% of the readers of this blog are men (explosion)So, because I feel that it is far from blogs that can female empathy ...(I wonder if my car blog is too stupid ..)If you are interested in Porsche by your wife, I'd definitely hope that the hotel's Porsche Fair will be a good opportunity (laugh)

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  1. Neriten

    Nice to meet you.
    I always see it happily.
    I also bought it at the same time as the Panamera school, selling the 4S precursor.
    Recently, I switched to sports tourism and exceeded 1000 km.
    It is for traveling with my daughter who is about 4 years old and my family.

    It is amazing that there is an English translation of the first part! I think.
    I am looking forward to the articles full of Panamera love and family love from now on.

    • MinaMina

      Always thank you for seeing the blog!
      Transfer from Panasonic 4S to Panamera Sports Turismo! I'm jealous! !
      How about sports tourism? What?

      I am sure that my 4 year old child will be pleasantly happy and comfortable driving.
      Thank you for your continued support ^ _ ^

  2. Neriten

    Sports The nice thing about Turismo is,
    When a child gets on a child seat, it is to stand in the center part of the rear seat.
    When it is the previous model, do not stand there! I was saying ...
    Also, since the rear gate opens from the bumper level, it is easy to put a heavy large suitcase.
    By the way, I had you imitate me to pull a nonslip sheet that I saw here.

    What is not good is that you can not see the spare part where the rear spoiler protrudes from the room.

    • MinaMina

      > A nice place of sports tourism,
      > When a child gets on a child seat, it is to stand in the center part of the rear seat.
      > When it is the previous model, do not stand there! I was saying ...

      I understand! ! That's right, the center part of the back seat, saying "I will not have that!", So it is good to be able to go there with a child there!
      It seems to be useful when loading big baggage again! !

      > Incidentally, I had you imitate to grind a nonslip sheet that I saw here.
      Oh! Thank you! ! This is convenient!

      Indeed, the rear spoiler can not be seen from the room ... it certainly will be so. After all Panamera and Sports Turismo have some differences!