Five things that my husband tried to capture a wife who was indifferent to his car and purchased a Porsche.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo and 911 GTS
In order not to oppose the purchase of Porsche to his wife

I thought it was a lifetime paper driver

About ten years since I got my license, I was a paper driver. I got a license at the age of 18, but I had only two or three times driving a car till the age of 30, during which time I got a Gold license"A car is useless, if you buy it, the used secondhand car is enough."I thought.

And at the age of 30, she got married. At the age of 33, her husband purchased a 981 Boxster GTS, but at that time I fell loose and agreed to buy her husband Porsche.

30 to 33 years oldDuring the past three years,What on earth happened to me?

What my husband did to me

Rather than what happened to me,"What did my husband do to me?"The key was five, when I thought about it. I would like to introduce five of them today.

① Pictures and images of Porsche are seen everyday

My husband has been watching the Porsche round of car graphic TVs many times, from day to day. I also saw magazines with Porsche often at home. So I"I see Porsche on a daily basis"It was in the environment. Then, before while I thought that "Porsche is a car bought by people in the world different from me", it gradually disappears and it is becoming a feeling that "even if my husband buys it, it is nothing wrong" . Humans repeatedly get to receive goodwill after repeatedly doing so"Simple contact effect"There is something called, but I guess it was exactly that.

② Go on a trip to Germany and let him experience the Porsche ride

Our married couple who got married in 2012 went to Germany on late honeymoon in the fall of 2014.

→ [Reference article] The honeymoon destination has reached Germany for two years.

In Germany I borrowed Porsche 911 as a car hire. Actually my husband had reserved Boxster in advance, but when I go to the counter"All Boxster is paying off"I was told that it was natural ... 911. It seemed to me that it was a pleasant miscalculation for my husband, "I am serious! 911 Yun! And moreover Carrera 4 S!(I did not know Porsche at that time, so I could not understand the honest husband's excitement at all ...)

During his trip to Germany, many times from her husband in advance,

"Absolutely absolutely international licenses! I do not have any opportunity to drive Porsche overseas!"

It was said. However, I did not take an international license stubbornly, saying, "No, it's okay, because I am in trouble if I put a scratch, I do not drive (-_-)". So of course I am traveling in Germany"Specialty for passenger's seat"It was, but when I first got on the Porsche, I realized that the ride was comfortable, or I was told to say "It's a nice car!"(Probably you said so in English w), I thought for the first time that Porsche was not a bad car.

③ Share the car configurator with my wife

When you go to the official website of Porsche Japan, you can simulate the specifications of the car you want,"Car configurator"There is a function. So my husband often simulated Boxter's specifications,

"This is what I really want, but Holo should have a different color?"
"Is beige good for interior?"

While saying that, I showed the screen to me. When I say it and say, "The interior is black, the dirt is not noticeable, is not it okay?", I actually changed the specifications, said that they are not married couple, neither ah, nor amazing I remember speculating the specification together.

④ Make Panamera test drive

It was quite a big event for me to test drive to Panamera. I also wrote in the blog of the other day, but to realize the goodness of Porsche, I have never been better to drive.

→ [Reference article] The composition of the husband who wants to buy Porsche and the wife who does not give OK is like this.

However, if he was taken to the Porsche Center all of a sudden, he may have told him, 'Why are you suddenly disgusting?',Since I usually touched the Porsche, I looked at the car configurator, because there was such a preamble, I got into the feeling that "Maaona, are you going to go?"Maybe.

At that time, I was going to go to the dealer to drive Panamera, saying "I should go to Porsche test drive" without being sure.(Maybe it was Panamera Fair)

And the moment you pressed on the accelerator,"Wow, this car is shocked by ~ Σ ヽ (` д ';)! "At the same time, I was fascinated by Porsche in a moment.Since then, buying Panamera with my own money has become my goal.

⑤ Make money from her husband's wallet

This is huge ....Instead of "turning the money to purchase a Porsche from the cost of living", the husband said it would take all from his wallet.At that time, I paid about 7 million down payment, and it seems I was making a loan. Now I seem to be able to form a loan from a small amount every month, and because there were children, the part "I can not echo in my life" was big as my wife.

I guess that.

Let's share the process with my wife

To tell the truth, I was not present at the scene where my husband purchased Boxster GTS, my husband went alone and decided by himself. I never met the dealer's person at that time. Still, I did not oppose anything to buy a Porsche"I shared the process until I bought my wife and Porsche"I think that it is from.

Rather than purchasing Porsche as a car that only you enjoy it,I tried riding together,Consider specifications together,Imagine life after bought ...I felt honestly happy that he involved my wife in that way.

I went to Porsche dealer together when delivering cars(Because Boxter is a two-seater, I certainly left my child in a nursery school on Saturday and headed by a couple)It was impressive to have met at the moment of realizing the dream of 20 years, "I will purchase a Porsche someday!" Since it was a manual car, I was stalling at the moment when the dealer came out (bomb) but at that time from the bottom of my heart"Congratulations on your husband being good at buying a Porsche!"I thought.

While thinking about such a thing, I said to my husband the other day that "◯◯ was good at keeping Porsche until purchase"

"Sora no Risa! This time it's seriously Σ ヽ (` д ';) ノ "

He said. I see ... You can do most things if you do it seriously (lol)

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