911 DAY Photo Contest "Day of 911" Photo Contest This year too!

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What day is September 11?

Named after the 911th day of September 11th【911 DAY Photo Contest "Day of 911" Photo Contest】. I did not know, but it seems to be held every year at this time. When applying, along with 911 favorite photos, hash tag"# Porsche 911 photo"Post on to SNS with.

Prize-winning works are selected from the works, there are announcements on the official website on September 11 "911's day", and winners will receive gorgeous prizes.

immediatelyPorsche Japan siteLooking at

A unique and precise driving ability that allows you to manipulate yourself at will in any way, the legendary sound that accelerates euphoria, the unique design that was sharpened. We will hold a photo contest this year, with 911 symbolizing Porsche's sports car as a theme.

It is written.

What is the photo contest overview?

911 DAY Photo Contest "911 Day" The outline of the photo contest is as follows.

① Period of recruitment: Friday, August 10, 2018 to Sep 2 (Sun)
② Posting method:
Posting from Instagram · · Posting with photos attached to hashtag "# Porsche 911 Photo"
Posting from twitter · · Posting with photos tagged with hashtag "# Porsche 911 Photo"
■ Posting from Facebook · · · Post a "Horse Porcher" photo and hash tag "# Porsche 911 photo" in the comment field of the notice after confirming the announcement of this photo contest to be posted by "Porsche Motorsport Japan" official account
■ Notes
· One application per person
· Limited to those living in Japan
* Prizes of this contest may be changed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
※ This contest may be closed without notice. Please note.

And that.

The prize-
① Excellence Award 1 person · · · Porsche Original Christenson Surfboard
Surfboard with Porsche logo realized with tie-up with world surf brand "Christenson".

② Excellence Award 1 person · · · Porsche All Line Up Metal Car
It is a set of seven kinds of metal cars including 911, among the model cars reproduced with 1/43 size.

③ Finalist 9 people · · · Porsche 911 GT 2 RS metal car
A model car of "911 GT 2 RS" reproduced in 1/43 size.

It is said.

I looked at my entries

Quickly, I looked at the SNS hash tag to see how many applications I applied(August 11, 2018 AM). First of all Instagram.

... Only 3 cases ... ((゚ Д ゚))

Then tiwtter?

There were only three posts here as well ... I wonder if the number of entries will increase still more? Try it, posted it on twitter with a hash tag attached to me.

I tried posting it but I was relieved,If only one person can not contribute once, I should have more carefully selected comments, regardless of trying,(-_-) I wrote something like "try" on the comment ....

I guess wondering why it is not hit, so I'd like to see 911 pictures that will increase in the future. Everyone interested please try it.

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