A woman driving a large sedan tells a driving position that he wants to know.

971 Porsche Panamera seat
Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Women driving a large sedan

When watching a woman driving a large sedan viewed from the opposite lane, there are many cases that it is not exaggerated, only the top is visible.Mostly the upper body is sinking under the steering wheel.There are times when you do not see the figure to the extent that you mistaken it as "is that a child driving?", But in that state, is it really in front of you looking forward?

At one time,"Why a woman who drives a large sedan,Let's have such a low sitting down and sinking down.Would you like to see it properly? "I asked my husband and he said like this.

That's right ... I'm telling you that I'm saying that I'm sinking myself.

... Eh ... ヽ (゚ Д ゚)! What?

"No, I can see it properly, I sink and go awayIt insists that, like other madams, he seems to see only the face. And it said:

Many women who drive large sedans,After my husband drives, I am just adjusting front and back of the seat and riding itI guess. But, it is an akan. I can not adjust the seat up and down or the front and back of the steering wheel. It is dangerous to know about the correct driving position.

... Drive position ... I never thought of such a thing.

While thinking, when I adjusted the seat position firmly at a certain time, I found that I was quite running forward and that I was driving while sinking on the seat.Also, by adjusting the vertical position of the seat and increasing the visibility, it became easier to drive the car remarkably.It did not go as far as Cayenne or Makan, but it seemed like I was driving a car with a slightly higher car height.

What is the correct driving position?

For the driving position, this video explains in a clear and understandable manner.

According to this movie, it is important to make the driving position perfect before starting the engine. I was wearing the engine without thinking anything, but it was different. Big

① Relationship between steering wheel and wrist
② Seat position where you can step on the pedal without problems
③ Position of the steering system assuming to curve the curve
④ Position with steering wheel

It is explained. If you adjust these things firmly,You can drive correctly when you turn the curve or straightThat's it. Also, it seems important whether or not you can drive with the shoulder attached to the seat properly. that way,When turning the curve, you can apply force from the shoulder as well as the force of the arm, and you can drive the curve steadily.

As for things, I tried it, it certainly made driving easier. I think that Porsche is a car that is easy to operate as usual compared to other super cars etc, but further driving became easier, I felt that 1 mm of madness was gone in handling.

And, as I became conscious of the driving position, I noticed,When I see a Porsche on a highway, I suddenly see an eye on passing, most drivers are driving at this correct driving positionIt is.

I see. Not only for enjoying running but also for safety, these days I think that driving positions are tremendously important nowadays.

(After that I wrote a detailed article on the points of the driving position ↓ ↓ ↓)

→ [Reference article] About the correct driving position for women.

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  1. Pole


    I'd like to warn my young female staff to put up more seat backs.
    I don't listen to you.
    I think that many women bite into the steering wheel.

    Even if the Porsche seat is genuine
    I think it's easy to determine the driving position with a click.

    From the point of view of the general public
    I think it looks like "a person who stands up the seat back and raises the seat".

    Even so, there is no shortage of topics.
    It's very interesting.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for reading the past articles!
      For me, the previous article is embarrassing and embarrassing, so please don't read it if you can ...
      There is also something like ^^;
      But thank you for saying that.
      Continue to thank you.