I want the dealer's sales staff to take more pride.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Volkswagen Golf

When purchasing VW golf

For my husband who likes Porsche, but for my husband's commuting and when I have to go out with my family 4 + someone 5, at home"VW Golf 7 ALL Star"There is.

It was around the time I started considering golf purchasing before. I do not buy it right away"First of all I'd like to try out and listen to the story."It was a story that I wanderily went to a store in Volkswagen. Then the person in charge of sales came and first took me to the seat.

"What kind of car are you looking for today?" "Are you looking for a car that your wife can ride with?"

He asked me various questions and said, "I am considering golfing", I asked them to sit and explain on the seat of the car being exhibited. Up to this point is normal ....

"Will you go for a test ride?It was said that it was switched to a one-sided sales mode suddenly because the switch of sales person entered from the place where the car was started.

Sales: "What is the key factor to buy a car?"
Husband: "Although it can not be said unconditionally ... whether performance and ride, whether it is a price range that suits it, whether it will come later ... or not."

Sales: "Golf does not have that power, but will not it make me feel it?"
Husband: "Well, even with a gradual slope, I can head well."

Sales: "It will be HOLD even when waiting for a signal, so it's easy to keep your foot off the brake."
Husband: "Surely this is easy, it may be convenient if you take a town, but if you use it on commuters you will be using a highway so you might want to see a high-speed ride"

Every time I asked questions I wanted to hear from the whole story, even when the customer responded, I was desperate to think about the next question and I felt that the conversation was not established.

To regretful endings ...

After finishing test drive quickly and returning to the dealer, the sales person came out like this

"Since this month's closing sale, I can do it cheaply if I decide this month!"

…Huh! ! Closing already ((; ゚ Д ゚))! What?

As expected it is too early. My husband said, "Other, ● ● and ● ●(Other manufacturers)I am also considering it. "When returning," Is it so? ... "and the person in charge of sales were clearly depressed.

I was told that "How much can you consider if you can consider it?" Without talking delicately in such a way, so saying, "If you pay 10,000 yen, ... I wonder ..." After seeing it, "As expected to that extent ...", it was a reply so I got only a thick golf catalog and came back.

After returning home, I immediately expanded the catalog of golf and read it ... I have been impressed very much when I read it. There, it was described in detail about safety performance and ride comfort, the reason why golf was born, the history of improvement, what kind of thought it developed, and so on.

I knew that it was a wonderful car as I read it, even even though it was too cheap to get this at that price. Then gradually got angry and w,

That sales person, love for golf is enough! ! !

Because I am indignant, my husband"Well, well, it's because everyone's like cars from the dealer's sales and so on."I was appalled.

After that, e-mail came around 22 o'clock in the evening, and suddenly visited at about 21 o'clock ... There were various, but as a result of having visited the dealer several times, golf came to our house. However, before buying it was contacted so frequently, but after purchase, contact from the sales staff came out of touch.

Then the other day, the phone came from Volkswagen for the first time in a long time.

"My predecessor ●● has retired and I will call you with a greeting I will take charge in the future."

Er ... I quit that person! ! ! !

If you quit at least, please contact the customer who purchased it within one year or contact us by e-mailI will retire so I will contact you from the next chargeI wish I could say it ... It was somewhat disappointing result.

I wonder if it was not suitable for business. I wonder if my work was painful. Dealer sales people are not all like this, but cars are crystals of developers, designers and everyone's blood and sweat, so today I think that I want to be more proud of the business.

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