I rubbed the side of Panamera ... I had a dream.

Porsche Panamera meter
Living with Porsche

Repair bill, one door 600,000 ...

I rubbed the side of Panamera. When asking the person in charge of repair to make an estimate, it is said to be 600,000 yen per door, "Impossible! I feel like riding such high! My husband came in desperately negotiating with him and said calmly like this.

What's the matter? I smashed ...?

So, I said, "I carved sideways when I wash car wash in front, but as I told it to repair it, 600,000 per door is said to be too expensive, so I'm negotiating somehow"I explained.

After all I did not want to wash the car wash ... I regretted tremendously ... It is already the rest of the festival ...

... I saw a dream that was depressed yesterday.

Before,The time of the nightmare Panamera came to my houseI wrote also in the article that, but that nightmare again .... Actually, I was thinking that I would like to go to JAVA's auto-wash without brushes soon. Even if there is not any consciousness of consciousness, in subconscious mind, I felt rubor fear, and it appeared as a dream ... How crazy is too, my personality becomes miserable while I am myself.

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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Please come and visit Java.
    I want to hear your impressions.
    I am bothering you about one week a week ~

  2. panamera-life

    Yes! I will go to once in September and write my impressions on my blog again!