I gotta do the side of Panamera ...

Porsche Panamera meter
Living with Porsche
The cost of repair, 600 thousands of doors.

I rubbed the side of Panamera. When asking the person in charge of repair to make an estimate, it is said to be 600,000 yen per door, "Impossible!I'm blown up such a high price! Σ ヽ (`д ';) ノ」My husband came in desperately negotiating with him and said it calmly.

What's wrong? Is it okay?

So I,"When I wash the car before this,I lost my side,Because it is too expensive to be told that 600,000 per door is for repair,I am negotiating somehow. "I explained.

Oh ... after all I did not want to wash the car wash ... and regretted tremendously, but it is already the future festival.

I saw a dream called ... ... yesterday.

Previously, I wrote such a blog post,
The time of the nightmare Panamera came to my house

That nightmares again? Actually, I thought that I wanted to go to a JAVA brushless auto car wash in the near future. Even though there is not any consciousness of consciousness, in subconscious mind, I felt rubor fear, and it appeared as a dream ... It was too cautious and my personality became miserable while I was myself.

All right!In September absolutely JAVA 's brush - less auto wash will go!


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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Please come and visit Java.
    I want to hear your impressions.
    I am bothering you about one week a week ~

  2. panamera-life

    Yes! I will go to once in September and write my impressions on my blog again!