Porsche official pass is available so I will go to Fuji Speedway to see WEC!

Living with Porsche

A couple to WEC

The other day, I got a Porsche official pass, how a couple,WECI was supposed to go to see. Hooray! With this pass, you can put it in a paddock that you can not enter normally, you can interact with the driver, and a pit walk is also possible. And most of all,

Before the PCCJ 8th Final,The presentation ceremony of Panamera was done from Porsche Japan to Fuji Speedway.Panamera acts as an official car of Fuji Speedway.I led the formation lap of the PCCJ Final at last.

And as introduced on the site,Perhaps also at WEC,Panamera may be seen leading the race car.As a Panamera fan, there is nothing to be more fun. Although it is not New Year when going to bed, it is WEC if it goes to bed for about 45 more days.

Future blog article update frequency

Well, I opened this blog"Buy Panamera with my own money"I decided to write about the article and it will be three months soon. Indeed, the number of readers also exceeds 100, and access is continuing to increase everyday. Thank you so much.

However, as I write articles every day, it's obvious that the material is gone ... Recently"Panamera"Writing an article deviating from the content on the matter has also increased.

So, in the future, I'd decide to drop the update pace because I would like to write articles about the contents of the car firmly. I wish I could write about once a week.

Instead, I would like to write such things such as the car's consideration, the Panamera test drive, and the report that went to WEC.

That's why ... Thanks to everyone who reads your blog all the time. And thank you for your continued support!

* Photo quotation:Before the PCCJ 8th Final, Panamera Japan presented Panamera to Fuji Speedway ... - Porsche Carrera Cup Japan | Facebook

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