Drive by Panamera Turbo - Hyogo Prefecture Haga town is a beautiful road and few cars!

Touring notes
To Hyuga prefecture's Haga.

Yesterday, "Since autumn leaves are surely beautiful, let's go to Haga today!" I went to drive to Hyogo prefecture Waga. From homeTake the China Expressway, get off the Yamazaki IC and go north along Route 29To arrive. There is not a driveway and it is not a major place, but there are few people and cars around here, and the road is also good, so my husband always go running to Waga and purchase a picture of a car when I buy a car I have to.

Yesterday, my husband has polished Panamera carefully from the morning,

When I got shiny, I leave! The road was not crowded, and I was able to get as planned. The autumn leaves on the mountain road towards "Forest Station Haga" were very beautiful.

So, when I arrived at my usual shooting point of my husband, there was only one other car in the beginning, but my husband started taking pictures as a matter of fact ...

I and the children took a walk around that area.

After a long stroll and looking at the car,

I'm still taking it .... So, the picture at that time is here.(I wonder if it was taken over 100 sheets)

After taking a picture, drive to Forest Station Haga.

The autumn leaves were bright red and very beautiful.

The way of Haga's mountain is very beautiful, a gentle curve and a beautiful straight line continue for about 10 minutes. This way of feeling has always been.

Moreover, I really felt good because there was no car. By putting it in the sports plus mode, Panamera's foot suspension got harder and I was able to run more pleasantly. Also, unlike the Ashi Driveway in the neighborhood there is no cat's eye,"Let's ride on the tire and let's do it. "With no need to worry it runs with confidence.

Even if I am driving amateur like this, I can accelerate and bend, so I really recommend Taga.

Also the story of the article ...

So, at the last minute, the incident occurred at a distance of ten minutes to home.

My eldest daughter spit in the car ...

The vomit has penetrated into the leather seat of the new car just bought, and the child seat is currently being washed. I wanted to write more blog about that, but now my daughter is getting in the way beside me and I can not use my computer, so today, around here.

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