Panamera's parking lot - umie of Kobe Harborland is quite good

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To Kobe Harborland

The parking lot where Panamera is stopped is limited. Especially in the city, wherever you go in Osaka and Kobe"Is the parking lot okay? Is there a parking lot that can be stopped at this" size "?"It is necessary to confirm that.(If the parking lot is narrow, you often change the destination)

Among them, umie of Kobe Harborland is highly recommended. Because,

· With a roof
· Space per unit is wide
· No lock plate below

Because of the condition of being on. Just to be sure, looking at the information on the umie parking lot, "Height: 2.10 m, length: 5.20 m, width: 2.00 m". Panamera is "Height: 1,427 mm, length: 5,049 mm, width: 1,937 mmSo I'm clearing everything!

3 hours free for weekday!

The parking lot fee is also nice.Free basic 3 hours on weekdays(2 hours on weekends and Sundays),If you buy more than 2000 yen with umie +1 hour free.So, if you are going to shop a little, you can get enough free parking spaces. To the extent that I examined, there are places where there is no maximum fee, such as "25 minutes 400 yen", a large parking space where Panamera can be stopped in Sannomiya station.(Daimaru parking lot or something is ok)

If you have to go to Sannomiya by all means you can not avoid stopping on that side, but there are many things to do here because you have various items such as UNIQLO, H & M, ZARA, and Anpanman Museum near umie.

And when I actually parked Panamera, it seems that a car bigger than 2 meters wide can be stopped.

Also, umie has a large number of parking lot, so even if I stop Panamera and come back, everyone can avoid it, there are many cases that one side is always open. So it's easy to stack your luggage and put your kids without worrying about the door punch.

Personally, with respect to H & M and ZARA, umie seems to have better product line than Osaka Umeda and Shinsaibashi.(It may be due to mind) Although it was a bit of a story, if you go to Kobe Harborland with a large car, umie is recommended for the parking lot.

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