Why is Porsche Panamera not selling as much in Japan as it is in the US, with a 200% increase in sales?

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Porsche Panamera

The most successful quarter of Porsche's history

Porsche recently announced the results for the first quarter of 2018 on April 13.Selling approximately 63,500 units worldwide, up 6% over the previous year, the most successful quarter of Porsche historyIt seems to have become. In Europe, more than 20,600 units, equivalent to an 8% increase over the previous year, were sold, and in the German market it sold more than 7,700 units, an increase of 8% over the previous year. In the Chinese market, 18,600 units, 3% higher than last year's results, were sold.

Among them, the most successful model was makan, over 23,000 units sold worldwide. Sales of "Panamera" and "911" were also strong, and in the US market,Panamera sales in 2017 increased by 200% yesterdayAs a result.

200% Increased Great ... About 911, more than 9,600 units sold in this quarter, 35% higher than the previous year, are on sale.

* Source:Porsche's most successful history January - March New car sales 63,478 units

How is it in Japan? What?

Then, I was suddenly concerned. I understood that the sales of the whole Porsche were good. Then,

How was the sales performance in Japan?

"I wonder if Japan had sold considerably in the most successful quarter in the history of Porsche," while searching for articles written about Japan in articles, I can not find it. By the questionnaire, the number of new car sales by region was listed, but it is below.

Porsche AG January - March 2018 New car sales
· Worldwide: 63,478 units (+ 6% over the previous year)
· Europe: 20 601 units (+ 8% over the previous year)
· China: 18,672 units (+ 3% over the previous year)
· US: 13,554 units (+ 10% over the previous year)
· Germany: 7724 units (+ 8% over the previous year)
· Asia · Pacific, Africa and the Middle East: 26,279 units (+ 3% over the previous year)

Japan is gathered in "Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East".

... It is a wide area to make it all together.

My husband constantly"This model does not come into Japan even though it is sold in Europe""Porsche head office is not stuck in the Japanese market"Although it is blurred, I felt that it was made to show it somewhat.

What is the result of Porsche Japan?

Even if it is put together all together, I do not understand it actually, so I studied about Porsche Japan.

Porsche Japan celebrated its 20th anniversary in January 2018. Initially, 911(Type 996)And Boxter(Type 986)Started with the handling of two models, and then launched Cayenne, Panamera, Makan. The sales record for FY 2017 is about 7,000(In one article it was written as 7322 in 2016)This level is 4.5 times the initial number of 1487 units.

The Japanese market accounted for 40% of the total sales of 2-door sports cars such as "911" and Boxster as the world's top class. Also, among the new car sales ratio, Makan reached 30%, driving performance.
* Source:Porsche Japan 20th anniversary this year!

I think that it is amazing that about 7000 units sold 4.5 times in 20 years of establishment ...Compared with the number of new cars sold in Germany in 2017 in the country of Germany, it is estimated to be still more than 28317 unitsI guess.

Why Panamera in Japan is not sold overseas?

Although it says that "sales of new Panamera in Japan is good", under the guilty presumption that it is still not being said that actual sales volume and percentage of the total is not mentioned... Why is Panamera selling a lot in the US and Europe, I thought whether Japan could not sell as much as overseas.

① There are many 911 fans in Japan

I often hear that there are many fans in Japan, "Porsche speaking, 911!" Also in articles"Japan accounts for 40% of the total sales of 2-door sports cars such as 911 and Boxster as the world's top class"it is written like this. From such a fan, it may be caught as "a luxury sedan Porsche announced, Panamera is a wrong way".

② Recognition that "Panamera is a sports car" is not penetrated

Panamera is often compared to BMW 7 series and Mercedes · Benz S class, but I think that I am totally different thing.Panamera is not 'added a sporty element to a luxury sedan' but 'because the starting point is a sports car.'

About this, Okazaki Goto also said,This articleIt was also written.

Panamera is a sports car, just like a car that grew up as it is."It is a sports car that can relax and run around with the family."Although it seems that it has not been transmitted to the world much yet.

③ SUV and minivans are popular in Japan

There are many SUVs and minivans that can carry more than five people, with lots of luggage loaded in Japan. When I went to Germany I did not see any minivans at all. Also, it seems that images like 'minivan SUV = youth, sedan = uncle' seems to be inevitable ... (- _ -).

As for Porsche, I often find Cayenne and Macadamus overwhelmingly over Panamera in town. "Panamera can also load a lot, rear seats are large and I can sit comfortably," after all, "4-seater" is likely to be avoided.

④ Large size

Panamera is really big. On the other hand, the Japanese road is narrow and the parking lot is narrow. Also, many parking lots at home or apartments are less than 1900 mm. Then it would be a conclusion that it is too big to actually use everyday. This may be useless.

Panamera, once you ride it you can tell.

I think that it will not convey well even if you write "Ah chikada" here, but anyway if you are interested in Panamera anyway, I think it is a good idea to test drive Panamera. that way,The image for the luxury sedan should change 180 degrees.

Nevertheless, recently there have been emissions regulations and so on, even in Germany, Tesla is increasing its sales volume with the momentum to overwhelm Panamera(I wonder if Porsche is also devoted to the development of plug-in hybrid or mission E)It is these days that I think that I would like to try Tesla in the near future and want to feel the difference with Panamera.

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  1. SN

    Hello. I've been reading a Panamera contract recently by aircraft. It is interesting on the female eyes. I will make it a lot of reference.
    I ordered Carrara white, the interior is Marsala's 4ehydrid. Turbo was over budget. Jealous…
    I live in America. Certainly, recently Porsche has come to see well regardless of the model. Although it was written in some article, I think that it is because price is much cheaper and there are many people at lease.
    I am looking forward to it because I am waiting for 3 months because my car delivery is ready!

    • MinaMina

      SN! Thank you for your comment!
      You signed Panamera! congratulations!

      > The carrara white was ordered, and the interior is 4 ehydrid of Marsala.
      Charara white, the color is so beautiful! It is likely to shine further under the blue sky of America.
      I live in the USA, I envy ... There are many paths that Panamera's true value can demonstrate ^ ^

      > I am looking forward to delivering cars because I am waiting for 3 months, so I will read blogs!
      Oh! Then it is delivered within the year! I am looking forward to it! Thank you for your blog ^ ^
      If you have something like "I want to know such information!", I'd appreciate it if you can give me messages and comments without hesitation.
      (I am very thankful to have a blog story ... haha)

      We will continue to update every day from now on, thank you humbly.

      • SN

        Mr. Mina, thank you. This will be the first hybrid car so if you have information on hybrids and topics (especially comparison of Porsche hybrids and other companies) etc, I am happy.
        In the review of the net, it seems that there is an article saying that running without a hybrid (car weight is light?) Is fun, but since I was personally attracted to Porsche by seeing the 919 hybrid that was active in Le Mans That's why I decided to experience the technology. By the way, I am not interested in ecology at all.
        There is no inventory of test car etc., so I decided without test drive, but there is a serious anxiety. . .
        I am looking forward to it in the future too!

        • MinaMina

          Thank you!
          > This will be the first hybrid car So if you have information on hybrids and topics (especially comparison of Porsche hybrids and other companies) etc, I'm happy.

          Actually, I am promoting the plan of Porsche owners file now and trying to introduce the actual voice of the Porsche owner's live voice (fuel consumption, driving performance, why I chose the vehicle type, options that I was happy to put on etc.) on a blog I thought, it is information from the Panamera 4E hybrid who is preparing to publish the contents as the first bullet.
          I think that you can probably upgrade this month, so I hope you will see it again ^ ^ I'm happy ^ ^

          919hybrid It is cool! I can not see that brave shape anymore. That's right, a mass-production model packed with the know-how of 919hybrid, certainly worrisome ...!
          Continue to thank you!