I first tried driving the Benz SL 500 (R129) which is said to be a name of a famous car.

SL 500 (R <b> 129)
Ashi Drive way

SL 500 first operation

My husband bought Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129) in February, but since it is 2 seater, there are no opportunities to get on with 2 children so the moon day flows ... I tried it for the first time last week.

In the car graphics at that time magazine"Please admire"Along with the heading "With so much praise!?" Although it was highly acclaimed, I felt a little understanding of the reason why I was called a good car.(Even so, since the eldest daughter has arrived, about 30 minutes on town)

First impression

1) Heavy feeling of car body

First of all, I opened the door and I was surprised. It is insanely heavy. Together with Gashan's sound, a solid door closes tightly.

2) Sheet like leather sofa

Porsche's seat is sporty, stand up the seat and hold the steering wheel firmly and drive! It seems like that, but the seat of SL seems to be a leather sofa.It's relaxing enough to sit on this seat and want to see the TV in the living room.Therefore it seems to be better to drive down the seat a little more than Porsche.

3) Smooth ride

My husband oftenMoist rideIt is said, but I understood that. Porsche is a rather dry feeling, but the SL 500 is moist, like a lotioning on the tire ...(I do not think a good expression w)Feeling. I thought that it was an adult ride car.

4) You can drive comfortably

It is not at all a feeling of "Do not mess with a chewing gum!", I want to drive slowly and relaxedly.It felt like I was somehow chairman of a company.However, when I noticed, I drove nationwide at a speed of 40 km / h, and in fact it was a little scary when I accelerated the accelerator.

5) A bit scary of handling when turning to the left or right

This means that I am too curved too much, but I felt it was difficult for me to automatically return the handle after bending, and if I handed it back I had to return the handle.

SL old man, again ...

However, because it is still not open and running, neither the highway nor the Ashi Driveway runs, so I want to go running after seeing another ... ... Yesterday my husband was running ashi driveway in SL,It seems that the blinker fell down with Gashan on the way and the plastic part wrecked (゚ д ゚)

... Eh, there are times when the blinkers fall! What? ... That's why it's time to run until you turn on a new blinker. Is it because it is a classic famous car ... after all I think that it takes time and money to repair and maintain.

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