Until that day that I can overcome Boxster GTS (MT) - Vol. 1

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
MT (manual) ride

Our Boxster is an MT car

Boxster GTS in our house is not an AT car but an MT car. In this era when automated driving practicalization is close ... or MT ... and ... (Explosion) From her husband when purchasing this Boxster GTS"Please release AT only until absolutely delivered!"It was said that he set up work, settled the child, managed to go to the driving school somehow and cancel the AT limitation.

Regarding licensing, it went relatively smoothly ... the problem was from here.

Boxter's clutch, heavy ...

After Boxter's delivery, it was said that "Let's run on a road without anyone at first," and after husband's driving, he went to buy oysters in Murozu, Hyogo Prefecture, changed driving at a nearby port, and started practicing."Come on, engine will start!"Although I stepped on the clutch for the first time ...

... Well, what is this! ! (; ゚ Д ゚) Clutch is heavy! !

The clutch was hard and heavy as if Jim 's muscle training machine.

"Wait, the clutch is heavy! The comfort of the school was lighter, but (,, ゚ Д ゚)!"I complained to her, but her husband

Let's slice, if you join with Comfort a-kan (-_-)

He returned with a cold tone.

Even though he is a bit chagrined, he stepped on the brake and the clutch to engage the engine. Then the husband from the side"Let's ease the accelerator little by little, loosen the clutch ~"As if he had instructed me like an instructor ...

Buon Buon!

Just because the GTS engine sounds ringing, the car does not move at all.



Husband: "No, because the clutch is more relaxed (-_-)"
Me: "I know, but my strength is too strong on my legs, so my legs are getting away from the clutch!"
Husband: "What is it w"

And once practice stop. Then the husband saw my feet,


After all, on that day, I finished somehow and finished with a rough running at 1st to 3rd speed after all.

Later to the Ashiya Beach.

I wore shoes that were easy to drive at a later date and went to practice up to Ashiya Beach in the neighborhood.(Of course, driving to the site is husband).After all shoes are important. It became easier to drive a lot than before and w clutches became to be able to loosen w all the time while driving,

"That's why, as you bend, you can put it on the second speed, the car is producing a squeaky sound!"
"I think that it will not be long before the signal turns blue!
"Why are you still stepping on the clutch while you are in neutral with a red light!"

I was told vaguely from the side and so on, every time I was tempered and stalled,After all I just continued to dribble with maximum speed 30 kilometers.After that, full use of the brains, too much, as the consciousness becomes stunned gradually the visibility is blurredAs I began to talk about dangerous things that I do not understand, that is, in a dream ... (- _ -) now,Therefore practice was forced to end.

So, unfortunately I never tasted like a picture below.

It's time to get on the street!

Practice repeated several times"At the lowest level I started to be able to start, next time let's run a neighborhood home with many slopes"It was supposed to be. In advance from her husband,

"Boxster does not have to worry about sliding downhill on a slope, so calm down and let's feel the accelerator pedal more than usual and you can connect the clutch."

It is said, and leaving as I recall the words many times. Although I was able to drive without any problems on the way to the downhill, when I came uphill, I stopped at the red light. I thought about the meter, but ...

...... There is no character of green HOLD anywhere (-_-)

"Oh ... it's taking hold, but, to my husband,

"Oh, or so, depending on the angle of the slope, there is also a hill slope."

...Seriously (,, ゚ Д ゚)! ! ! Listen to me!

I fell into panic in this moment,"At the moment when I got my foot off the brake to step on the accelerator as I got a green light, the car body slid down → I got upset and released my foot from the clutch → stall → rechallenge → also stalled"Repeatedly over and over again, when my eyes faced bubbles, my husband gave me a hazard and stopped in the middle of the road.

In such a case, should have had a beginner mark. It is a story about whether it is a novice mark to Boxster GTS even if it is not even. After all, I came home by my husband's driving, and since then my husband continued refusing to say "No, if you try to get on a Boxster?"

It's a story!

... but while thinking about writing blog yesterday"Let's practice Boxster after all!"If you decide to decide and tell your husband, "It's just like that again" I was dismissed."What is serious this time! What do you need to practice from the beginning !? After all it's a slope way out?"If I say, my husband thought a little and opened the mouth quietly and said,

That kind of thing. ... I guess, before the launch of clutches and slopes, PDKs are attached to the cars they normally ride, but the sex root driving at AT is nothing. Not at all. I will not hesitate from there. First of all, in the Gran Turismo of PlayStation, it seems to be able to operate smoothly like an AT with manual or PDK. The story is from then.

Huh,Gee, the game ...! What?

Yes, our husband's hobby room has this complete set of equipment,

My husband is driving quite often. Although commuting is also a car every day, it is crazy to drive in virtual until returning home,First of all I also had to start from PlayStation 4.The way to get the Boxter GTS to buckle manually seems endlessly distant.

The goal is to be able to run Ashi Driveway during the year.

The way of Buddha is one step. Let 's do our best.

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  1. Ishi B

    I also like the MT of 981 (right though it is). I want to change to MT from 981 PDK by all means 718 MT, then this time I miss 6 go NA and I am stupid to go back to 981 MT. The 718 MT needed to worry about the engine stall in the low speed range, but since the MT of 981 is easy to ride, I think that you can master quickly if there is a motivation. The 718 car body was improved very much and the handling was further evolved, but it is lonely that 6 generations will not be onboard in Boxster in the future. I want to ride 981 for a long time.

    • MinaMina

      Oh ...! Because there is a time when I was riding 718, I guess you can feel the goodness of NA more ...!
      > 718 MT needed to worry about engine stall in the low speed range, but since 981 MT is easy to ride, I think that you can master quickly if there is any motivation.
      Is that so? Courage has begun to rise! I will do my best and practice!

      I want to ride> 981 for a long time.
      It is true. Although it is still a valuable car, it is likely that its value and merit will be higher even after 10 years 20 years. I want to be able to ride quickly ^ ^