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In the PS4 car racing game

I wrote in an article yesterday, but from my husband"It is 100 years faster to ride the Boxster GTS manually.First of all, I was able to run with Gran Turismo on the Playstation without problems with PDK or manual. "I was told that, as a result of ignorance, I got a fire yesterday, I tried the PS 4 Gran Tourism sports in my house.

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I usually choose "AT" but I chose "MT" properly, I tried running on a roadster and golf ... well I do not know well at all.I completely disengaged from the clutch but did not stallI tried to practice sending a slope by stopping in the middle of the circuit with a complete lap of laps, but I finished goal finding it without understanding well (- _ -) ....


So, when I told my husband who came home from work yesterday, "I did not understand something"

"The machine for that MT operation should be a guy for another software of PS 4, in the case of Grand Turismo, do it with a paddle shift"

It is said that you are mumbling"Let's practice from now"It means that(Good luck yesterday both girls got up early),"Try to show running anyway", and while driving slowly, I showed driving like 2nd gear, 3rd gear, Yes, deceleration - stop.

Then the husband said, "Oh I see, I understood that I knew," he nodded.

What I wanted to say yesterday is not to practice as I learned in the school. If you say in Panamera,"Feel the feeling of running in sports mode, by manipulating paddle shift yourself"I did that.
Before entering the corner, I decelerated and shifted down, accelerating after the corner, or doing that I tried to feel that way of running with a paddle shift operation before pulling in a high revolution .



... ...

I did not say such a thing yesterday (,, ゚ Д ゚)! !

Even though I think about it, I am not a human being like "I know 1 and I know 10", I can not read the line distance, I do not know the cars in detail, so I do not understand it carefully ━ ('д `) ┌

I decided to run Suzuka with the Cayman GT 4.

So I decided to run with the Cayman GT 4, my husband made in the game, at the Suzuka circuit which requires some shift operation. First of all my husband showed me a sample,

I changed my driving after understanding with my head.

At the beginning I warmed up, I did not quite know what I was doing, but I gradually grasp it,

· Even at 4000 rpm, cars get so fast!(Well from Cayman GT 4 and so on)
· It's fun to run gears at your own timing!

I was excited a lot and I was able to run fairly pleasantly. However, as I am doing something I'm not used to, I get tired soon, after 30 minutes the lesson is over.

Pleasure to run MT car

And this morning. Before going to work I went to send my daughters to kindergarten and nursery school and then decided to move the train by stopping the car at the station chika parking lot but I tried to drive that journey with a paddle shift. Although Panamera Turbo has too much power, it is not a game, it is real, so the feeling was completely different(That looks so w w), Entering the national highway and accelerating by shifting and changing at his own timing, it was awfully fun and fun.

I see. It is such interesting to drive at MT.

I felt a little understandable why my husband adhered to MT cars. For the time being a command to grasp the feeling in the game comes out, so while practicing, I would like to actually drive Boxster GTS around the weekend.

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