How to spend GW where car lovers husbands, wives and children can all become HAPPY

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

How to Spend Our Home at GW

GW that began at the end of April. As for our house, because the eldest daughter's kindergarten is on the calendar, except for May 1st and 2nd is a day off. The consecutive holidays are relatively weather, so it is a day to go out.

..., but during our GW and annual holidays, our family rarely go out with family.

Because it is crowded wherever you go (-_-)

There are many cars and both the downtown and the expressway are drizzled with traffic, leisure facilities go anywhere long in long lines, accommodation is very expensive at the season price.

"I do not have the merit of going out with a family during the consecutive holidays which are "crowded, lined up, and expensive"That's why I will not go on a trip or going out. Even if I go, I try to shift the timing slightly.

A couple without romantic pieces

Since we and married couples do not like crowding with each other like this before from marriage, husband and I both do not go to fireworks festival and festival at all.I do not know anything when it is fireworks festival.Popular restaurants and ramen shops do not like to line up, so I never went there.

The first date lunch went to "Kappa Sushi"(From my husband asked "Where do you want to go for lunch?" I answered "I like cup sushi good because it is cheap and free", so the husband seemed surprised to say "This woman is in the world!" )Afterwards, if you say rice, there are plenty of families and McDonalds, so it avoids traffic jams and acts counter to the world, so it was a couple without any fragile romantic.

Couples behavior

It is decided how to spend GW and consecutive holidays of such home,

Husband: Touring around 3 nights 4 days
Me, my daughters: My parents' home back home

It is. By doing this kind of way,

husband: At my own pace, at my own pace, children's toilets and moods are irrelevant and I can enjoy touring like a single age.
Me: Homework and parenting can be left to parents by parents, can be groggy at home(I'm sorry for such a daughter w)
Children: My grandfather grandpa got to play a lot and I was told that I was useless, a lot of sweets were eaten, it was fun to go out a lot.
Grandparents: My grandchildren came to stay and I am happy and I can not help it

So, yes, for everyone in HAPPY, this separate way of spending is the best policy for my home at the moment.

Each family can have its own shape

Although,"My husband wants to go to the touring, but my wife wants to go out with his familyIn the case of a household named "You might be difficult as each gap creates a thing to do with each other ...". Will not it be so if the house that you must always visit both families. Also, as the child grows a bit larger, it may be necessary to go out whether it is a continuous holiday.

Therefore, it is a way to spend it because of the situation of our home right now.

Occasionally"Do not get angry at your husband that they take their children to their parents' house during the consecutive holidays?"Or, on the contrary"Is it possible for a husband to put his wife and children and enjoy touring alone?"It is said, neither myself nor husband has such a feeling at all.

People I think that any form can be used as long as the families and stakeholders are convinced without having to spend general holidays.

So, my husband went on a journey around the broad farm roads of Yamaguchi, Shimane, Tottori, Hiroshima and Okayama from SL yesterday until 6th, so the children and I returned to their parents' house.

Well no way home is a heaven ... ('ー `).

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