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Yesterday, I was watching the official website of Porsche Japan without any mind, "Porsche Makan 70-Day Monitor CampaignI found what I call.

This year is the year of Porsche's 70th anniversary. To commemorate it,We are looking for a monitor that can taste makan for 70 daysIt seems to be doing. In addition, accommodation vouchers of "One holiday .com carefully selected" will also be presented. "Do not mind not only everyday use, go out and spend the makan, stay at the hot spring inn, stay in touring and come back" is a wonderful thing.

Makan,"Crossover SUV" which was released in Germany in 2014 and started selling in Japan in the second half of 2014It is.

It is a little smaller than Cayenne, the price is 6.99 million yen ~, it is a handy priced price setting within Porsche, it is selling stupid around the world. It seems that it sold more than 97,000 units worldwide only in 2017!
* Source:Porsche Japan official website "Makan"

Makan is "Porsche"

Some people think that "911 is good if you monitor with great care"The catch phrase at the time of makan release is "Pure blood Porsche". Even with SUV, its ride and ride is Porsche itself, so when I was actually riding in the rear seat of Makantabo, the ride quality was very smooth and the running was solid, It's Porsche! "

Will new makan appeared in 2019! What?

"Anyway why do you think it's macaca at this timing?" When I looked into it, I found out that it was a media site called carna rhythm 7 days ago"Camera caught development vehicle of new model Makan"An article with the content that it was published.

It seems like this as a feature of the new type makan.

· The new Makan is fitted with the latest 4-lamp type "Dynamic Light System" also adopted for Panamera.
- Equipped with the latest infotainment system of 12.3 inches high precision display which was larger than the current model.
· 3 liter and 2.9 liter turbo are expected to be line up (plug - in hybrid is still ahead?

The world premiere is powerful within 2018, it seems that there is a high possibility of being released from 2019.
Source:First Improvement Porsche Makan New Type Summary

About Makanmonitor campaign

That's why it's about "Porsche Makan 70-Day Monitor Campaign"

① Porsche Makan 70 days monitor + pair accommodation ticket equivalent to 100,000 yen 1 person
② W chance Porsche Makan 1 day monitor + nationwide common meal ticket 2,000 yen for 70 people

Two types of benefits are prepared, namely, the application period is"Monday, May 14, 2018 - Sunday, June 17". Regarding the eligibility and recruitment contentHereIt is written in detail. And ...

Of course I also applied for it! Well, it will absolutely hurt, but it is awkward and terrible bad (- _ -)

■ You can watch the dream a number of times. 70 days adventure in your life.
"Porsche Makan 70-Day Monitor Campaign" Application form is from below.

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