I took a picture of Porsche Panamera in Kobe!

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Whether or not to keep children

When my eldest daughter was born, I wanted to leave my daughter to the nursery school as soon as possible, and there was no choice. I could not afford the situation with my daughter all day, because I could not afford it for my first childcare, and I stayed in the nursery school from half a year after birth.

One of the second daughters. Perhaps it is said that it hangs on the second child's magic ...It's cute and pretty, so it can hardly be deposited in the nursery.The Iyya period has already begun, and she is pretty strong, so if you stay with me, I am irritated.

Even though I am working on a computer, I am trying to break the personal computer in peace, and in the last time I was hurt by the nail of the Mac screen, so my work does not progress so much, so every time"I can not bear it anymore! I will never forget tomorrow in the nursery school!I am determined to ...

At the next moment, show a smiling face like a careless entrance, hugging tightly, or gazing at the super cute face on your eyes"I'm leaving this pretty child nursery school"It makes me feel like I get into an infinite loop that can not be deposited.(Of course the eldest daughter is cute as well, but maybe it feels the difference between the first and second users)

To the beauty of Panamera

But as I expected the work gotten on"This is not easy to concentrate on here!"I decided to deposit my second daughter in nursery never mind this morning.
As usual, get on Panamera, park in front of the nursery school and deposit the second daughter. ... and so far it was going well, but the next moment after seeing the back of Panamera back to the car, such thought came across my mind.

... Panamera is too cool. As it is, I want to take a picture somewhere ...

As it is sunny today,Night blue metallic shines in the blue sky, it was shrine any longer.And conflict began in my head.

Today is the day to clean up the accumulated work. It is not the case when I am going to take pictures. ... No, but today's weather is also good so I can take absolutely good pictures, and since it's a weekday, everything is free so you can take a picture!

As a result, I lost the temptation and decided to run the car to Kobe in a hurry.

Panamera is a city suits

Why Kobe?It was because I wanted to take a picture of Panamera in the atmosphere of the city from before.I have taken pictures of Panamera with the sea, mountains, and the Driveway many times, but once I think about it, I have never taken it in the city.

I thought that "Kobe Daimaru is right in front of me ..." though I ran the car, but there are many one way streets around here and I have come soon, so I can not get to the destination very easily. By the way, parked in front of the Kamina watch shop where the flag of HUBLOT flickers. And, I suddenly thought out of the car.

Taking photos in this situation may be pretty embarrassing ...

As Panamera is conspicuous even just for it, it is quite visible and businessmen are walking a lot since it is a weekday. Nevertheless it is too suspicious to take a road suddenly and start taking pictures.Besides, it's not just a single lens reflex camera but a simple iPhone ... (Explosion)

What to do ... (T_T)

For a while, I tried pretending to be searching on the iPhone outside, but ... I was not prepared to say so even if I told such a thing! Because I came all the time! I photographed it, took it from the side, and shot himself bashabasha. The picture is below.

Unexpectedly, I got a good picture. The iPhone is amazing.

Front of Kobe Daimaru front

I kept on caring, I ran the car until Kobe Daimaru I wanted to take the most. Then, since GUCCI's front was open, I decided to park the car there.(But it is not bad because parking is really banned, one road is also thin and the next car is troublesome, so it's not good today as we have few cars on weekdays, though)

As I said before, I did not take Bashabasha, but I thought about the angle and I took it carefully one by one.

Once taking a picture, check the screen, grin and shoot again. It is a pervert if you make a mistake one step. Suddenly I thought that "I feel something somewhat"Madam teaing at the open cafe in front of Daimaru has been watching here forever and there was a patchy eyes.

No, that's pretty awkward (* _ *) ...

If it is stopped all the time, it will be a nuisance parking, so change the place again."I want to take a picture of the back as I expected - and I also want to take pictures of wings out there."When I was looking for a parking space, the front of Barberly was open!

End of the photo session

Probably it was around 30 minutes in time, but the photo session finished successfully, I was satisfied with satisfaction. Good pictures can be taken on the iPhone, and recently photographic processing applications are also highly accurate, so it will be appropriate. AlthoughI will not be able to do with SLR, so I will have my husband taken this time.

The rest is the composition. I noticed that it is important to think about where to park, poles are standing, moving trucks before, GUCCI 'C' can not be seen .... But then it will be impossible to take a picture in Kobe on a holiday. If it is around Midosuji of Yodoyabashi ...

I want to take pictures of urban Panamera as well.

By the way, I gave a picture of Porsche in various ways(I only give pictures of Porsche)I would be happy if you could see it.


Well ... Finally ... I will work.

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  1. Nao

    It is a good atmosphere around Kobe Daimaru.
    Panamera, which suits the city, it is lovely.
    This color also suits your old town.

    Even if we stop Porsche or Ferrari near us, no one will look back, so even if we are running overflowing enough, there may be differences between Kanto and Kansai (neither the celebrity walking in the neighborhood Nothing happens, w).

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      The cityscape of Kobe and Panamera really felt it was astonishing and yesterday.
      > Even if we stop Porsche or Ferrari near ourselves, no one will look back, so even if we are running overflowing enough, there may be differences between Kanto and Kansai (neither the celebrity walking in the neighborhood Even though> nothing happens w).
      Oh! It is truly Kanto! ! If there are celebrities in Kansai it will be a big deal and I think that Ferrari will take pictures ^ ^; The metropolitan area is really amazing! ! !