I tried to thoroughly examine the contents of the "Porsche Travel Experience" tour that will cost 1,590,000 yen.

Travel with Porsche

* Picture Source: Porsche Japan official website "Porsche Travel Experience"

Porsche Travel Experience

It has been undertaken since 2015 for Japanese Porsche fans,Germany tour around Porsche borderlandThe schedule and details of 2018 were announced. Also the name of the tourFrom "Porsche Travel Club" to "Porsche Travel Experience"It seems to have become.

Hire a Porsche on site, drive a special route, travel around the Porsche museum and factoryFor the Porsche fans, it has become a tour content which is very interesting.

In addition, this year is the 70th anniversary, Porsche Museum can not see usually Porsche can be seen, it seems to be a valuable experience.
I thought from the front that "I want to go someday", but I often remember that "the cost is expensive" so I never saw much details ... I chose to investigate properly this time .

What is the tour summary?

Well, the summary of w 0 18 Porschetravel EXPERIENCE?

German Porsche head office and tour around Black Forest
· Travel duration
October 5, 2018 (Friday) - October 11 (Thur) 7 days
· Travel fee 1,598,000 yen Adult 1 person / 2 persons use (double or twin)
(Separately fuel surcharge, overseas airport taxes, airport use fee of Japan, additional cost of 90,000 yen for single room)
· Participation conditions To participate as a driver you need to obtain an international driver's license
· Recruitment personnel 16 people
· Minimum number of participants 12 people
A meal 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners
·Tour conductor Accompanying
· Travel planning · implementation JTB Corporation
· Planning cooperation Porsche Japan Co., Ltd.


I can buy one car! ! !

The first time in 2015, the same content is 645,000 yenIt was. "Since I came to the main market even at 600,000 yen, from the next year I will raise the price doubled" So it seems that the cost jumped up ... No wonder?

Because it is somehow worrisome, I decided to investigate whether this tour price is really reasonable price.(Leisurely)

First, what is the route for the trip?

The route of travel is like this. It is the route which follows the south side from Frankfurt in the middle of Germany.

From Haneda →Frankfurt → Heidelberg → Baden-Baden → Hinterzarten → Ludwigsburg → Stuttgart→ Flight to Haneda via Frankfurt.

(I tried to surround the whole of Germany with red but it became difficult to understand w)
It is about 500 km in distance. It seems it takes about 6 hours to drive by car. It is about the same distance as Tokyo-Osaka is a little 500 km away. It will take about 5 days and it will be a journey to relax and leisurely slowly.

It is not related at all, but in fact our husband and wife's honeymoon is"Go to Germany and rent a Porsche with a car and blow up the Autobahn and Romantic Roads to win the German car maker's museum!"My husband made a process like that and went exactly like that ... It's quite similar to that route ...

What on earth do you do while traveling?

① Driving a black forest with Porsche

A black forest is a beautiful place like a painting that is to be seen as a stage of myth. In the refreshing autumn wind, I can enjoy driving Porsche with winding road where vast nature continues.Driving experience in Porsche is prepared for two days.And since the full-time guide leads the driving, even those who do not have overseas driving experience can travel safely.

② Sightseeing in Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern castle called the castle in the sky. We and my husband also went to this castle when I traveled to Germany,Personally it was better than the famous Neuschwanstein castle.Because Neuschwanstein Castle is a popular tourist destination, there are no choice but people were there to have a lot of business ... the Hohenzollern castle had few people and was able to slowly taste the old castle.

However, since it was certainly necessary to climb the castle from the foot to the castle for 20 to 30 minutes, I think that it is better for women not to go by heel.

③ Tour of Porsche Factory

Also known as the Porsche fans' sacred site, you can see the Zufhenhausen headquarters factory which has sent more than one million Porsche as the heart of Porsche.

④ Tour of Porsche Museum

In the famous Porsche Museum as an original building, you can see the past Porsche cars at hand or you can touch the history of Porsche. This year is the 70th anniversary year, so there are also special exhibitions.

⑤ Tourism and luxury hotel stay

A full-time tour operator can show us places where you can touch local culture, or you can stay in a nice hotel.

I see. Well, although it is attractive content ... Even so, 1,598,000 yen is high (* _ *) ... so when I go to the same way in the same way, I checked one item at a time to see how much it costs .(Leave time)

1,598,000 Is it worth sending out? Verification ① Hotel

Bella Kennedy Frankfurt

Generally 35,000 yen to 40,000 yen / night (1 room adult 2 persons) during this period

Brenner's Park - Hotel & Spa

About 50,000 yen to 60,000 yen / night in this period (1 room adult 2 persons)

Park Hotel Adler
About 30,000 yen / night (1 room adult 2 persons) at most this time

④ Althof Hotel Am Schlossgarten (2 nights)

About 40,000 yen / night (1 room adult 2 people)

Every hotel is too wonderful. As expected it is Europe. It seems that I visited a fairy tale in a hotel that I felt unlikely to have in Japan. And since we will stay for 5 nights in total, it will cost about 200,000 yen per person alone for the hotel.(When considering single room, + 90,000 yen is not considered this time)

1,598,000 Is it worth sending out? Verification ② meal

Because Europe has higher prices than Japan, meals are quite expensive. By the way, when I first went to Germany trip with my husband and wife,"Should I eat ramen for dinner?"So, it entered into an ordinary ramen shop without anything, although two of us just asked for ramen and fried rice, I was surprised at 50 € (゚ д ゚)

This tour is not necessarily ramen ...(No wonder)Dinner will take more when it comes to the hotel or local traditional restaurant. Also, regarding breakfast, it is not included in the hotel fee and it often takes a separate fee (moreover, 20 persons ~ 40 € for one person etc) meal fee is not foolish.

Even if you calculate roughly

① Breakfast 4,000 yen × 5 times ② lunch 5000 yen × 5 times ③ dinner 8,000 yen × 5 times = about 100,000 yen

It seems that it will do.

1,598,000 Is it worth sending out? Verification ③ Flight charges

When examining the round trip flight, it is said that, after all, it says that ...business class. I could not get on economy by airline overbooking in my school days, I have only once miraculously got on business class with economy fee, but I was super comfortable and did not want to get out of the plane (explosion) business class Then, I am a little convinced that the travel fee is expensive.

By the way the airlineLufthansa Airlines of Germany. When I was a student, I used Lufthansa Airlines, and at that time, the delicious board chocolate was all you could eat in the cabin, so remember that taking Osaka's auntie as stupid as eating up with my friends and satisfied with it There (laugh)

By the way, looking at the amount of money, Lufthansa Airlines business class, roundtrip this time between about 550,000 and 600,000 yen this time ....

1,598,000 Is it worth sending out? Verification ④ Car rental fee

When I went to Germany I borrowed a rental car, but it was 911 that I should have asked Boxster by mistake.(Moreover, it seems that additional fee was taken firmly ...)I do not remember clearly the price at that time,This siteLooking at it, if it is 911 it costs 249 € per day.

Wow! (゚ д ゚)

Because we borrow for 2 days in this process, it is also 80,000 yen in total.

1,598,000 Is it worth sending out? Verification ⑤ Other

The admission fee for the Porsche Museum is 8 adults per person, so 1000 yen for a moment? This is surprisingly cheap.

By the way, it seems that Porsche factory can be seen for free,When going by the individual, there is no such thing as reservation form, it is said that you have to send e-mail to the local staff directly in English and exchange.Besides, we can not see the factory during the holidays, it takes time to reply, and it seems to be rather troublesome to have to exchange many times.

Those who are good at English may be good, but it seems quite tough if you are not used to communicating in English ....

More on this blog was written.
→ How to book a factory tour of Porsche Zuffenhausen Factory edition 1

That's why it's a conclusion.

So, if you look at the cost, if you go by yourself

① Hotel fee 200,000 yen
② meal fee 100,000 yen
③ Airplane fee 600,000 yen
④ Car rental fee 80,000 yen (calculation to borrow for 2 days)
⑤ About 10,000 yen for sightseeing spots?
Total rough ... 1 million yen ... !!

Even if you decide to go in the same way for individuals, it costs quite a lot.

Moreover, if going individually, factory, car rental, hotel, everything must be booked all by myself in English everything, and also regarding factory tour, since commentary will be English, it seems like I do not understand it It will end with feeling. Even tourist attractions will line up to buy tickets and there are many troublesome things.

It is quite thankful for the tour operator and the exclusive staff to do it all.(When I was a student, I enjoyed my journey including my troublesome things, but as I get older it's going to make things more difficult) w)

Also, after all,The experience of traveling with Porsche's favorite people is sure to be a lifetime memory. I guess there are only people I could not meet if I were in Japan, and by touching those people's views on life, living, and Porsche love, surely again after returning home"I will do my best at work again!"It will be a motivation to say, and from that there may be found friends who are going out with one another.

If I had thought of that kind of thing, I even thought that 1.5 million yen would be cheaper ....(It is impossible to pay in practice)

Because there are luxury watches that cost 1.5 million yen, there are luxury bags, so if you pay for it, I think that it is more worthwhile to pay for this tour.It is super insurmountable shopping, but the magnificence of Porsche makes me feel even cheap somewhat, it seems to be demonstrated also on this tour.

When asking my husband,

"I want to go if I can run Nürburgring"

As I said, it seems that I will be going seriously if the process was included in the content next year(I am an answering machine because I have children). So, the Porsche Travel Experience Tour 2018, for detailsHere.

If anyone has gone, please let us know your impressions (laugh)

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  1. Life

    Good evening.
    I am sorry.

    Travel experience, it is slightly expensive.
    I guess I'm going alone without permission. What do you do if you run as a group and feel drowsy.
    In the first place I do not like adults.

    It is said that September production frame could be taken. It is likely to be delivered from the end of November to December.
    Please tell me how to endure it.

    After going to the 70th anniversary fair (to confirm specification), Panamera's pepper weight
    I received. I also got a coaster.

    There is one wish. Sometimes it's written about a story that was caught in Dragon Quest,
    I think that I want to get Yamet. It is too perfect and it will be extremely ukete.
    > "I can not give a blow to the boyfriend who does not fight" (Bomb !!!!)

    Continue reading it will be fun.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      Certainly ... Although it is possible to run in Porsche, thinking calmly, it seems impossible to kill the Romantic Road ... (* _ *)
      I am wondering what kind of people will participate ~

      > It seems that the production frame for September has been taken. It is likely to be delivered from the end of November to December.
      Please tell me how to endure it.

      Oh! congratulations! I see ... Porsche sometimes takes a rest from July to early September, is not it ?,,
      But I am looking forward to delivering cars within the year ^ ^!
      Until then, will you try to ride a test ride with a dealer ... (haha)

      > There is one favor to ask. Sometimes it's written about a story that was caught in Dragon Quest,
      > I'd like to get Yameto. It is too perfect and it will be extremely ukete.
      Thank you (lol) Because it is the Dragon Quest generation, it is attached to the habit which I think about everything by dragon Quest.
      Continue to thank you!