The reason why Porsche's favorite husband still can not purchase 911.

Porsche 911 50
Porsche 911
Touch lots of rare 911.

The other day I participated in the "Porsche Experience Day" held at Fuji Speedway, but many people were visiting Porsche and I could see a lot of unusual Porsche.After all, there were many people coming at 911.
When I was watching various 911s, "I guess 911 is still cool" after all.

Also, if you have experience running the circuit, of course Panamera will be able to run depending on the technology,After all I thought that 911 crooked a little bit and I heard that it was fun and running.(On ordinary roads and pass roads, Panamera has no problem, but after all it will be a different story if it comes to a circuit)

The reason why my husband still can not buy 911.

Also, 911 has various kinds. I wonder how many lineups are in all.
In addition to the usual line-ups, limited editions are also released a lot, so it may be a tremendous number when you count it.
But,You can find one of yourself that suits your tasteBecause I think, it probably will not be a half-buddy feel after I finally got it.

While thinking such a thing,"After all, 911 is smart, and there are various lineups, so it seems that one that matched me is likely to be found."To say,

"I do not think so, so I still have not bought 911."


"What? What do you mean?"

"Since 911 has lots of lineups, I am lost as much, 911 of elementary is also wonderful, conversely a limited model will come out so much, and since it will always be improved every time it is released, I will buy it so much I will lose timing or (- _ -) "


I see ... I wonder if I am suffering from the timing of PC replacement. In addition,"The more options there are, the more we can not decide."I have heard that.

If it is a personal computer, even if there is something like "Oh got it!", Even if it can forgive it even if I give 100 steps, if it becomes a car, much more at 911 it is expensive, so I do not want to regret, it sucks.

What would be fine if I bought 911?

"When I buy 911, what do you think is going on?" Asking her husband,

"I tried it before,911 turbo cabrioletDo you want to go crazy? It was easy to drive and I enjoyed it. Today's Panamera is a turbo palm tree, I think that it will be awesome if you get used to this ride. "

And that.

Certainly, about 2 years ago ... 911 turbo cabriolet test ride was easy for me to drive, it was fun. I also had the pass road run though"Did that drive me better?"It was fun I misunderstood (laugh)

I am not very good at driving,It is more likely that a car that can drive as it is if you leave it to a car no matter who rides it than a vehicle that requires driving skillsI think.

I am deeply into buying a car.

Even so, since I went to Fuji the other day, my feeling has been leaning from Panamera to 911 ... (゚ ∀ ゚). No, I like Panamera, but of course I guess 911 is nice.

I would like to investigate a bit about 911 as well.

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  1. R230 BRABUS

    I would like to ride PDKsports of 991 GT 3, but 911 turbo is good as we usually think. I think that rear wide body is sexy. In case

    • Mina

      Thank you for your comment! 911 Turbo I guess it would be nice! It seems like it will be interesting from the usual, and it seems to be able to ride with confidence ^^ Nevertheless I did not know that 911 is so high (lol)