The reason why Porsche's favorite husband still can not purchase 911.

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Porsche 911

Touch lots of rare 911

The other day I participated in the "Porsche Experience Day" held at Fuji Speedway, but many people were visiting Porsche and I could see a lot of unusual Porsche.After all, there were many people coming at 911.When I looked at various 911s, I thought again that "911 is really cool".

Also, if you have experience running the circuit, of course Panamera will be able to run depending on the technology,After all I thought that 911 crooked a little bit and I heard that it was fun and running.(On ordinary roads and pass roads, Panamera has no problem, but after all it will be a different story if it comes to a circuit)

Why my husband still can not buy 911

There are various kinds in 911. I wonder how many lineups are there in all. In addition to the usual line-ups, limited editions are also released a lot, so it may be a tremendous number when you count it.

But,You can find one of yourself that suits your tasteBecause I think, it probably will not be a half-buddy feel after I finally got it.

While thinking such a thing,"After all, 911 is smart, and there are various lineups, so it seems that one that matched me is likely to be found."To say,

"I do not think so, so I still have not bought 911."

When. When asked, "What?

"911 has lots of lineups, so we get lost.911 of elementary is also wonderful, and conversely a limited model will come out so much. Also, as it is released, it will always be improved, so I will lose timing to buy it (- _ -) "

When. I see ... I wonder if I am suffering from the timing of PC replacement. In addition,"The more options there are, the more we can not decide."I have heard that.

If it's a personal computer, even if there is something like "Oh got it!" Even if there is something saying "Oh got it!" Well I can forgive even if I can hand it 100 steps, if it becomes a car, much more 911 it is expensive, so I do not want to regret, it sucks.

What would be fine if I bought 911?

"When I buy 911, what do you think is going on?" Asking her husband,

"I tried it before,911 turbo cabrioletDo you want to go crazy? It was easy to drive and I enjoyed it. Today's Panamera is a turbo palm tree, I think that it will be awesome if you get used to this ride. "

And that.

Certainly, about 2 years ago ... 911 turbo cabriolet test ride was easy for me to drive, it was fun. I also had the pass road run though"Did that drive me better?"It was fun I misunderstood (laugh)

I am not very good at driving,It is more likely that a car that can drive as it is if you leave it to a car no matter who rides it than a vehicle that requires driving skillsI think.

I am deeply into buying a car.

Even so, since I went to Fuji the other day, my feeling has been leaning from Panamera to 911 ... (゚ ∀ ゚). No, I like Panamera, but of course I guess 911 is nice.

I would like to investigate a bit about 911 as well.

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  1. R230 BRABUS

    I would like to ride PDKsports of 991 GT 3, but 911 turbo is good as we usually think. I think that rear wide body is sexy. In case

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment! 911 Turbo I guess it would be nice! It seems like it will be interesting from the usual, and it seems to be able to ride with confidence ^^ Nevertheless I did not know that 911 is so high (lol)