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Porsche, Ashi

On the previous Sunday morning, I went to Ashi Driveway with my couple for the first time in a long time.It's been four months since I went to Ashi on Sunday morning.The weather at the foot of this day was a sign of spring, but the observation deck at Ashi Driveway was still cold.

Various cars were gathered at the observatory, but here too the Porsche rate is high.If you come here on a Sunday morning, you can almost always see the new and old Porsche and the rare Porsche.

Even on this day, colorful Porsche were lined up, including the new Crayon 911 (992), 928 GT, air-cooled 911, Boxster.

every time"What kind of car can you meet today?Going with excitement is one of the pleasures of going to Ashi Driveway.

Porsche owner

On this day, I was able to greet and talk with everyone who always met me and readers of the blog. Many Porsche owners often

The appeal of Porsche is not only the car, but also the owner is friendly and there are many good people

I thought that was really the case on this day as well.

Especially those who get up early in the morning and pay tolls to gather at the observatory are many who just like cars.So I guess everyone will talk.

And on this day, the owners told me about the difference between 992 elementary model and S engine sound(It doesn't change that much)There were no short stories about the launch of the 992 Turbo S, the story of Boxster's Daylight, and the story of the air-cooled engine.

(I really like cars.)

Speaking of which, I had a chance to talk with the Porsche owners the other day, but it was impressive that his wife was talking at that time.

My husband bought a Porsche, and for the first time I invited my friends to touring, so I was with me, but the Porsche owners I met there were friendly and had a reasonable sense of distance , Just good people ...If my husband would expand the circle with these people, I thought that his wife would be safe.

When. That's true.(Of course, there are many people on Porsche riding, too)

When I was not interested in cars at all,Speaking of luxury cars, the image is "flashy and stylish people"was there. I was not good at going to such a gathering of people, so I did not go to Ashi easily(I did not go for a few years even if I continued to be invited by my husband)When I went there and talked to them, I was surprised that it was completely different from the image I had.

There were many people riding purely because they really liked cars and loved Porsche as a car, and there were many people who were friendly and safe, including their clothes and atmosphere.(Well, everyone is a geek w)

My husband is well on this matter,

Riding a car with a high taste, such as a Porsche, will greatly expand your personal connections and friendships.Especially in my case, I bought the air-cooled 964.
Many Porsche owners really like the car itself. Whenever someone opens the engine room, there is a loop there. And "If this is the previous model, aluminum and so on ...","The parts here are often broken ..."And other mechanical topics.
If this is a car of another manufacturer, I don't see much of that sight. Probably, many Porsche owners like the contents of the car and the performance itself. I don't like that kind of person.

they said. I see.

The car in Ashi was just cold because it was still cold, but when it got warmer, there were many sports cars that could not be parked early in the morning. Also, when the cherry blossoms bloom, I want to go there.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's a mood ~ (^_^)
    Ashi is really fun.
    Porsche, especially air-cooled Porsche riders (laughs)
    I don't like flashy, I like running purely, and people who like functional beauty rather than designed beauty feel like a Porsche.
    Furthermore, when it comes to air-cooled Porsche, its concentration is high ぇ (^-^;

    It seems to be difficult for ordinary people and water-cooled riders to approach (^-^;
    In addition, let's meet in Ashi (^-^)

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      It's a mado!
      I always think that the atmosphere of Ashi is really wonderful.

      Looking at the scene where everyone gathers when someone opens the engine room,
      "I don't really like it ..." ... I can't laugh, but it makes me smile and smile.

      > It seems to be difficult for ordinary people and people on the water-cooled ride to access (^-^;
      Certainly ... ^^; I felt an inaccessible atmosphere at the beginning, but once I talked, everyone was friendly and I thought it was really nice.

      Yes, I look forward to seeing you again in Ashi!

  2. TAKI


    That's amazing!

    That there was such a gathering (surprise

    How long can you meet everyone?

    I am always looking forward to articles.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > How long can I meet you?
      It seems that there are few rainy days and cloudy days, but on a sunny Sunday morning,
      Now it's still a bit cold, so everyone seems to be gathering around 8am to 11am.

      In summer, the sun on the observatory is hard and hot, so I came from 7 o'clock before it was still cool, and I had the impression that I was quite home before 10 o'clock!
      We look forward to seeing you at Ashi!