I got a speaker in the form of a tail pipe of the Porsche 911 GT 3 for my birthday present.

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Husband 's 15 - year - old friend, there are those who give a gift every year for each husband' s birthday. Moreover,My husband likes PorscheAs you know well that you are familiar with it, for the past few years, gifts are a Porsche related goods. In the past, I sent LEGO of Porsche 911 GT 3 RS, my husband desperately completed it at night and w

911 GT 3 's ...

And the other day my husband celebrated his fourth birthday, but the husband who came home that day,I brought a big Porsche paper bag from my friend who gives Porsche goods every year and came back."It's really big! What's in there!" As I had it, I was heavier than I thought.

Taking it out of the bag ...

Such a fine box came out. "There was such a big and heavy thing in Porsche Collectibles ... It is too heavy for tableware.While thinking and opening as ...

"911 GT 3 tail pipe shaped speaker"It is!

"Also, I got a maniac present for me(W in good sense)While thinking and opening the box immediately,

Hail and the tail pipe came out (lol)

The sound quality is pretty good

This is because Porsche Design is releasing "911 Speaker - High End Bluetooth Speaker". It is an aluminum Bluetooth speaker in the form of a 911 GT 3 tail pipe. Wirelessly, you can listen to music from smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Battery lasts 24 hours and weighs 3.3 kg.The price in Europe is 499 euros, but when I look at it on Amazon it was 94,000 yen in Japanese yen.I do quite well ... ....

I tried trying to listen to the TV on this stereo, but I felt a little waste, so I decided to use it for listening to music as usual. The sound quality was steady in the bass, and a good sound with a sense of quality was given than I thought.

My husband immediately put it on the desk of his room, but he did not feel awfully strange, and he was familiar as an interior properly.

Looking from the top when I actually wired a line, it looks like this.

The sound quality is fine, but I could not understand exactly what kind of speaker you are using, even if you look at the back notation.

This is the input / output terminal on the back, so for AUX input and service? There is a MicroUSB port, power input, and it can switch between Bluetooth and AUX.

Porsche 911 speaker

In fact while listening to music with this speaker, I asked my husband working in the study

When turning on the power, you can hear the engine starting sound of the GT 3And, like Porsche, it is irresistible and it is directed (laugh)
Even now Boxster GTS, the coming GT3 Touring, from the same center and two mufflers from this center as this speaker, it is the same as my cars.
The sound is also good, I use it now with Amazon Echo with Bluetooth, and I use it to listen to music when I work or read.

He said.

Commuting in Porsche, sitting in the office chair of the seat of the Porsche, listening to music from the tail pipe speaker of 911 GT 3, reading the magazine car graphics and Porsche's posted 911 Days, watching Porsche's video on Youtube ...

This is Porsche covered life ... (- _ -)

And as a wife a little bit amazed ...

I thought again thanks to my friends who gave a nice present this year again. But before this wonderful gift, it is obvious that the gifts I prepared were too ordinary and it was hard to give it after this (laugh)

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