If you say you are on a Porsche "911? "When asked" Boxster "even if asked, it becomes a subtle air problem.

Porsche Boxter

981 Ride in Boxster

My husband who recently went to work at air-cooling 911, who went to work at Boxter for the first time in a long time. And after returning home, he said the first time in the opening.

Well ~ after all Boxster yeah car eh ~.

When. I"I heard that line more than 1000 timesI thought without thinking(Because the Kansai people have a habit of saying talks, I think that it is actually around 30 times)My husband,

Will the next GT3 Touring come beyond this Boxster 's run? What? And, as much as I worry about unnecessary, Boxster Yeah car and.

He had great praise.

After that as usual "After all the sound of NA is yeah"Supports taste supple"When my operation and the breath of a car are exactly fitted, the best, tears come out ..."As I said alone, he was mumbling.

In the shadow of 911 ...

Represents a horizontally opposed engine"Boxer"And an open model"Speedster"Porsche Boxster named after multiplying the meaning of both sides.

Despite being a really good car, in the world "Speaking of Porsche 911The image is strong. Fact 911 is a wonderful luma, so I feel that Boxster is hiding in the shadow of 911. Also,

"I am on a PorscheTalking to a friend, "What on earth are you on? 911?"I was asked,"No, Boxster.If you answer, subtle air will flow

I also hear stories. My husband seems to have that experience. But, as I am inferior to 911, I would like to note that Boxster is a very nice car today.

Winding run

Take a husband and Boxster,Sun double linkAnd when running a pleasant winding road, her husband often says like this.

Boxter runs the winding and the carAnd. As we turn around the center of the car, we turn to turn around and the tight corner makes this feel stronger. Rather than being a light feeling fluttering, it bends to draw a circle continuously with a compass along the curve.A car with a different feeling from the RR 911And.


Certainly, turning the corner at Boxster and turning at the corner at 911, the way the car bends is completely different. Both sides have merit, but I personally "If you run Ashi Driveway, I like Boxster better than 911That's it.

The charm of an open car

Ashi have driveway and winding road, onceThat feeling when I ran at the top of Boxster's topIf I say ....

Cherry blossom trees in the spring, in the fresh green in the summer, autumn in the red autumn leaves(It's a bit cold in winter)Feeling the wind, the feeling that runs while being united with the wind is the real pleasure that you can only taste with an open car.

Since it is completely different from the sunroof of a normal car,Once I have experienced this, I will never be able to leave the open car againI even think of it.

Actually my former husband, "Open car does not make sense!It has lower rigidity than the coupe, and it is sharp from the surroundings(I am on the right track)I will never buy myself because it seems likeIt seems that he always thought that.

However, there are opportunities for acquaintances to give up R171 's SLK 350 cheaply, and after taking it, the way of thinking changed by 180 degrees. Then,

"One car in a family, an open car is necessary, there is nothing, the richness of life is completely different."

And it came to say. "Oh well, calm down, by the way By the way, what is so good about an open car?" When I heard it,

Oh no, anywayWherever you open the roof in any situation, you will immediately taste the extraordinary lifeOh yeah. Even if you are on a cool sports car, the interior of a car on a road with many traffic jams and stops and goes changes much more than riding in an eco car or family car.
Even in such an open car, if the roof is opened even then such a space will immediately change to extraordinary. Feelings are completely different. If you look up at the sky, it will be fun with traffic and even in town.
Of course, in areas with good winding and scenery,You can feel everything from sound, light, air feeling, smell, temperature. It is exactly the same as a motorbike. That is attractive.

He was stressed.

Although 911 Convertible as a model with a roof in 911, even if you check the price of 911 Carrera Cabriolet on the site of Porsche Japan, it is now 1,510,000 yen -(tax included)And it is quite expensive. On the other hand,My husband Boxster GTS has less than 10 million, even with the option.It is quite profitable.(Well, if you think normally, even Boxter is tall enough ...)

Trunk capacity

Boxster is "Mid-ship layout putting the engine in the middle of the car bodyBecause it is adopted, there are trunks in two places. Besides, the front trunk is designed to be rather deep, so we can afford an M size suitcase.

In addition, car wash tools and puncture repair kits etc can be put in the back trunk with plenty of room.

So, in the case of Boxster "Put two S-size suitcases and go with a couple touring for the first night and two daysI can do it with no margin. In the case of 911, since there is a rear seat, the baggage is put in there, but the trunk is small, so the army is raised for Boxster in terms of trunk capacity.

Luggage can be loaded on Boxster's trunk! I tried it with a suitcase.

NA engine

This may not be a comparison between 911 and Boxster, but when my husband buys Boxster,

"Whatever you slide in, buy the last NA6 cylinder model" 981 "Boxster"

He said that. As a result, 981 Boxster certainly had only NA,The acceleration is supple, the dry, high engine noise that starts to "pawn!" Is really comfortable.In addition, her husband 's Boxster is GTS, exhaust sound is bigger and more powerful than normal. I think every time I ride in the passenger seat, I think that running the GTS while manipulating the engine sound at the MT, I feel comfortable at all.(So I also do best practice MT driving w)

Circuit driving

The other day the husband took part in the running meeting of Suzuka Circuit at Boxter. Before going "On an open body Boxster, how far can you run?Although I was saying, after talking home I was talking about excitement like this.

When I ran Suzuka's 130R, I felt that Boxster became more stable as I increased the speed. As soon as it cuts in the steering wheel and entered the corner,The car body sinks suddenly, it just bends to suck on the road surfaceAnd. I thought that "That! Boxster was so stable?" I got a strange feeling.


I think that it is natural that running on a circuit-oriented car such as GT 3 or GT 4 is a matter of course if you are seriously thinking about keeping time. However, the husband who ran the circuit on Boxter said "There is still unknown bottom power in BoxsterIt seems that I was made aware of that.

986 Owner of Boxster S

Actually the other day, my husband said "This Boxster's article, good articles with the core and so on. Read it."The URL of a certain web page article has been sent along with the phrase" As I read it immediately, the attraction of Boxster was told as well as my husband felt.

The article was written by the writer as "Article summarizing what covered the owner of the 2001 year's first Boxster S (986 type MT)". As far as reading the article, this owner of Boxster seems to be operating a maintenance factory. It seems to be one who is well known as the primary doctor of the early type 911 owner such as 356 and narrow Porsche.

Until recently, your own favorite car was "1974 Porsche 914 2.0" but "Why did a specialist familiar with such Porsche choose 986 Boxster S as a favorite carIt was content deeply concerned about.

There, it was written.

When I say Boxster in particular, 911 owners are many people who do not like to eat.(Somewhat)We have our guests take a test ride and have them get on the passenger seat to have the taste of Boxster's appeal. Everyone uniformly"I can not believe this is a car that was nearly 20 years old! "I am surprised (laugh) "

Also, the editorial department who wrote this article,

Numbers can never be expressed. That is Boxster experience
Mechanical noise and exhaust sound of the engine directly stimulate the senses from behind. It is also attractive that you can experience this fun in the city. And, if it is a winding road or highway, you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of this car.

It was written.
* Article Source:"Do not despise the car 18 years ago, why the Porsche specialist acquired the 2001 Porsche Boxster S (986 type)"

Attractiveness of Boxster

Following the charm of Boxster, her husband once again said this way.

Unfortunately we are riding Boxter and Cayman, "I am on a cheap PorscheSometimes it seems to be something. Certainly it is cheaper than 911, but Boxster and Cayman's grade are at least about 7 million yen. Moreover, since most people buy with options, it gets even higher by 1 million to 3 million yen from there.
So, "Ultimately estimate, the price of 911 can be boughtIt is also often said that.
However, since the image of the price of the vehicle itself precedes in the world, so much that is not known well.
Also, when I actually ran in Boxter, "It exceeds 911Often it feels like, I do not feel any difference as much as price difference. Although Boxter and Cayman have been seasoned differently from 911,Firmly PorschePalm, the identity of the ride is also established. So, the price is different, but which is not up or down,Whether it's your favorite tasteI think that should be chosen with.
Well, in sweets, even with the same potato chips, it is the same as whether you like "tasty taste" or "like consommé taste" (laugh)
Materials are the same, only from the difference in seasoning, people with Boxter and Cayman ride do not feel overwhelmed, I think if it rides dignified.


I see. Recently, there are many opportunities to feel that there are still many good cars in Porsche. It is really a waste to eat, and I thought it would be nice to have a chance to taste various Porsche, including test drive.

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  1. Ruun Rumba

    Good morning!

    This article, 100% agree! I was also a "huhn lol" officer until about a year ago, but I got 718 Boxster and the world changed!
    I can not explain it well, but it is fun anyhow. Is it embarrassing before riding? I was thinking about it, but it was a fear.

    When I get used to it, I do not care what people do. It is rather open car poisoning (laugh) When I ride 911 gts, it seems like "Why does not the roof open?" Of course 911 is a nice car.
    And it is a comparison between 911 and Boxster but in my feeling it is like "Boxster if it is 911" or "Boxster if it is fun". It is over but w
    If you consider the fighter plane as 911 is F22, Boxster F16, for example? I have never got on that (lol)

    I am looking forward to see if this fun of Boxster can be enjoyed with Targa!

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba

      > This article, 100% agree!

      Ooo ー Thank you so much for saying that! My husband is also pleased!

      > I can not explain it well, but it is fun anyway. Is it embarrassing before riding? I was thinking about it, but it was a fear.

      That's right, until now, though I thought, "I'd rather be a person who would like to put on an open car"
      Knowing that feeling and pleasantness, no matter how much human eyes I do (haha)

      > It is rather open-car poisoning (laugh) When I ride 911 gts, it's like "Why does not the roof open?"

      > And it is a comparison between 911 and Boxster but in my feeling it is like "Boxster if it is 911" or "Boxster if it is fun".
      I see…! surely! Difference in riding taste, surely I will do that ^ ^ Boxster is really "a fun car."

      Targa, I'm looking forward to it (I am also haha) "Targa is heavy," but it is said that pleasure when running as an open car,
      Whether it is the same feel as Boxster, or whether it is completely different, I would be happy if you could tell me again ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!

  2. Every time

    It was very helpful for me as I was thinking about switching to 911 or Boxster as the next car just as I was hit by a mini car with the Makan GTS on board. After all I will do Boxster next. I think 911 can be enjoyed even if I withe, so I will set aside next. Thank you for the entry that will always be good.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ipachi
      Always thank you for seeing the blog, thank you very much!

      > The riding Makan GTS was hit by a mini car,
      Makan GTS ... It is pretty shocking ... McAne GTS has been touched only once in the backseat, but I fell in love with its ride comfort and engine sound.

      > After all I will do Boxster next.
      Oh! I am happy to serve you! Thank you ^ ^
      If you are sure to purchase Boxster, we are happy to be able to provide information on the ride and the enjoyment of running.
      We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Tetsu

    Googling with "Porsche 964", I arrived at this blog.
    I switched 2 Boxter and changed 964 last September
    It is very interesting and I am reading it.
    Mr. Danna's high level of insight and Miwa's subjects and the expressiveness of the two
    I am admiring that "Oh yeah" or "I am so" or "Is it so".

    My Boxster is 986, 987 of raw.
    In a word, it is impression that "running car turning stopping car" or "millet car"
    It is a car with enough performance for me.
    Open in the sunlight through sunlight from fresh green trees,
    Midsummer Tokyo night open, midwinter cold weather equipment open is also exceptional,
    I could taste the impression drive of another world.

    It is a Boxster ridiculed as the poor Porsche sometimes,
    If you grasp the handle and step on the accelerator, you will know exactly how you point out.
    Moreover, in addition to driving, storage capacity not troubled with travel and quite a lot of shopping.
    Is not it the most practical two-seater open car in the world?

    Now that I've changed clothes to "the best of not the latest Porsche" for me,
    I also drive Tokimeki together and drive.

    I will be interested in your blog in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tetsu
      Nice to meet you, thank you for reaching this blog from among the many Porsche blogs, thank you very much.

      > Danna's high level of insight and Miwa's subjects and the expressiveness of the two
      > I am admiring that "Oh yeah" or "I do not care" or "I wonder".

      Thank you for saying that in such a way! I am very happy.
      My husband is constantly saying, "I am not riding a Porsche with a status symbol, I'm enjoying driving so much and I think it's a wonderful car and I'm on a ride."
      It seems there was something to think about Boxter being said variously ...

      I am sympathetic in this way, I think that my husband is glad.

      > Now that I changed my style to "the best Porsche, although not the latest"
      > I also drive with Tokimeki together.
      Ooooo is a wonderful expression ^ ^! We would be delighted if you could tell us the impressions of the 964 ride again!
      Continue to thank you.

  4. maru

    I feel the same way!

    Currently I have 993 tips and two late 991 carrera, but I can not forget the goodness of 981 Cayman's MT which I was riding the previous time It seems that 981 Boxster 's MT' s degree is good last week I bought it.
    The tip of 993 felt like riding taste, the more it gets on, the more I like it, the more I like it I feel like I can not release it, but I thought that this is a good case for 991. Is it only fast?
    So, I think 991 is a letter.
    By the way, I'm on a Mercedes-Benz G350d with a foot, but this one has something that leads to the 993 Carrera, I feel very comfortable to ride.
    In the case of Porsche, it is high or cheap and you feel that there is not much difference in quality.
    Cayman, Boxster obviously think that Cospa is good. The speed is just right.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. maru
      Hello. Thank you for your comment!

      > I currently have 993 tips and 991 late Carrera, but I can not forget the goodness of 981 cayman 's MT that I was riding the previous week 981 Boxster' s raw MT looks good I bought it.
      Wow great! ! ! It's amazing! ! ! After all, those who like to drive are all saying the same way ... It is goodness of NA, it says that it is fun to run a certain engine at a high revolution, rather than having too much power ... no And I always think that the car is deep inside.

      By the way, I ride a Mercedes-Benz G350d with my feet, but this one has something that leads to the 993 Carrera, I feel very comfortable to ride.
      Oh, I see. Very interesting! I would be happy if you could tell me about it again.

      > Cayman, Boxster obviously think that Cospa is good. The speed is just right.

      Cayman and Boxster are truly Cospa really good, do not they? It's a solid Porsche and it's fun, but it's quite different from the 911's new car ...
      I also thought once again that I would like to ride various Porsches.
      Continue to thank you.

  5. Ruun Rumba


    Please let me comment in this article for various reasons.

    Well, the 718GT4, which is currently buzzing in the Porsche neighborhood, was the 10th half of the procession as a result of [fair and rigorous lottery]. Shobon. There is an unreasonable waiting number in my region. I enjoyed the night-night configuration, but it seems to be an ugly dream (crying)

    Well Boxster. It is good, is not it! My husband's 981 Boxster GTS is the best choice.
    Actually, the third 718 Boxster (MT / GTS) was delivered the other day, but this is a very subtle feeling ...

    In short, there is too much engine power and compatibility with MT? is. In the city, 2nd speed is enough, and at high speed, the torque can be overtaken at 6th speed.
    There is not much opportunity to shift change even though it is a great deal of MT. Is 718 a PDK for GTS only?

    It is a personal opinion, but 718 was the most enjoyable for MT. Balance is important.

    Aside from that, 718 Spyder was in the front row as a result of [fair and strict drawing]. I am quietly happy to hide my breath.

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba
      Hello! Thank you very much!

      That's right! My husband used to say, “I thought that the more power a car has, the better it was, but it ’s not.”
      I thought while watching the comment that it was really so.

      The thickness of the torque that can be overtaken even at 6th speed is amazing ... lol
      My BMW320i is subtle even in the 4th speed, and if I don't make it 3rd ... I think I want more torque (laughs)
      In that sense, I thought it would be possible to enjoy a shift change.

      It ’s really important to balance.

      > Although it is an aside, 718 Spyder has been in the front row as a result of [fair and strict drawing].
      As a result of fair and strict lottery (laughs) Oh! ! ! That's pretty much an expectation! ! ! !
      Please tell us about the development after that.

  6. Ruun Rumba

    Hello! It seems hot and melts every day.

    Now, 718GT4 is unreasonable as mentioned above, but as for Spyder, as a result of [fair and rigorous lottery], the production limit for November was fixed. Hooray.

    The sales representative contacted me before noon, but I decided the specifications during the day and placed an order, and it was a nice schedule with some deposits by the next day (laughs)

    Since it was said that "Please keep modest pleasure in the PC", I decided the specifications quietly with the configurator, but I am going to ride for the rest of my life

    It became a great thing if I added options. By the way, the discount is zero, including fractional adjustments ♡ (laughs) (I always do my best)

    I wanted to use GT Silver for Akahoro, but I settled on the usual color (laughs)

    Eh, I've worked hard so far and wrote it calmly, but the real intention is "Iyach Oh Oh Oh Ii!" I'm sorry I was upset.

    Then thank you again.

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba

      It ’s really hot every day! ! ! Is Kyushu a typhoon?

      > As for Spyder, as a result of [fair and strict lottery], the production limit for November has been confirmed. Hooray.
      Oh, that's it! ! ! ! ! congratulations! ! ! ! ! ! If it is the November production quota, will the car be delivered next March? ?
      It ’s nice to have a car delivered when the season is perfect for touring.

      Even so, I decided on the specifications during the day and paid in part the next day ... it's pretty nice (laughs)
      My husband's GT3 was also told, “If you can decide the specifications by 2 hours later!”, The limited model is like that ^^;

      Huh! Maybe the body color is a crayon! ?
      I want to see the actual photos quickly! ! !

      > Well, I've worked hard so far and wrote it calmly, but the real intention is "Iyach Oh Oh Oh Ii!" I'm sorry I was upset.
      No, I think that's a natural reaction (laughs) I think it's okay to be more upset! Moreover, it's superfluous at the dealer because it's secretly secret.
      Congratulations! ! ! ! ! !
      I'm looking forward to it ^^