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Air-cooled Porsche

Introducing comments

We regularly introduce the comments received from readers, but this time it is the fourth bullet. There are many things that I do not know about in daily comments, and there are a lot of useful information. I will introduce some of them from this time again.(Please understand that we are editing a little, such as excerpts of only the necessary parts so that the comments can understand the context before and after.)

Comments from readers

1. Panamera hybrid

【970 Plug-in Hybrid】
970 Plug-in hybrid, it was more than I expected.I want you to lengthen the mileage with the motor a little more if you want a greedyI think that I want a little bit smaller effect, but in 971 the running distance of the motor seems to be more than 970, and if you choose rear axle steering as an option, turning seems to work as well. I am quick, but I am looking forward to the next change from now.(Mr. Ishi B)

【971 Panamera E Hybrid: SN → Ishi B】
In 971, the range traveled in E mode has increased.Assuming that it runs only with E, the actual limit is about 30 km limitI think whether it is. However, since it is enough for going to the neighborhood, the shopping in the neighborhood is E mode, Hybrid auto mode when traffic jams and somewhat crowded with a roundtrip in the workplace and Hybrid auto mode, sports or sports + when you step on a little when the road is empty + I use different modes.(SN)

【Ishi B → SN】
As far as I am running, I do not choose E-power or E-charge in town, and I am running in normal. Is 971 a 30 km motor only? Enviable.My 970 is 16 km.Still it is enough for everyday commuting so if I can install a charger I am looking forward to full charge every day and I am looking forward to running with only E - power.
Sometimes you put it in sports mode on a highway, but basically it's in normal mode. Now I am enjoying more moist running than sporty running.(Mr. Ishi B)

2. Porche's water temperature gauge

The story of your master's Boxter's thermometerI got very helpful.My CARRERA always swings the water temperature gauge slightly to the right more than the middle. Temperature value is just about 90 ° C.Usually domestically produced cars are designed to be stable at 85 ° C in many cases and 85 ° C is often written at the center of the water temperature gauge, so if the needle is vertical it will be normal water temperature, such setting Although it is becoming, my CARRERA is leaning a little to the right as described above.
It was worrying that the thermostat or water pump would be gone if it was something abnormal in the cooling system or due to aging soon, but I was relieved a bit. Thank you (^ ^).(Shimoyannjp)

3. Driving position of MT car

Red Boxster GTS (MY 15) Riding in the right MT, I always enjoy reading blogs. I write with clutch connection. MT for the first time in 15 years and also with back pain, I found it on the blog of Boxster GTS owner at the time of car delivery.
<Dorposi> Introduction of "Sazaki clutch work" w <Lumbar pain>
When the clutch operation with the heel clutch operation makes idling start possible, traffic jams do not become difficult at all and can start easily like AT.
I properly use the idling start and fueling the accelerator for just a moment.(Lorinzer 7)

981 Boxster GTS MT


[718 Boxster]
"718 and air-cooled ride are similarI agree violently (lol) Feeling pushed out from the back with the waist? It looks like. In my case it is Boxster. The texture of the sound is also good. It and the PDK were super excellent. Personally I like the MR car of the handling machine, but the Porsche that everyone can ride the high power RR car is still amazing, is not it?(Ruun Renpa)

【718 Cayman MT】
In the PDK version, sports chrono is nearly indispensable because there is a difference in shift timing. If it is MT, you can run snoringly even in the normal in the town, and if you put it in the sports mode it is an image.(Porsche Dreamer)

5. Panamera 4 Sports Turismo

My car is also Panamera 4 Sports Turismo of Charara White. It was delivered in April last year. By transfer from the Panamera 4S (970) which I got on for seven years, the option is about 4.5 million. It is almost for family travel. Because children are small, + 1 in the back seat is useful.
Compared to the previous 4S, I can not get a feeling of acceleration as don, but I think that the enjoyment of running as a sports car is on the top. I never thought that two type suitcases would not fit in. Information that you do not know without actually trying is very helpful.(Neriten)

6. Orbis warning

In a smartphone application "Orbis warning"using. As far as I am using(Shikoku, Kobe - around Tokyo)I will be in handy because it will be announced accurately. The difficulty is that if you use GPS, the battery of smartphone will decrease. Mostly I use it while supplying power from a cigar socket.(Vonvoyage32)

7. Shikoku Touring

I am riding 981 Cayman S, I live in Shikoku so it is quite frequentSouth Awa Sun Line, Yokono Skyline, Sada Cape Melody LineI am going to. There are many pleasant roads driving Shikoku with a spectacular road along the coast and a mountain pass road. Please come again. (Mr. ijnuj)

911 (964) Carrera 2

8. Air cooling 911 (964 C2)

♪ I enjoyed reading my husband's air-cooling report ♪ In spite of my personal exhaust sound,I love the sound that rubs the engine cylinder and the air cooling of the jorojyoro sound where the oil circulatesAm(Mr. Injunia)

9. Porsche at the circuit

As I already know, I went to Suzuka the other day, but it was a wonderful course. However, it was horrible. As written,The wonderfulness of Porsche is the place where both daily and sports driving such as circuit can be compatibleis not it! A(Cara)

10. Negroni

It is Negroni's shoes, but it seems to make it for women at factory ordering. I wish I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo. . .(Mr. Tsutomu)

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