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Rewrite of past articles

About a week ago, I finally gave a heavy waist, and the rewrite work of the past article(It seems that rewriting usually rewrites the article written by others, without changing the contents of the article and the sentence, but to rewrite the expression, to correct the article that I wrote in the past)I decided to start with.

While this blog has popular articles with many accesses,Every day, I read past articles well.However, regarding the past article, especially the article about the time of opening a blog is not the perfection degree which is shown to the very person very much ...

Porsche Panamera Edition 970

Originally this blog was "I wrote my own thought that I like Panamera like a soliloquy"Because it was a blog, I was not conscious of readability etc for readers. I also thought that "access would not increase so much", so I was writing with a light feeling and a diary feeling.

So, when reviewing the article at the time, there are misspellings, there is no knowledge of the car than it is now, so the expression is incorrect, it is tough for us to use pictograms to make it hard to see ... ... (* _ *)

"It has to rewrite properly at some timingI thought, but since the number of articles exceeds 400, I did not feel like getting started.

Just the other day thought "I should do someday, so let's do it now!", Finally I managed to finish rewriting all the articles! Refreshing!

So, there are many articles from the past on this blog, so please take a look at everyone (laugh)

Useful options

Well today I will write about Panamera's options. In the previous article,Regarding the essential option of Panamera, it is definitely a rear axle steering"It is a required option in terms of" running ". This time,"Although it has nothing to do with running, if there is, if it is very convenient, I want to add it the next timeI would like to introduce four options on options that I think are.

① Soft Closed Door

The first one is a soft closed door. this is"It closes the door firmly from the half door state"function. Originally I thought "I do not need such an option absolutely", but now it came to think to "I am in trouble if there is not!"

Porsche New Panamera Turbo

There are five-year old children and two-year old children in our house, but as we usually go home from drive, either one will sleep, so "I have to get off the car with my child holding my childOften it is.

When that happens, it is quite difficult to close the door while holding children and luggage, so soft closed doors that will be rendered arbitrarily from the middle if you close it to some extent is pretty handy.

Recently I got too used to soft-closed doors, and when I close the door with the air-cooled 911 I always make it a half door every time. And "Oh, yes, I have to close it till the endI think that I think that I will close it again.

② Smoker's package

this is"Front and rear seat center console, equipped with ashtray and cigar lighter(However, USB charging port can not be selected)"option. However, our house does not smoke cigarettes in the car, but in the part of the cigar socket,GPS radarOr, because I want to use the iPhone 's charging cable, I will make sure that my husband is sure to attach any car type.

③ Cup holder cover

I think that it would be better to have a cup holder cover with "Children put in garbage and toys in a cup holder badly"(Baku), so when not in use, push the bottom and put the cover in the raised state so that nothing enters. For that reason, it is only that there was better ...

Nonetheless, this is a free option, and I think that there is no particular loss.

④ 14-way electric seat with memory function

The height of the seating surface, the position of the seating surface, etc. of the driver's seat and passenger's seat can be electrically adjusted, and the seat position, the steering column position and the angle of the door mirror can be memorized, respectively.

Sheet of new Panamera

Before engaging the engine, it is not necessary to adjust the seat position and handle position every time, it will be convenient for the engine to automatically move the seat etc. and it will be as you set in advance and you can leave at any time .

Also, although this is the information received from the reader, "14 way electric seat with memory functionIf you do not choose an option(Standard equipment for Panamera Turbo),I can not operate the passenger's seat from the driver's seat sideso. I would like to introduce this around here as a Porsche Owner's file.

Other options

In addition, "Porsche Entry & Drive SystemI think that it is very convenient. this is"It is possible to operate the lock and start the engine without using the key"thing. There is a time when children go to bed and open while holding their hugs after going to shopping, such times are very convenient. But my husband seems to have told me earlier that "I do not need such a sports car-less option."

However, this probably seems to be standard equipment in every model, even if you do not choose in the case of Panamera.(Because it can not be selected with the car configurator, it is attached)

I wrote and thought, "Unless there is a small child, I do not need itThere is also the option of "Because of family composition and age, the necessary options will change each time.

If you have any convenient options for everyone, regardless of the type of car, I would be happy if you could tell us by comment or message.

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  1. neriten

    Soft closed door was equipment I wanted to put, but after all I got lost I did not attach it.

    I was worried about what would happen if you pinched your fingers gently closing the door by yourself in the small child's eyes.
    There is probably a safety device, but it was not equipped with optional cars such as exhibition cars and could not be confirmed.
    I'd like to attach this time next time when I change to Panamera next.

    In the case of our house, we attach 4 zone air conditioner and rear seat electric sunshade because it is important to rear seat.
    I like it because I can operate the sunshade of the child seat from the driver 's seat.
    Ambient lights are also pleased with our 4 year old child.

    Although it is not genuine, I attached a navigation canceller.
    Since the navigation screen is big this time 971 it is easy to see the DVD from the back seat.
    I think this is a pros and cons, but it is necessary for our home because it is for long distance travel.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. neriten
      Gobusatashiteorimasu! Thank you!

      > Soft closed door was equipment I wanted to put, but after all I got lost I did not attach it.
      Certainly, I am afraid if I think that my child's fingers are caught ... It will be serious if I close it as it is ... but it's really useful, so it was nice to be with me.

      > In the case of our house, we attached a 4 zone air conditioner and a rear seat electric sunshade as it places importance on rear seats.
      > I like the sunshade of the children's seat from the driver's seat so I like it.
      > Ambient lights are also pleased with our 4 year old child.

      Oh, the sunshade is also good ^ ^ Our house also enjoys sunshade's helping (laugh)
      Ambient light, children will be fun insanely.

      > Since the navigation screen is large this time 971, it is easy to see the DVD from the back seat.
      Recently, I'm a bit wondering if kids will be able to watch DVDs willingly to ride.
      Also, we will introduce the contents of this when sharing comments.
      Thank you!