What I felt one month after the delivery of the Porsche 911 Carrera (992 type cabriolet) | Is the latest Porsche the best?

Porsche 911 Carrera (992)
Type 992

It's fast, and it's been a month since the 911 Cabriolet (Type 992) was delivered. Recently, my husband rides this 911 Cabriolet (Type 992) almost every day, but he wrote about his impressions of one month of delivery, so please take a look if you like.

911 Cabriolet, 1 month after delivery

Since the Porsche 911 was delivered, I try to ride as much as possible with commuting, daily driving, and Sunday's Ashi in order to reach 3000km where the break-in is finished as soon as possible.

I've gotten used to the car itself, and now I don't feel any discomfort at the beginning.This time, I went on a day trip touring about 500km, so I found out the features of the 992 type, what I noticed, the difference from S, etc.I would like to report on.

Elementary (base model) Carrera engine

This time 911 does not have a sports exhaust.However, the starting sound is quite loud and reverberates in the bass. I think that starting in the early morning or late at night when it is cold is a level that cares about the neighborhood. In the case of the 992, I wonder if the Japanese and American specifications do not have a GPF (gasoline particulate filter) so far, and even with a normal exhaust, the starting sound makes a rather loud noise.

It's not inferior to the one with sports exhaust, no, I think it's almost the same.

Porsche 911 Carrera (992)

The warm air also runs around the city toward the highway, butIt can be said that the biggest difference between the 992's original Carrera and Carrera S lies in the feeling in this city.The engine of the original Carrera has a good response anyway. It's not that S is bad,There is a clear difference in response in the low rpm range.Especially, the acceleration around 30km / h to 60km / h, the feeling of the accelerator when running like crawling in the city is very natural, it is like a large displacement NA engine.

From my past experience with owned cars,Response and torque thickness at low speeds close to the 5 liters of V8 installed in SL500 of R129It is. The vehicle speed is linked to the delicate accelerator work, which can be said to be in millimeters, and even in situations such as 60km / h and 6th speed, it can be done with just a slight force adjustment of the right foot.

Porsche 911 Carrera (992)

Porsche is often a manufacturer whose accelerator and vehicle speed are close to direct proportion, but I think that the ease of driving this 992 Carrera is outstanding. The other day, I had a friend of Porsche drive this 992, but as soon as I started running and changed from 1st gear to 2nd gear and 3rd gear, "It's completely different from the test drive S! great! Easy to ride!I was so impressed that it didn't seem to be my assumption or misunderstanding.

This is the turbo installed in the original Carrera, It is equipped with a turbine and compressor with a smaller diameter than S, so you can quickly make the turbo work with a little exhaust pressure.The merit is great. I think the drivability in the city is at a fairly high level.

On the other hand, the feeling of acceleration above the middle rpm is the overwhelming victory of S. Of course, even with a bare carrera, 0-100km / h is about 4.2 seconds, so I think that few people think that it is slow, but even soThere is a power difference of 65ps, so if you want overwhelming power, you should choose Sright.

Undercarriage of bare carrera

This 992 is also called a cabriolet, so there may be some parts that are slightly different from the coupe.I'll say that first.

In conclusion,The undercarriage of the 992's original Carrera is sporty.Immediately after the car was delivered, it was described as "hard and astringent", but now that it has exceeded 1000km, I do not feel the hardness in such a bad sense. However, in my memory, it is still harder than S and 4S. What's more, my car has the impression of wearing 19/20 inch Carrera standard wheels. Especially with the optional 20/21 inch.

Porsche 911 Carrera 19/20 inch wheels

I think that the entry grade of 911 these days has rather soft legs and often has a sporty flavor as it becomes S and GTS. But,The 992 is a return to the origin, or the base model Carrera has a sporty flavor like the 911 in the air-cooled era, and the higher the grade and turbo, the more luxurious the sportiness is.Isn't it good to say?

Originally the etymology of "carrera" meant racing, and the first car whose name was used in 911 wasCarrera RS in 1973, Commonly known as 73 Carrera is the first.

In particular,The knack of the rough road surface is firmly conveyed.It comes from both the steering and the seat. Of course, it is not a low-grade product that comes from the cheapness of making. The steering, seats, and floor are all outstandingly rigid, and it seems that they have been intentionally conveyed. Since the vibration is completely removed, it does not affect the coccyx or spine at all.

Of my homeCompared to the 991.2 GT3, it is almost the same where the pavement is relatively good.About. (This is not bad for 992, but GT3 is good) And, in places where the road surface is rough, GT3 has a stronger feeling of being shaken, and in such a situation there is a clear difference in riding comfort. It's a feeling.

for that reason,If you ride a mountain road with a lot of traffic for a long time with GT3, your head will be shaken and your neck and shoulders will be stiff, but with 992 it is not so.

Porsche 911 Carrera (992)

For example, when a wife who normally drives only SUVs and sedans rides as a shopping guruma, the ride quality of this 992 is often said to be "this is a little hard". On the other hand, when people who know old Porsche ride, I think that there are many people who say, "This solid feeling, the amount of information from the road surface is 911". Depending on your past experience and how you approach the car, this ride can be good or bad. That's the ride.

Therefore, if you want to ride comfortably and prefer a luxury coupe-like flavor, you should choose the S series. And if you place importance on the simplicity, solidity, and amount of information that are typical of the old 911, I think that a plain carrera is good.

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  1. Tomozo

    Thank you for the detailed impression of 992.

    It is surprising that the suspension is so different between the original and the S.

    Certainly S is really comfortable to ride
    My favorite is "In sports mode
    The chassis remains normal. "

    Even if the chassis is set to normal, when it comes to sports, for some reason the 992 is a little bit
    Will it be stiff?

    (In 991, I think there was no change even with the same setting)

    I am vaguely thinking that I would like to think if 992 GTS comes out.
    After seeing the impressions, I became interested in bare fog!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > Certainly S is really comfortable to ride
      > My favorite is "In sports mode
      > The chassis remains normal ”.

      Thank you very much!
      Although the ride quality is different between the original and the S, I would like to try it with my 992.

      It looks like 992GTS ...
      I wonder how far Porsche will evolve, isn't it impossible if I can reach here? I think that, but
      When the new model came out and got on it, I thought that I would be impressed with "Ah, it's amazing" ^^;