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Regarding test drive review

This blog hasThere are quite a few test drive reviews of Porsche and other manufacturersSo, it's strange to say that, but "You shouldn't take the test drive review too muchI always think.

That's because one test drive review reveals only one aspect of the car.

Even if you get in the same carHard to rideSome people say "The ride is smoothSome people say,It's just the right feeling of powerSome people say "Not enough powerSome people say.

In this way, it is often the case that even though you should have been in the same car, the evaluation is just the opposite.

It's not that they're wrong or lying, but because of different feelings and subtle changes in the car.Evaluation changes greatly even if you ride in the same carI think that is.

So, I decided to think about it a little this time.

Because people have different tastes

Every person has different likes and dislikes and tastes. I'm a sweet toothThe cakes in this shop are really delicious!I thought, but my mother said, "It's too sweet to eatIt's a common story to be told (laughs)

This is the same for cars, people who "like Porsche" will definitely like Porsche, people who "like Toyota" will like Toyota, people other than manufacturers will be subjective. It is natural to see it.

Therefore, even if you get in the same car, the way you think and feel will be quite different.

Because the car I usually drive is different

Usually, the cars we drive are completely different.Domestic cars, imported cars, sports cars, sedans, SUVs, compact cars, and so on.And, the feeling of the car that I usually drive is absorbed into my body without knowing it, and that is often the standard, so even if I test drive, the feeling and evaluation will change.

For example, if the car you usually drive is a relatively luxurious sedan,Riding a plain 911 gives you a "very hard ride"On the other hand, when I was in a car with a stiff undercarriage that I usually used for sports, I said, "The plain 911 is suppleIt feels like.

Also, as a similar phenomenon, I would like to talk about Golf 7, which was in my house before, but both couples said, "Golf is a really good car because it's comfortable to ride and runs well.Although I was praised very much from usual, the ride quality of the new Cayenne that I was allowed to test drive at that time was too smooth, so when I got on the Golf 7 on the way back, it was rugged and uncomfortable. I felt it.

However, after a while, when I forgot the ride comfort of Cayenne, "After all golf ride is goodCame to think.

At that time, I realized that people's senses change greatly depending on the car they usually drive and the car they were riding immediately before.

Even with the same car, the ride quality changes depending on the specifications and mileage.

This is often said,The car changes greatly depending on the tires you are wearing.When my husband changed Boxster's tires from Goodyear to Michelin before, he was surprised at the difference in running and riding comfort after that. Furthermore, even with the same tire, it depends on the air pressure.

Also, even with the same model, the running and riding comfort will differ greatly depending on the specifications and options.In Porsche, the ride quality changes depending on whether PASM, PDCC, PCCB is attached, and the engine sound also changes considerably depending on whether or not sports exhaust is attached.

And especially in the case of Porsche, it is said that it changes depending on the mileage. At a mileage of 300km and 30,000km, the suppleness, the feeling that the engine has become familiar with, and even the engine sound will change significantly.

So, even if two people, Mr. A and Mr. B, tried the same model,Since we are not testing the same model exactly, it is natural that the evaluation will be different.It can be said that.

Collect information with multiple reviews

After that, returning to what I wrote at the beginning, "One review is not allI think it is very important to think. So, if you have a model that interests you, it would be better to look at a lot of reviews with various people and collect information. It's best to be able to test drive yourself, but that's not the case with the limited edition model.

My husband also says that the evaluation of the same car when test-driving differs greatly from person to person.

Really, the evaluation is different depending on the person. SoI usually go through articles and youtube reviews from all over the world, both domestically and internationally.Some people give exactly the same impressions as themselves,Eh, do you think so?I think it's really difficult because there are some evaluations that I think.
On the other hand, what I'm careful about when reviewing is more than just "comfortable"., Something like "It's more comfortable to ride than XX", using metaphors and comparisons as much as possibleI wonder if I'm conscious so that I can convey it.

When. No, really, the more you know about cars, the deeper they are.

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  1. taro

    I always enjoy watching it.
    It's true that the test drive review cannot be swallowed, but I trust this blog very much because it is a comment from the owner, not a test drive.
    As an individual Porsche owner, I do not know any other blog that sends such diverse information as the latest, air-cooled, GT, midship, sedan, SUV, and I am grateful as a Porsche fan.
    If you have a friend who is having trouble buying a Porsche, I recommend this blog rather than fishing for a magazine.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      And thank you very much for saying that.
      I am very happy.

      > As an individual Porsche owner, the latest air-cooled engine, GT midship engine, sedan engine, SUV, and so on.
      Certainly ... the lineup is quite complete ... I noticed it again (laughs).
      We are in an unknown world about what kind of car life we will have in the future, but I hope that we can continue to give our honest impressions!
      Continue to thank you!